Candidate for sale


Paul Dewar pitches the future.


Candidate for sale

  1. I love Paul Dewar.  He’s awesome.  Not because his ideas or ideology are awesome, but because they’re so incredibly bad.  It’s cute in a 4 day old puppy learning to walk sort of way. He’s great.

  2. Standard motherhood stuff, that nobody would oppose.

  3. This advertisement captures the studding lack of urgency in the NDP leadership campaign about the need to halt and defeat the most right-wing transformational PM in Canadian history. This the same business-as-usual messages the NDP have been peddling forever. You’d think they’d be picking up the pace a bit as Harper turns Canada into GOP Northland.  

  4. “Harper turns Canada into GOP Northland.” and the problem is ???????

    • This isn’t the US….pay attention

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