Captain Canada v. Northern Gateway


Former NHL star Scott Niedermayer, captain of Canada’s 2010 Olympic hockey team, reiterates his objections to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

With your voice behind us, WWF and the Coastal First Nations have sounded powerful messages about the unacceptable risk this project poses to the Great Bear, our Canadian treasure.  We’ve urged provincial and federal decision-makers to understand what is really at stake here. We’ve helped voice the concerns of communitiesleadersartists and studentsfrom across the country.  And we’ve spoken out for whales, bears, and other animals that cannot do so on their own…

And today, right now, we need your voice more than ever. August 31st is the deadline for public comment to the Joint Review Panel .  This body is charged with assessing whether the Northern Gateway project is in Canada’s best interest.Please take a few moments to register your comments online right now.


Captain Canada v. Northern Gateway

  1. Hey Scott. You spent the last 15 years of your life on an jet spewing “pollution” into the air.

    And in New Jersey and Orange County, those are arenas where almost every fan has to drive to the game.

    When you are making a nice dollar, I guess the “pollution” doesn’t matter.

    Do as you say, not do as you did, I guess!

    • Scott is also prominently opposed to the proposed Jumbo Glacier ski resort development in the SE part of the province. The net result, if Scott and the opponents win, will be that a posh heli-ski operation will continue to keep its heli-ski tenure, ensuring that only stinking rich folks get to ski there. People like Scott. The rest of plebes will not be so lucky, and will never get to ski there.
      Thanks for caring Scott!

      • Your concern for the poor is truly touching. I hope they’re thinking of you when they gratefully catch a glimpse of the slopes as they head from the dish pits and laundry rooms to the buses that will take them far away to their homes for the night.
        Hey, who cares what the people that actually live in that part of BC want when there’s a “plebe” who wants to build a resort there, and a bunch more 6 figure “plebes” in Calgary who want to ski there.
        Wash dishes or get out of the way, people of southeast BC.

        • Yes, it is a key tenet of progressive environmentalism that prime heli-skiing tenures must be preserved for the benefit of rich American businessmen.

          • Mocking your original comment now, are you?

      • Actually, plenty of skiiers in the SE earn their turns by skinning up and skiing down. Far more skiiers access the incredible terrain of SE BC in this manner than by helicopter. And we want to keep it that way. You can come down and access the fantastic terrain that way if you like – for free! oh, but your lazy butt probably coudln’t handle it and of course it wouldn’t be the same without a fancy resort starbucks emina to get you going in the morning. Last thing we want is another resort with a bunch of kook tourtists spoiling the experience and throwing their trash all over. There are plenty of kooky resorts that are underperforning (Revy, GOlden, Fernie, Red, Whitewater) – no need for another resort building new roads and opening new tourist junk stores in pristine grizz country.

    • If that’s your best you’d be wise to stay silent on this one.

  2. Hey wordsalad. Mind if I flush out my septic in your front yard? You’ve been flushing turds down the toilet for years, haven’t you?
    It would be good for my economy, and I’d even hire an Albertan to drive the honey wagon over to your place.

  3. I dare Harper to call Scott Neidermayer a terrorist to his face. Or a foreign radical.

  4. I think it is just terrible for the government to put money over the lives of people. They want to pollute the enviroment and waste the money they make from doing that.
    I think it is time to vote Harper out of there and show this country that the People want a safe country and aplace where we can raise our children in a clean and green country.

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