Change envy

Obama causes 47 per cent of Canadians to feel disappointed with their political options


Shocking news from the world of opinion polling, many Canadians wish they could vote for their own version of Barack Obama.

On the down side, Harper and other Canadian politicians suffer by contrast when compared to the “charisma and style” of Obama, the poll shows. “Canadians are experiencing collective Obama envy,” Graves said.

In all, 47 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: “Watching the excitement surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama and comparing it to our own political leadership, I feel disappointed with our options.”

Those struck most hopeful (or least impressed)? The kids. Or at least the less old.

The sense of envy was highest among the very age group that turned out most strongly for Obama in the U.S. presidential election in early November, but has been staying home in greater numbers with each successive federal election.

“Gen-Xers, under the age of 45, who have been absent from the Canadian scene, are much more likely to feel regret over our options,” Graves said.

If you’re under the age of 45—and my math is correct—you never had a chance to vote for Trudeau. Instead, your options since you came of voting age have included Brian Mulroney, John Turner, Ed Broadbent, Jean Chretien, Lucien Bouchard, Preston Manning, Audrey McLaughlin, Kim Campbell, Gilles Duceppe, Alexa McDonough, Jean Charest, Stockwell Day, Joe Clark, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton and Stephane Dion.


Change envy

  1. Just like every other mature democracy, we get the leaders we deserve.

  2. “Gen-Xers, under the age of 45, who have been absent from the Canadian scene, are much more likely to feel regret over our options,” Graves said.

    If you’re under the age of 45—and my math is correct—you never had a chance to vote for Trudeau.

    Adding Trudeau to your list above frankly makes it less inspiring, not more. And if you really wanted to emphasize the lack of inspiration in our options, you also forgot Elizabeth May.

    Though I definitely agree that we have pretty crappy options, no matter which side of the fence you sit on.

    • Oh come, come. Trudeau was inspiring alright. He just didn’t happen to inspire you. Which is fine, i’m sure.

  3. Wait for IggyMania to sweep the nation, people.

  4. What is so despairing is that Americans are throwing off a long dark age. Seen in retrospect it stretches back to the Reagan Thatcher era. Back to the rise of the Karl Rove hate driven wedge issue attack ad style of politics. Remember Ken Starr and whitewater, and Gingrich? You can just feel they are at the end of an age or era.
    Meanwhile we remain mired in Harris, Harper politics of personal vindictiveness say anything anything for momentary gain (“you support the Taliban”, You’re a separatist sympathizing traitor”), the politics of personal destruction, and deficits in the area of truth telling.
    I love the stuff about press speculation on how well Harper and Obama will get along. Obama knows, I’m afraid, that Harper is a doctrinaire Bushite, John Howard’s pal, and underneath the sweater advertising focus group games, a hard core extreme rightist. with no respect at all for opponents or anyone who doesn’t support the Republican ,sorry Reform Party, line. Nice work Bill Casey.
    Hope and the dawn of a new age down there, same old despair and politics at its worst here.
    Hey Ottawa. Open your eyes. The world is racing past.
    Oh well, time to get excited about the Flaherty, Harper, Baird budget.

  5. Bank on, John W.

  6. Just once during a campaign or from a debuting Prime Minister or the speech from the throne, or addressing a national crisis like this economic chaotic time, refer to “We The People” as opposed to “we” the government – and mean it.

    Look at how many times Barrack Obama refers to doing things on behalf of “We The People” or “by the people for the people”. Reference to those words are rarely used in this Country. Once elected it is “we the Government versus those no good opposition parties”, Once elected, We the people are shoved back into obscurity until needed again at some opportune time to serve the purposes of those vying for power.

    Frankly after watching and listening to Barrack Obama, our politicians seem so very petty by comparison. We deserve more in this great Country of ours other than being subjected on a daliy basis to ideology, worthless words, and partisanship. Obama may not achieve all of the expectations, who knows, but the man is going to give it his all on the peoples’ behalf while giving us hope and change.

  7. oh wait, we have a superstar with NO experience in decision making ‘other then who’s to boink that weekend’

    our very own Justin ‘Hollywood’ Trudeau

    fret not lemmings, your chance to vote another face you like will come

    el oh el

    Archie Bunker woulda puked

    • You’re one sick puppy!!

      • Not as sick as a lot of puppies out there. Look at the level of security around the man. The crazies are truly active, I’m afraid. There’s some very strange Manchurian Candidate fantasies floating around.

  8. Zorachus. . . Are you an ad writer for Harper? I don’t think they have the guts to run a ‘not a leader’ campaign against Obama, although what you say, I’m sure, is exactly and accurately what they think inside the Manning,Giorno, Harris,Harper,Flaherty, Baird brain trust. You caught it perfectly, but I think the clumsy, campaign intrusion against Obama before Ohio was the last kick at that cat. Now the official line is sweaterman sweet.

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