Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals managed this weekend to announce both a “renewal committee” and a “change comission.”

Barack Obama’s transition team is said to be quite worried that Tuesday’s inauguration may now be seen as moot.



  1. I hope there’s some sort of dispute-settlement mechanism in case the Change group comes out against Renewal.

    • And the Renewal group renews its opposition to Change.

      • The Renewal Group is only a splinter faction of the Change movement, and they are being made irrelevant by the emerging New Beginning group.

        • I do hope “New Beginning” can break the deadlock between “Renewal & Change” and “Change and Renewal.” It’s just ugly to see those factions always at each others’ throats.

          • I hope you’re right. The situation has been very unstable ever since the “Stay the Course” group quietly disbanded.

          • Hard to believe there used to be a “Bring ’em on” group in the Liberal Party.

          • Don’t forget they have a really big tent.

    • “Change if necessary, but not necessarily Change.”

      No prob: Iggy can handle that.

    • Ah Paul cynicism already and the Iggster has only been the fearless leader for how long?
      It’s clear to me that the renewal guys will take precedence until real change is needed. Then obviously the change boyos will tear the house apart until someone realises that things have changed just a tad too much and what was needed all along was renewal. Out with the changes and in with renewal, or is it in with the changes and out with the renewal?
      It’s pure genius. Only a Liberal could hav come up with it. It;s almost beautiful in its symmetry.
      Michael is putting his stamp on the party ; just be grateful he’s still in opposition.
      And please cover up that ” changishness” thing , incentivize is quite enough to be going on with, thankyou very much.

  2. Behold the bastion of objectivity and balance that is Aaron Wherry! The gentle mockery of his favored party undoubtedly portends a new dawn of fair and incisive commentary at this vaunted blog. Thank you, Aaron, for restoring my faith in BTC, no, the PPG in general. My heart is alight.

  3. Hey, does the beginning of this thread, where eveyone used the reply button to full effect, get some kind of prize for funniest unbroken thread on these boards? Steak knives all around, I say!

  4. Yes, Minister. I have been watching Monty Python.