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PODCAST: Chatting with Elizabeth May

Aaron Wherry in conversation with the Parliamentarian of the Year


On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Question Period, Elizabeth May and I sat down for a quick chat about the House of Commons, the state of Parliament and what might be done to make things somehow better.


PODCAST: Chatting with Elizabeth May

  1. Congrats Ms May. It’s well deserved. I only wish a few more members had shown as much backbone as you have in the House.

  2. This nut-bar needs: a dentist, a cosmetic surgeon, a psychologist, private tutoring, and if the previous two fail, a lobotomy and institutionalisation.

    • I do not know what or to whom you refer Mr Killsmith? With an ambiguous statement like yours, it must be concluded that you have done a self-assessment!

      • The lead photo and item title didn’t provide the requisite clues? Perhaps you’re the lobotomized one. Hah.

  3. Mr. Wherry:

    That was a great quasi-interview. Are there any other MPs with whom you would be able to get an equivalent 12 minute interview?

    And just to confirm, Ms May was basically speaking off the cuff, or did you have to pre-submit a list of questions, etc, etc?

    • I know Ms. May and I’m pretty certain this is off-the-cuff. Rarely does she need (nor ask for) questions in advance, and especially on topics such as these which are her primary focus, she is able to provide organized, comprehensive, and detailed/sourced answers without special preparation.

  4. Congratulations to Elizabeth May – an MP that I am proud to say is my MP, on Parliamentarian of the Year http://bit.ly/10laES6

  5. Wow, I must say that was an awsome “quickchat”! It is easy to see why she won. I will be paying more attention to Elizabeth May from now on, I found myself in agreement with most of what she said.

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