Checking in


Eric Grenier has updated his monthly polling averages for June at threehundredeight.com.

The New Democrats are first in British Columbia (+6), Quebec (+19) and Atlantic Canada (+10). The Conservatives are first in Alberta (+41), the Prairies (+7) and Ontario (+4).

(Editor’s note: For basically as long as this blog has existed, I’ve more or less imposed a ban on “horse-race” polling; my view being that the fussing over every new poll was generally unnecessary and often unhelpful. Especially during the minority parliament years, I attempted to maintain some kind of high-minded approach, avoiding the clamour over every little twitch and hiccup in the party numbers. I think I also once tried to avoid providing free time to the latest party adverts. I’ve slowly come to abandon those principles. I’ve long since abandoned that ban on ads. And while I still don’t think polls should generally dominate the discussion, I’ve realized it’s also silly to ignore them. I also think Eric’s monthly numbers and historical charts provide important perspective. So from here on, I’ll be checking in once per month with Eric’s latest averages.)


Checking in

  1. Lately it seems almost like the Cons are doing whatever they can to regain their old Reform/Canadian Alliance role as a regional party.

  2. Why do the polling horse-race now, when the whole thing is dicier than ever? Polls used to be reasonably reliable….although we didn’t have to take their pulse every day….. but our last federal election?…..and Alberta’s election?….polls have genuinely been something for dogs for quite awhile now

  3. …there really isn’t alot to do in a firm (divided left) majority. The unstated goal of CPC is to enrich petro players. That is boring.

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