Cheer up, everybody


Industry Minister Tony Clement gave a speech yesterday too. And afterwards he was asked to comment on the state of the auto industry. It all depends, he said, on the American market. But don’t fret too much.

“The good news is that Americans can’t not buy cars forever.”


Cheer up, everybody

  1. What. A. Tool.

  2. testing

  3. The Cubans have been surviving all right without new cars.

    Also, it’s called public transit; it’s something people who don’t have cars use. But I wouldn’t expect Mr. Clement, or should I say Mr-I-get-to-ride-around-in-a-chauffeur-driven-luxury-car-around-Parliament-Hill-“idiot”.

    • I dont think I could ride a camel bus every day like they have in Havana. Im happy with a more modern public transportation system then that of Cuba. European public transportation would be great, Cuban not so much.

      • I agree, the European system is wonderful, especially the train system. But I wouldn’t expect many ministers to understand the concept of public transport.. “You mean, we have to stand CLOSE to other common people? Outrageous!”

        • It’s the general ridership and not the politicians who would suffer on a congested bus or train — all that hot air they spew out of their backsides.

  4. Largish post lost forever on submission will be summarized thusly:
    Fellow reader, please follow the link (thanks, Aaron) to the actual story for proper context.
    Clement was downplaying the potential help one should expect from Ford’s plan to have tomorrow’s taxpayers subsidize present new-car purchases, since the Canadian industry depends far more on the American customer. The most egregious hypocrite (or “tool” to quote eloquence from above) in the piece is Ford CEO Mundogran who claims his company will not be seeking government help on the same day his company floats this idea of government help.

  5. now there’s a 1 D 10 T error! major epic FAIL all around.

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