Chief Theresa Spence: On the uses of caution -

Chief Theresa Spence: On the uses of caution

Tom Mulcair didn’t appear with the Attawapiskat chief


My last blog post of 2012 made some guesses about politics in 2013 and included a throwaway line about Tom Mulcair: “Note the lack of photos with hunger-striking Chief Theresa Spence.” Today, following an orchestrated campaign of leaks of a new Deloitte audit showing that it has, for some time, been impossible to tell how federal money is spent in Attawapiskat — and the reappearance of some damning reporting a year ago by the CBC — let us note again Mulcair’s decision not to show up at Spence’s side.

Others played Chief Spence’s protest differently.

Joe Clark was quick to visit with Chief Spence, which led Keith Beardsley, who has worked for both Clark and Stephen Harper, to make the kind of amazing suggestion that Harper should appoint Clark as his envoy to… to… to “this file.” [UPDATE: Beardsley tells me that’s a misreading, and he was suggesting only that Harper ask Clark to brief him on Clark’s visit with Spence. Sorry for the confusion – pw] Paul Martin, who presented himself as an improvement over Jean Chrétien in government accountability but who was prime minister during part of the Deloitte Attawapiskat audit period, visited Spence and returned to call her an inspiration, a term now open to multiple interpretations.

From Mulcair, nothing. Well, nothing visual. He did write an open letter that mentioned Spence, but reading it now what’s striking is that Mulcair did not call on Harper to meet Spence, only to “act swiftly to avoid a personal tragedy.”

This now looks like becoming prudence on the part of the Leader of the Opposition. My new suspicion is that last year’s slightly weird Conservative Party “Get to Know Mulcair’s Team” web ads  were based partly on Conservative worries that Mulcair would not serve up as many gaffes as Harper might like, so he should be tied as closely as possible to his less cautious back bench. Mulcair, after all, comes from the province where this ad nearly sunk an opposition leader on the road to power:


Chief Theresa Spence: On the uses of caution

  1. I love that video of Marois. Thank you for making my morning.

  2. I love that she seems to be inspecting the pot lids. Can’t you picture her musing, “Golly, is this the angle I should be banging these at?”

    • she has never actually used a pot or a pan and had difficulty figuring the lids out. Thats what actually was the funniest part.

    • Yes, I can picture that, but perhaps Wells wants you to have another look:

      Note: Marios inspection of pot lids isn’t of the essence here. The comparison between Marois and Justin is. See the resemblance in their actions? No? Still don’t see it?

      Stay tuned.

    • I am surprised she knows what a pot looks like. She probably hasn’t had to cooks for years if ever.

  3. Very shrewd of Mulcair to sit back and watch this gong show.

    • Not difficult to understand why PM Harper wouldn’t be pressured to meet with Spence, right? Right?

    • With $104 million of federal funds expended up there with no back up for what it was spent on, would it be reasonable to assume that someone might be going to jail?

      And since the information has been known since September, would it be reasonable to assume that Harper did the right thing absolutely by steering clear of Chief Four Chins Fatty and dealing exclusively with his Minister and with Atleo when the opportunity presented itself?

      Joe Clark is once again the village idiot for going up there to kiss that Chief. I haven’t had as good a laugh over Joe Clark since that taxpayer punched him out on the street.

      Are you Joe Clark? …… Why yes I am …… BANG!

      • You know that the name Chief Spence will do. No need to use the name Chief Four Chins Fatty. It’s getting a bit old.

        • How about “Chief Theresa Spends”?

          • Chief Theresa Spends! Now there you have something to brag about: creative play on words and when spoken out loud it even sounds like saying “Spence”!

            I like creativity by means of play on words. I don’t like simple name calling.

          • Thank you, thank you. I can’t claim credit for it, as I first saw it in another forum. But I’m certainly going to spread it.

          • :)

        • my question remains ‘ Is The Chief a Thief ‘ ?

        • Referring to this woman as “Chief Spence” would show respect where none is warranted. NONE !

          This is a scam, and today with Deloitte saying that $104 million of expenditures are undocumented you should be glad I’m not calling her something totally unprintable.

          According to the CBC they have 6 houses up there, brand new, almost completed; and that starving 300 pound hag won’t do ANYTHING to put people in them.

          They have the money, they have decent hard working men up there who could finish those houses in an afternoon . And she won’t have it because of a two bit power play.

          She’s despicable. You have my permission to call that fat 5 chin hag whatever you like.

          • Wow. Anyone one think you actually knew ALL the facts. Since you don’t your name calling is infantile.

    • There would have been too many invidious remarks about his being able to stand to lose a few kilos himself.

  4. Seeing as this is the same Occupy crowd we saw last year with their faux outrage, I’m sure Mulcair’s caucus had some inside information for him, namely that this whole PR stunt was organized to distract from the damning audit.

    After the way Michael Harris’ been spinning this thing out of control for the last 2 weeks, I’m guessing there’s a lot more dirt on the way.

    • You say: “I’m sure Mulcair’s caucus had some inside information for him”

      By this you mean that Mulcair and the NDP are in on this so-called ‘orchestrated campaign of leaks of a new Deloitte audit showing’ Wells is talking about.

      How interesting: the NDP and CPC working together on an orchestrated campaign. Now that is news!

    • Michael Harris is an idiot. He seems to have “gone off the reservation” since he was fired.

  5. On orchestrated campaigns:

    Mulcair may be a hothead but we (and the CPC) all know he ain’t stupid.

    Meanwhile Justin’s orchestrated campaign might want to rethink the picture of him sitting beside Chief Spence. Oh, well, his campaign manager could say that Justin had come into the tent to warn Chief Spence of what was to come, as a friendly warning, so to speak…………..

    Got to love them orchestrated campaigns!

    • why bother making a distinction between yourself and “the CPC”?

      • Because I am not a member of the CPC.

        • Oh why do I doubt that?

          • Why would you doubt that? Well, that is not for me to explain. Such can only be explained by you.

            Perhaps you will doubt anything I have to say. Perhaps you doubt me only in respect to CPC membership. Who is to say, eh!

            I will reiterate that I am not a member of the CPC. Never have been. I may have been a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. But that is a long long time ago. In fact, if remembered correctly, I was a member of the LPC when I actively campaigned for them in my riding.

          • Did they kick you out of San Diego at last then Dave?

          • Visa ran out. I dutifully returned. Like a spawning salmon…..

          • Welcome home…bought your snow shovel yet?

    • Orchestrated campaigns!…nah, Harper’d run a mile before he’d stoop to something like that eh!

      • I’m not required to repeat everything Wells has written on top, now do I?

  6. she looks like she gained weight…hmm,

    • That is from shoving cheesecake in the fish broth

  7. she gets an hour break to shower and hmm, eat? in the hotel room. I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks just by cutting out sugar, man I could really thin if I only drank liquids for 24 days..where is her daunting sick starving look that I see on real “starving people”

  8. It’s looking pretty good on Mulcair right now,[ that’s what experience will do for you i guess] and maybe Trudeau should watch and learn a bit before he leaps sometimes?But i don’t see all that much of an upside for Harper after all the finger pointing and jumping to conclusions he did when this story first broke…the band id win its court case after all.

    As for the new audit…i’m not all that surprised. What will get missed in all the new hoopla over that is the fact they didn’t exactly prove money was syphoned off for Spence and her beau to retire to Florida either.. i know, malfeasance is always the hardest part to actually prove; it’s got some thing to do with being innocent until being proved guilty – so i hear. [ not that it will keep Ezra in check for more than a millisecond.]

    The CBC video gives some context really…it”s got a lot to do with being over your head and simple incompetence. I live in the north. It’s common knowledge here, even in my little town, which isn’t remotely as off the beaten track as Attawapiskat. It is difficult to attract and retain competent people up north, period. That’s not an excuse for Spence[ who looks out of her depth] it’s a fact. And the nepotism and old boys network doesn’t just stay on reserve. I know of at least one case in my town of an incompetent recreation manager who pulled down $120,000 at least for being a fool – but he had good friends on the council. Meanwhile good people who could do the job get sidelined and think of leaving town.
    Until you live in a northern town or worse a fly in winter road community you have little or no idea the problems anyone who manages a community like Attawapiskat faces…and that’s before you take in the underlying dysfunction of many FNs communities. There’s lots of blame to go around, and lots of challenges southerners can hardly imagine.

    • So, there is an upside for Mulcair for not meeting with Spence but there is no upside for Harper having done the same thing?

      That’s one way of letting go of your credibility. That was easy, wasn’t it?

      • Wow, their two situations and reactions to all of this have been exactly similar. You’re a genius and Wells is just a fool i guess.

    • Hence unable to provide receipts and proof of purchases right?

      • I don’t know. I haven’t read the report and i doubt if i’d understand all its implications if i did. But i can tell you this; there are small communities scattered all over this country that would fail that kind of audit.

        • Because of mis-management! It is really that simple.

          • I can find your name appended to the audit can i?

        • I agree. Do you not believe that the aboriginal leadership has some responsibility to see that their reserves are managed efficienctly and for the benefit of the ordinary aboriginal living on the reserve ? if the chief lacks the financial capability to manage the finances then teach them how to do it. Simply whining that it is the government’s fault is a vicious circle. Harper does not manage the reserves; aboriginals have that responsibility.

          • It is difficult to “teach the chief” financial management if they won’t allow anyone with accounting expertise onto the reserve. There may be communities all over the country that would fail an audit but we will never hear about them. Ms. Spence brought all this attention on to herself when she contacted her MP and the media. She just didn’t have the savy to realize that she didn’t get to write the whole script for how this media circus would play out.

          • Hear, hear.

          • I agree fully. She is has lost or is losing a lot of credibility among the lamestream media. The coverage will not be as sympathetic this time next week as the audit is fully revealed for all to see. It won’t be pretty I am sure. Time to fold up the teepee and go home and manage her own reserve competently if that is possible.

          • don’t forget her boyfriend – you know the guy charging more than 800 dallars a day to count beans – now tha is supicious and very damning

          • Sure. But this all hypothetical anyway. The band chose her. That is their right, just as it is to kick her out if they want.

          • You have made my point. It their job to see that the reserve is managed competently. If she cannot do the job or refuses to do it or is corrupt then she needs to be removed. Not by Indian Affairs but whoever is the national leader of that particular band. They need to take responsibility for what is happening on the reserves; not Stephen Harper or the federal government.

      • Tony Clement has a little problem with his record keeping – I don’t remember you calling for his head.

        • Nothing like trying to change the subject. This is about Chief Spence and her management of her reserve. Nothing more. Nothing less. You are simply trying to distract from the fact that she has been incompetent for many years and should be removed as chief. Instead of worrying about nation to nation crap she should be worrying about the people freezing to death on her reserve.

          • So you don’t like your strategy when it’s directed at you – suck it up. Spence and her partner could be convictable fraud artists, it doesn’t do anything to counter what the Auditor-General said about the governments failure to manage this file.

          • That is true. I would never try to defend the Indian Affairs department. They are incompetent boobs who do not know how to manage anything. On the other hand they are dealing with communities from which it is difficult to get all the information. They are caught in a dilemna where to withold funds until they get the correct information is not the answer either. The situation is intractable.

          • Jan, this is really about the deplorable state of the reserve that Chief Spence is living on and the fact that her people have inadequate homes and yet she is a big part of the problem due to making poor choices but she has zero insight. There is surely plenty of blame to go around but that interview with Adrienne Arsenault had to open some eyes.

    • You really don’t get it, do you? The reason so many nothern Native communities are in trouble is because of people like Chief Spence.

      Why make her out to be some sort of hero when in fact she is anything but. Why play into her silliness when she claims she wants to talk ‘nation to nation’ when she has no clue as how to run a ‘nation’. Why are so many Canadians feeding into this disaster in the making?

      • Do you read anything anyone says before you post. It is tough to get good qualified people up here[ unless you really pay]

        I get if fine lady…do you know anything at all about living in a remote community? Perhaps if you have the relevant skills you’d like to volunteer them to sort places like Attawapiskat out? Perhaps instead of merely criticizing you could help lobby our govt to get off their backs, support them in trying to raise revenue off their resources, so maybe they might climb out of their poverty trap?…hire some better people to manage the place. Their are lots of ideas, but all people like you want to do is throw stones and feel smug.
        I don’t think she’s a hero at all. She might even be a crook. But at the moment at least i think she’s probably doing her best to help her community – which obviously isn’t enough. At least she is raising the profile of this issue if nothing else. Who ever said she had to be perfect or some kind of saint?

        • kmc2 states: ” But at the moment at least i think she’s [Spence] probably doing here best to help her community – which obviously isn’t enough.”

          Oh, I think what Chief Spence has done is quite enough. The Idle No More movement may feel regret already, if not soon, that falling into her trap may have cost the movement dearly. The Idle No More has tried to distance itself from Chief Spence, little by little, but perhaps too late now.

          Of course, the northern communities need better leadership if they want to progress to better living conditions than they have now. Remember when the Harper government wanted a third party sent in to help out? Guess who kicked the third party off the reserve?

          Oh, well,you say, the government should leave these people alone, or ‘to get off their backs’ as you’ve put it. But you have to remember (I know, I know it’s difficult) that the money the reserves live on is granted by the Canadian taxpayers. You may want to overlook that fact, and Chief Spence may want to overlook that fact, but you are not in a position to tell the taxpayers at large what to think about how their hard earned money is being spent. We all have a right to voice an opinion on this, even if such opinion differs from yours.

          For the record: you have no idea what my struggles in life have been about. You have no idea about my background. So why would you want to pretend you do?

          • That third party manager had already been previously fired by the band. And the courts specifically ruled that INAC[ or Harper] had no right or justification for sending him back.. Your opinions are about as well sourced as your facts.

          • It must be a bad morning for you. We all have bad mornings but that doesn’t mean one has to ‘lose it’ as you do.

            Here you are telling us to “…hire some better people to manage the place” would be a solution only to refute the idea when a third party is sent in to set the record straight.

            Here are the facts about my sources of information: look up the island of Umnak. For many years of my life I have been personally involved in setting up a business in that very remote setting. But guess what? Ah, yes, we walked away when corruption replaced good management. Want some more of my personal experiences to share with you?

          • I must have forgot to lock my caps…your powers of deduction never fail to amaze.

          • So you couldn’t find the time to look up the island of Umnak? Couldn’t find the place on the map? Could it be that remote?

            So when I do provide you with some background information as to what my personal experience of the remote north is, you simply don’t respond even though you were the one asking “do you know anything at all about living in a remote community?”

            Not only do I have experience living in the north; I have experience doing business in the remote north.

            But suddenly it does not matter to you any longer. That is why you have no credibility left. You never take me seriously enough in the first place.

          • I’ll look when I have time. If that’s not convenient for you, tough.

          • kmc2 writes “I’ll look when I have time. If that’s not convenient for you, tough.”

            The last sentence does not make sense to me, but the first one does. I won’t hold my breath. My aim is to not suffocate under any circumstance.

          • It’s off the Alaska coast…so what do I do now? Do I get a prize?

          • Do you need a prize every time you receive an answer to what you asked for? We are not in grade school here.

            Perhaps you would be interested in my experience with the north. But perhaps not now that you know my experience is real but not of the kind you probably want to hear about. That’s fine by me. Anytime you change your mind, just let me know.
            But in your further postings, don’t assume that I know nothing about the north or remote communities.

            I had an excellent afternoon listening to Carol Bennett and Pam Palmater talking themselves into corners.

            You see, what I want is for Harper to be re-elected because no one at this time measures up to him in regards to overseeing this country. Pam and Carol were showing me that a re-election of the CPC won’t be all that difficult.

            ( Enjoy!)

          • Oh for gods sake just tell us just what you DID in Alaska if you”re going to.

          • Like I alluded to in my earlier posting, setting up a business in the remote north is difficult but doable when management is focused and competent. The only possible means of transport were by small airplane or barge. The business was completely set up from scratch so a lot of planning and logistics were involved. However, all of that was doable until the management turned into greed on part of some of the management in charge. Then most everything came to a crushing halt.

            The development of this remote business had no government money involved. The money spent, lost and not accounted for under mis management by greedy practices were all private monies.

          • What has this to do with FN’s governance?

          • Everything! It is possible to make things work in the remote north. Only when good and competent management isn’t in place then things start falling apart – see Attawapiskat.

          • And…that kind of good an competent leadership isn’t even always on display even in Ottawa, leave alone remote areas of the north.

          • What’s your point? That all governments made bad decisions? Of course. And we bring that in the open, just like Chief Spence’s conduct is brought into the open now. Nothing different in this case, other than that most people don’t go on a fake hungerstrike to try and save themselves from scrutiny.

          • no…that should have read…that kind of good and competent leadership isn’t always “available” or on display in Ottawa…
            The point being, i agree; but you can’t just wish it up here.
            As for your last assertion, since it’s you i can feel pretty confident it is not true.

          • Ooh, kmc2 was forced to eat crow today and look – he’s still burping up the taste of it!

            Me? I had a delicious serving today by swallowing all of Carolyn Bennett’s recipe for electoral succes! Delicious were here rantings! Wish I could get me some more of that serving…………But you know what they say: too much of a good thing ……………..

          • You are so much better than the rest of us. Thanks for dominating the discussion.

          • Has nothing to do whether any one is better. It has to do with kmc2 writing that we know nothing unless we live in the north, as he does. And I called him on it. It’s not as if kmc2 can speak on the subject and other posters can’t.

            Have a look at how many postings kmc2 puts out, and then tell me who is dominating these boards. Really! Stop posting false information over and over again.

          • I think he`s using the failure of his business to get off the ground (because of corruption and greed) as evidence that “it is possible to make things work in the remote north.“ Pretty much confirms what you have been saying about his love of facts and ability to handle evidence.

          • It’s a she, but a get your point.

          • An island with 39 people permanent residents.
            From what I know about “small towns” and the closed atmosphere they tend to foster (usually manifested in mistrust of strangers), is it any wonder they were hesitant/resistant to your overtures?
            Did you expect to be welcomed like trustworthy benefactors? Really?

            I am sure you were involved in an open business proposal, but isolated people who have been mistreated in the past are often hesitant/resistant to business proposals, no matter the benefits they themselves may reap.

          • You are surely wrong in your assumptions. The business we were involved in wasn’t even involved with the town, nor was it in close distance to the town. Had nothing to do with the town whatsoever.

          • you have no idea what my struggles in life have been about.

            Where, Francien, did he say that he did?


    • I think you are completely right about Ms. Spence being incompetent. After watch Adrienne Arsenault’s report, Mr. Kennedy came off as arrogant and Ms. Spence as totally “lost”. When Ms. Arsenault asked her about all of the donations of warm clothing, heaters and sleeping bags and when they would distribute those…Ms. Spence complained about how difficult it is to get volunteers within the community. She is saying that people are freezing to death in inadequate shelters but they won’t come and get supplies to keep warm. Also, what exactly are all those people on the band payroll doing. To see those houses that had sat empty for 2 years because they needed finishing and she was in a standoff with the government while people lived in cold tents….
      What I do not understand is why she went to the press in the first place…did she not think any of this would be exposed?

      • Yes, but the point is the north in particular is loaded with people over their heads attempting to fix problems beyond their skill set. And to be fair to her, if it turns out she isn’t a crook, then she has an impossible job…constantly having to go to uncle money bags over at INAC for permission in triplicate before she can take a crap.

        • Yes kcm2 but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be over your head without the skill set to perform the job and then refuse to let someone from outside who has the skill set give you a helping hand. As for having to fill things out in triplicate before you “can take a crap”. We aren’t talking about taking a crap here, we are talking about receiving millions of dollars so I guess you have to jump through some hoops and fill out some forms in triplicate. Again, if you can’t manage to fill out the forms, or keep proper records and your community is suffering, accept the help of an outside expert. Don’t go crying to the media and your MP and then get in a snit when the aide comes some oversight.

          • The band has been in co management for over 10 years before this.If the problems were so critical why hadn’t INAC done something about it earlier? Yet you prefer to shovel all the blame on Spence. Ask yourself if you had been voted Chief if you would be happy to have a 3rd party manager imposed? And i merely suggested she might be incompetent, more likely over her head. I don’t know that for sure at all and neither do you.

          • In my line of work, the first thing you learn is to accept the expertise of any and all help to get the job done and look after the people depending on you. It isn’t about YOUR ego. What Adrienne Arsenault’s interview revealed was a chief who was struggling with how to get things done. She needed help but she wasn’t willing to admit it.
            As for my “not knowing she is incompetent”, I am sorry but she has 6 brand new houses almost completed and they are sitting empty for TWO YEARS while people live in tents in the freezing cold north and she can’t get it together to get the houses completed. Meanwhile the third party manager shows up and what do you know, they are ordering mobile homes and getting the recreation centre fixed so people can use it. Maybe she isn’t incompetent, maybe she just as attention deficit disorder. Whatever it is, she isn’t doing the best job for her people. I know you like to spin things kcm2 but come-on….just because I agreed with you, you don’t have to back track on your earlier assertion that she is in over her head.

      • maybe all the receipts for all the missing monies are in the pockets of those donated coats ?

      • “What I do not understand is why she went to the press in the first place…did she not think any of this would be exposed?”

        Arrogant and incompetent people are usually oblivious of their arrogance and incompetence.

    • Proving malfeasance was not within the scope of work assigned to D&T for this work. They did not have the authority to investigate where the money may have gone. It would be interesting if someone were actually given that investigative authority.

  9. I guess it’s easy to criticize Paul Martin and the others who have visited Spence.

    But is there is an older, grey haired, white guy, in a suit, from the government side, the federal side of things who has more expertise and experience about these issues than Martin? Of course the Harper types could never forget the past long enough to bring him in for a bit of consultation. So he sits around waiting for a couple of weeks and finally decides to do something.

    • Given the vitriol on display over this issue, there’s a pretty strong “damn drunk lazy injuns takin’ my tax money” vote, and Harper doesn’t gain much by discouraging it. These are his people, after all.

      It’s possible Harper or some PM after him may quietly do the right thing and start taking steps to fix the problem, but if it’s from the right they might decide they won’t do it very loudly.

    • Yes – Jean Chretien, for one. Paul Martin spent a decade trying to undermine Chretien and win the Liberal leadership. He finally won it, and almost immediately started to flounder (recall The Economist pegging him as “Mr. Dithers.”) His big attempt at a legacy project was the Kelowna Accord, which was promptly punted by Stephen Harper after he defeated Martin in 2006. Martin’s track record relative to aboriginal issues is pretty thin prior to the Kelowna Accord, whereas Chretien was involved in any number of issues dating back to the 1960s.

  10. Mulcair is a smarter politician than I gave him credit for,certainly a lot more astute than the two former PM/losers Clark and Martin,and what CAN we say about Justin?

    Oh yeah, he’s CUTE!

    The Attawapiskat saga is unravelling as us skeptics knew it would. There were just too many legitimate questions that the good Chief and her boy friend/band manager left unanswered.
    It’s kind of sad how many people will jump on any “bandwagon” at any given time. I suppose they want to be seen as “smart and trendy”,but they usually look like SUCKERS,when all the accounting’s done.

  11. It would seem to me that Jean Chretien would be a much better fit for “envoy” than Joe Clark, if one was looking for an elder statesman with clout and knowledge. Chretien has decades of experience with the Aboriginal file, and would probably get along better with Harper, seeing as Chretien’s Indian Affairs minister Robert Nault tried to push through reforms very similar to Harper’s. That legislation was subsequent trashed by Paul Martin’s government.

  12. Well,it’s good to see that we’re still so easily distracted. Where would

    the world be if we were to pay attention … on the one hand,

    On the other hand, at least some waters in Northern Ontario are still
    environmentally protected … that’s good,eh?

    • That’s a great link. I hope Wells takes the time to read it.[and a couple of the comments]Loved the Tony C comparisan. Who’s the author? Do you know? I pressume he’s some commie lefty who luuuvvvs spending other peoples money?[ sorry, lost it for a moment – channeling FV]

      • Yup. He has some good stuff … does not achieve the high

        standards of Postmedia or the SunnySide of the street, but then,

        who does … oh, and if you note the comments here ..

        .. the charming one is sharing her synapse malfunction all over ..

        • Recruiting again? Did you ask Well’s permission to run ads on his page?

          • Why should he object?. After all he permits half wits like you to do as you please.

          • Yes, at least Wells and Macleans are of the tolerant kind. And I thank them for that.

            Other sites are not as tolerant in their outlook. They like to restrict traffic so as not to have to hear the other side of any story. Some say it’s a childish behaviour and I would agree with that.

            But would you not agree, kmc2, that when advertising, you would expect business to come your way, not?

            Oh, have you, most wise one, found the island of Umnak on the map? Or are you afraid that my personal experience might be too real for you to understand. Better not open that Pandora’s box, so to speak.

            In any case, the island isn’t going anywhere, so whenever you find the time.

  13. The rot that is part of the native leadership appears to now be getting the exposure that the community required.
    Each band needs to look inward and begin the process of removing the rampant abuse, neglect, corruption that has been allowed to infect the group for more than 2 decades.
    The fact many communities have the funds to be much better off and are not should be the starting point of determining where the focus needs to be directed.

      • Wow.

        Almost snorted my coffee out both barrels.

        Way too funny. Thanks.

        • Isn’t it just too preciously apropos?

          • Apropos of what?…your predilection for racist cheap shots? I don’t believe i have seen one reasoned argument from you yet @macleans. Are you without shame!

  14. Smart move on Mulcair’s part, it’s always encouraging in a positive way to see good changes in a leader, however that won’t save him from 3rd place in next election, as much as we all hate it,Trudeau is in.

    • Yes, a smart move on Mulcair’s part. No disagreement there.

      But when Justin visited Chief Spence he missed the chance of his leadership life-time: Justin’s visit inside the tent could have been one of setting forth his solutions to the Native problems. But he didn’t take the chance. Perhaps because he doesn’t have a strategy as to how to solve the Native issues. But that is my point. Justin doesn’t seem to have a strategy on anything! Thereby, by crawling inside the tent and coming out with no clear solutions of his own, his credibility is eaten away at – one missing soundbite at a time. The clock is ticking.

      • Maybe he was there for the fish broth?

        • Yes, perhaps he was. Here’s to hoping he enjoyed the nutritious beverage.

          I have heard that Chief Spence asked Mr.Martin if he could bring in some of his lawyers, the ones who had helped out the Liberal party when the defense on adscam was in full swing, because no one was ever held responsible for that, she had heard. But (and this might be a rumour and nothing more) Mr.Martin had told her that perhaps someone else within the Liberal party might be able to defend Chief Spence, since Mr.Martin is no longer in politics. And so he suggested Carol Bennett. Upon which Chief Spence responded:” But she’s a doctor by trade!”

          “Ah, well,” so said Mr.Martin supposedly, “but Ms.Bennett is a very good doctor.!

      • It doesn’t matter what Trudeau says or do, if he doesn’t have a strategy, or an idea what of the hell is happening, he will be elected no matter what, is like Kim Kardashian “a bubble head” with no insight or talent of any kind but she sells and that’s all that matters. In another words his brand is pure gold, sad but true.–185941952.html

        • Your Trudeau comparison to the Kardashians is a fair one. But the Kardashian 15 minutes of fame is just about up. I am confident that Trudeau will fizzle out like a Kardashian as soon as folks see his naivety.

          Trudeau`s only chance of success was to repeat the short leadership campaign and even shorter election campaign of his father. The more people see of him ( except for his emotionally adolescent and most ardent admirers ), the more they will dread the thought of him being a national leader.

          • nothing better than CPCers conferring about how sage and wise their talking points are…

          • Not that fast. By next election he will become the leader of her Majesty’s loyal opposition but I agree with you, as he becomes more prominent he is toast.

          • Wishful thinking Claudia…lots and lots of Conservatives are underestimating him…big mistake…apart from the ones like Andrew who hate the family name so much they’d rather raise taxes and join a union than give father or son any credit for anything at all.

          • Nope, it is wishful thinking on your part. He will succeed on his leadership bid, make lots of money for LPC and becoming loyal opposition but he doesn’t have the smarts to lead Canada and THAT will become apparent.

          • Betcha…case of beer. I don’t know when he’ll make PM, but he will. My only caveat is no one knows how good Mulcair will be in an election…he might beat JT first time out. See, not underestimating the opposition. Mulcair is tough..he might surprise us all yet.

          • Can someone get Mulcair to have a shave, it doesn’t suit him. He looks like an idiot. In fact he looks like Joe Mihevic.

          • kcm was cautioned earlier today to refrain from making personal attacks and wrong assumptions about those he knows little about—but he continues—maybe he learns slowly.

            I have no hate for the Trudeau name—-i would not hate Justin if his name was Smith—I just happen to agree with Claudia and many others that he would be a disaster as a leader of anything but the local Glee Club Reunion.

          • Take a look in the mirror bud. I presume you are talking about PWs remarks, which were directed at all of us – including you, who also happened to be on that blog…yeesh, partisan to the core.

          • Actually I was referring to the reprimand that Francine gave you above—but take your pick.

          • Reprimand from FV!! I had no idea her moral authority covered everyone on this blog. There’s only one owner that I’m aware of.

          • What do you think will happen if someone does a DNA on him and he turns out to be Justine Jagger?

          • May i suggest you leave your mouth to science.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Not so quick…you might need it in the after life.

          • If his name was Justin Tremblay instead of Justin Trudeau, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

            His CV is anemic compared to those of Garneau and MHF. The only reasons that he is going to win the LPC leadership race are:
            1) He is PET’s son
            2) He is very telegenic

            Might he still surprise everyone? Sure, it could happen. But, so far he has given us no reason to expect this, IMO.

            JT could be the Ronald Reagan of the North – not the sharpest knife in the drawer by any stretch of the imagination, but knows how to connect with people (both have acting backgrounds), and how to surround himself with a competent team. Or he could be the Rick Perry of the North – the all but crowned winner until he opens his mouth in a debate. Time will tell.

            Personally, I could see myself voting LPC with either Garneau or MFH as leader. Can’t say the same with JT as leader.

          • I don’t disagree with just about any of that. Athough i find it weird people attack him for the family name or his curls; that’s just natural advantage…like JFK’s looks or charisma, not that i’m saying he’s a JFK. I agree he’s an unknown quantity, but i think there have been signs the guy does have a brain of some kind, and a strategic political one too. – that or he has some really savvy advisers.And he shows signs of being brave, and i like that a lot. As for judgement…we shall see. The debates should tell the tale.

        • It is always a bad idea to underestimate opponents. Take a look at his speech[video] to the Islamic thingy, for a couple of minutes Claudia – – and tell me he has no talent. You don’t have to like the content, or agree with anything he says. But to write his delivery and even content off completely is just silly and juvenile…but be my guest…it is your potential political funeral.
          I will say however, he can’t deliver like his dad could…not even close…yet.

  15. The Sixth Estate: yet another example of how to lick one’s wounds:

    Right from the blog’s mouth: “Contrary to what the braying sycophants in the press corps seem to think,…..”

    Lick them wounds, lick them wounds.

    • Would it do any good to tell you the quote is actually not complimentary or supportive of your pov at all…sigh…no it wouldn’t at all.

  16. In today’s episode of Surreal Politics, Chris Alexander is on CBC arguing the importance of audits. Advice to Chief Spence – get a 7 Point Plan.

  17. with that much money being unaccounted for that ‘ fish broth ‘ might just be Caviar !!!!

  18. Greed,
    greed and more greed. The entire native issue is one gigantic government money
    sucking scam…show me the money…just like in Kebec…mo money, mo debt.

    “We don’t
    want the party to end, the “free” trips, expense accounts…perks, gold plated
    pensions, free this, free that…Yes indeed, see we in government, are all
    entitled to our entitlements folks and we can’t stop that, at least not until
    we retire. Our unions say so, it’s ours and we want it now…$$” Nice
    eh? See what working for government has become? Go look at all the debt
    mounting. Governments all across Canada,
    the US…
    have been on a hiring binge, a spending spree for decades now. Government =
    police, fire, hospitals, teachers, lawyers…= high salaries, bonuses, pensions,
    perks… all out of control for decades now = More and more debt…making the
    connection yet?

    Decades of overspending…more and more debt,
    see what these people are doing to future generations?

    The real Fiscal cliff
    101 –

    US – $16.5 trillion in

    debt as of today – $268 billion, 968 million and

    change…what a mess.

    Ottawa – Canada
    debt as of today – $602 billion, 666 million and change…what a


    Record personal debt in Canada
    and the US…something
    has to give.

    Record low interest
    rates…for now…

    and how does it end? Greece, Ireland, Californian, Wisconsin, Detroit,
    Kebec…all technically bankrupt…a real mess in the making and no one in
    government or the mainstream media (CBC, CTV…) is dealing with it. Nice

    have allowed all of these expensive, divisive liberal polices, and departments
    to remain. How come?

    Solution? Well
    only one folks – We need a new party, a new leader willing to deal with the
    facts, the truth for a change. We need a real fiscally conservative, common
    sense leader/party…. Things need to be cut, reduced and eliminated in all
    government. Government is too big, intrusive, and they are accumulating too
    much debt, year after year after year. That’s right let’s get cutting non
    essential services, expensive waste, bilingualism, multiculturalism, phony
    rights departments…the charter, CBC, all this green nonsense, bring in a
    government salary cap, a hiring freeze, reduce pensions… all sorts of big
    government BS. The future is at stake here and no one is willing to deal with
    this, how sad, how pathetic, all of you clowns in government and mainstream

    real issue that no-one is talking about is the private sector versus government
    sector. Government hiring, spending and debt is out of control and has been for
    decades. This is the great divide in Canada and its getting worse

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is
    obligated to do so.”-Thomas Jefferson

  19. Mulcair is awfully lucky he doesn’t have a Svend Robinson to worry about.

  20. Why doesnt Everyone just ask the questions…I live and work on reserve and have just had to leave a position that is dear to me becasue my Chief and Administrator are framing me..this is just one part to an * year working want stories ask…They also mis appropriate funding and its done very very easily…Look at how non- profits make their money..You get a grant from an outside agency not INAC (reserves parents)…you get said monies, now heres where the bull begins…Say you work in a daycare and apply for 25,000 towards the playground ..Immediately 10-20% can be put towards administering the program (in the form of an honoraria not wages)..and another 10-20% of the funding grant is already included when the original proposal is written making it almost 30-40% in monies pput towards administering the program…then keep in mind the cheque when written goes directly to the nation, not the department, making it a part of the bands `general“ funding…now if the Band administrator feels like it she will send out maybe 1000-1500 of the rest of the grant to the dept. to keep them happy…and then when the department returns with receipts to the administrator and asks for the rest of the the funding that is when they are told, oh sorry it when to pay your departments wages….If it sound unreal it isnt because I have had to work within this system…keep in mind that there are several departments within a band as well and many different avenues of funding…and just a side note 8 years ago on this reserve it wasnt like this, our nations are taught how to `manage“ finances from our Parenting agency..our administrator is an employee of the federal government hired by them not us as a nation..taught by them…This is why I am Idle no More…i

  21. Was Paul Martin referring to Chief Spence as an inspiration for thieves?

  22. why should we care if she starved herself.