Chong keeps on


Conservative MP Michael Chong is still trying to push Question Period reform.

Now, Chong is 123rd on the list of MPs with motions or private member’s bills they would like to table in the House — far enough down that it will likely take at least two years before he gets a chance to re-introduce his motion.

But Chong isn’t giving up. He’s been in discussion with other MPs, who he hopes will use their slot — chosen by lottery — to table his motion from last year. “I think these changes need to be brought to question period, and I’m encouraging other members and the government to think about bringing them forward. So we’ll see what happens.”


Chong keeps on

  1. Well he should just wait patiently for his attempt at making parliament work because there is some important business to do first. For instance we need to work our way through a long list of symbolic Conservative bills to make things illegal that no one is doing anyway. Then there are the ones that make things that are already illegal, even more illegal with a new name.

  2. Poor  Mr. Chong, he really needs to find another use for his tenacity. 

  3. Meh… he has four years to keep plugging away.  Even if nothing comes of it, he’s still being more productive than the average backbencher.

  4. What about SO31’s?

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