Chris Alexander feels a bit better now -

Chris Alexander feels a bit better now


Another Facebook post from the parliamentary secretary.

Aaron, your latest post is better — much better. But unlike the initial item, it can’t be independently shared on Facebook. Shame, as this tends to perpetuate the confusion. But we are agreed, right? No contract yet for new fighters to replace the CF-18s. Right?

There currently seems to be some technical problem with sharing this post on Facebook. I assume it will resolve itself eventually.


Chris Alexander feels a bit better now

  1. Yes Chris we all agree that the Conservative government lied for two years about a contract to replace the CF-18s. Thanks for playing.

  2. But we are agreed, right? No contract yet for new fighters to replace the CF-18s. Right?


    That took some skill. A Tory MP takes an argument that his government spent two years lying to the public about having signed a contract that didn’t exist, and he “rebuts” that argument by getting everyone to agree that the contract that the PM and Defence Minister kept referring to for TWO YEARS never really existed.

    If George Orwell were alive he’d be suing Chris Alexander for copyright infringement.

    • You’re inventing things he never said.

      • And you’re defending the indefensible: a liar.

      • What did I “invent” that he never said?

        That’s a quote in italics there.

        Wherry’s essentially pointing out that the Tories SAID there was a contract. Alexander is saying that there isn’t and never was a contract. Where’s the “invention”.

        • My God, are you really that blind? Alexander has said exactly NOTHING about the past, specifically 2010 and 2011. Absolutely nothing! He has not said anything about what his government said or didn’t say in the past, whether they lied, or anything else they said or did before Alexander was elected. All he’s saying is that there is no contract! Is that so difficult for you to understand? What the heck is wrong with you? If you think he’s gonna go ahead and say those other people (many of whom are his fellow MPs now) were a bunch of bozos back then, you’re completely out of your mind! Clearly he has no interest in a he said/she said whine-fest, and for some inexplicable bizarre reason you think he should go ahead and do just that, egged on because Wherry called him “confused” and because you’re one of Wherry’s band of Conservative-haters.

          • It seems to depend on what your definition of ‘is’ is. Give it up. your boy has made a complete ass of himself. Maybe try a diversion.

          • Poor ConBots would kamikaze themselves if a Con asked them too.

          • My God, are you really that blind? Alexander has said exactly NOTHING about the past, specifically 2010 and 2011. Absolutely nothing!

            There was a misunderstanding, to some extent, in the Canadian public opinion, to some extent perpetrated by the opposition who claimed that a decision had been made, contracts had been signed, obligations had been undertaken and that is not the case.”

            Alexander started this whole thing off with a reference to the past! He said the OPPOSITION was perpetuating the notion that contracts had been signed and obligations undertaken, completely ignoring the MULTIPLE times that Tory cabinet ministers, the PM, and official government press releases insisted that a contract had been signed and obligations undertaken.

            Now, true, I don’t expect Alexander to admit that his colleagues were being a bunch of (LYING) bozos back then, no. At this point I guess, politically, he has little choice but to keep saying “there was no contract” over and over again, and to simply cover his ears and loudly hum a tune when anyone points out the multiple instances of Harper, MacKay, Fantino and official government press releases insisting that there was a contract. It’s understandable, but not admirable.

            Alexander made his own bed here. If you don’t want to talk about how your government’s previous statements about there being a contract were factually incorrect, then you probably shouldn’t publicly blame the opposition for the public’s mistaken belief that there was a contract.

            Alexander’s got the current facts right: The Emperor has no clothes, and never had any clothes. Given that Alexander works for the Emperor though, we shouldn’t just let him ignore the years and years that the Emperor, and everyone at Court, insisted that the Emperor HAD clothes. Not if he’s going to blame the Emperor’s enemies for perpetuating the mistaken impression that the Emperor was clothed.

          • Not a single thing you said in any way rebuts what I said.
            Good for you.

          • You said that Alexander said “absolutely nothing” about the past. I responded with a quote from Alexander EXPLICITLY referring to the past, and pointed out that said quote, ABOUT THE PAST, is the quote that started this whole circus in the first place. How is that not a rebuttal of your claim that Alexander said noting about the past???

            Also, I’m still don’t understand what I’m “inventing”.

            Alexander accused the opposition of creating confusion in the public’s mind as to the existence of a contract. Wherry responded with a MULTITUDE of quotes from the PM, the Defence Minister, Fantino, and some official government press releases clearly stating that there WAS a contract.

            While I understand why it’s Alexander’s sole talking point now, I can’t for the life of me understand how repeating “There is not, and never was a contract!” is a useful point to be made in the context of an argument about who gave the public the impression that there WAS a contract. Especially when so many people on Alexander’s own team were the one’s running around for two years telling anyone who’d listen that there WAS a contract, and that the dastardly opposition were going to rip up the contract if given the chance.

          • Nothing you’ve said rebuts anything, except your own intelligence. You can lie all you want for Alexander, but no one is going to fall for it.

          • Are you high on crack?

      • How so?

  3. Perhaps the FB difficulties arise from Mr. Alexander attempting to post
    from whatever remains of beautiful downtown Kandahar.

  4. Alexander certainly displays a highly refined gift for obfuscation, denial, and outright manipulation of the facts. I predict he will go far in this government

  5. My gosh. Government takes bright, capable, intelligent young men and women and turns them into, well, politicians.

  6. In which Mr. Alexander shares his governments secret sausage recipe with the voters. Absolutely shameless.