Clap trap


Last week, Tom Lukiwski rose to express the government’s side shock and dismay at a demonstration that had taken place in one of the visitors’ galleries during a vote on the Canadian Wheat Board. In particular, Mr. Lukiwski was disturbed that opposition MPs would be anything less than appalled by the disturbance.

So yesterday, Bob Rae rose after QP to note that the night before there had been demonstrations in the visitors’ galleries again, only this time the disturbances were encouraged by the government side (which, in this case, applauded itself throughout another vote on the Canadian Wheat Board). I wasn’t in the press gallery, but apparently there was some degree of clapping from the spectators. Whatever the precise volume of that applause, visitors are not allowed to put their hands together in any way for any reason.

Either way, Mr. Rae posited that fair should be fair and that all sides should be equally opposed to all disturbances. In response, the Prime Minister dismissed the complaint and commended Monday night’s spectators as “peaceful, law-abiding people, which is all one would expect from people seeking their basic freedom and rights.”

The Speaker promised to come back to the House with an analysis of recent events.


Clap trap

  1. Wake up Canada!

    • Why should Canadians wake up, when even government MP’s are asleep?


      Set your alarm for October 2015.

      • Shhhhhh.

        Let Rob Anders sleep….

  2. orwellian double speak “we are building jails to free people”

  3. All the rules in the world won’t improve the tone of the House unless the MPs are willing to stop acting like idiots.

    • I disagree.  I think a hard-a$$, kick-a$$ speaker, armed with some basic rules on decorum, could make a difference.  I think it’s as much a matter of enforcement as it is a matter of rules.  A lot of our speakers have been like negligent parents IMO.

  4. The applause was followed by tears.  Finally an end to the decades long war with the  CWB.

    Lorne Gunter, National Post brings just one of the many many stories into the light.

    Lyleton, Man., barley farmer Andy McMechan.
    hauled 50 bushels of his own grain to the United States
    -to fetch a price of $6 a bushel at the time, while the board was paying $1.52 –
    Mr. McMechan spent 155 days in jail,
    47 days in court
    and was strip-searched nearly 50 times.
    For his court appearances, he was often led into the courtroom in handcuffs and shackles.

    No ‘progressives’ protested the treatment of Mr McMechan

    • Enough with the faux sentiment.

      If Mr. McMechan was hauling milk instead of grain, he still would have been arrested, and not a single ‘Conservative’ would have spoke out, because they defend supply management.

      • Right, Mr McMechan would haul milk to the US to be paid LESS, eh.

        • Come again?  He has to pay $30,000 per cow for the right to legally milk in Canada.  He doesn’t get that better price unless he has quota (hence, why the price is higher) And even that assumes that he is able to buy quota, since there is a limited amount (in the most recent bids from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, just barely over 1% of those who placed bids to buy quota were successful in November)

          Again, enough with the faux sentiment. Not a single ‘Conservative’ is addressing this situation.

          • Have patience. Every once in a while Kody/Biff/Wilson’s mom
            lets him/her out of the basement and he/she gets distracted.

    • Wilson! My fave CPC operative is back! Awesome.

      So the Wheat Board is gone- I personally think we should all take a pill and wait a few years before deciding whether or not it’s a good idea to kill it no? Time will tell. 

      • Mr Wherry’s comment count has been so low lately,
        thought I’d help him out!


        • Funny, when I responded and rendered your comments about the wheat board as empty hokum devoid of any underlying principle of marketing freedom for ALL farmers, your desire to bump up the comment count seems to have gone away…

          • Farmers want to be free from the milk/poultry marketing boards?
            Have they gone to jail in protest?

    • “and was strip-searched nearly 50 times. For his court appearances, he was often led into the courtroom in handcuffs and shackles.No ‘progressives’ protested the treatment of Mr McMechan ”

      And from this wrong we can conclude that cons like Wilson are now dead set against an such treatment for “anyone” in our judice system, right Wilson?…right Wilson…where she go…progressives calling Wilson!

      • You conclude right kcm2.

        That is why I also came to Wherry’s board over Canadians being threatened with jail for refusing to give out personal information in the long form census.

        Progressives do not practice such consistency.

        If you are suggesting I am a gun packing, all crime and punishment conservative,
        you would be wrong.

        • Not at all, i don’t know you obviously. But you seem to have a penchant for not getting your facts right.
          Only one person has i believe ever been threatened with prison over the LFC, and [she?] insisted on forcing the govt’s hand. This line of attack on the census was disingenuous at best.Merely convenient political label for libertarians. Why not have the guts to say you don’t want the govt collecting info on you?
          I’m glad to hear you have consistent moral principles – not enough do these days, and not all of them are progressives by any means.

    • He shoulda paid the fine if he couldn’t do the time.  Unlike many who are nabbed for actions contrary to law, he had the option to pay a monetary amount to avoid prison.  He thought he was above the law and found out different.

  5. “…, which is all one would expect from people seeking their basic freedom and rights.”
    Sure…whereas “the other” people who think “their” basic freedom and rights are being unfairly being taken away are just louts who should just take it like a good loser.
    Why is this PM so empathy deficient? All it would take is a little nod of the head, a mere soupcon of grace on his part, the merest tad of magnanimity. I find this guy truly chilling. Maybe he really is a robot from some alien species? Or was he a victim of childhood bullying or someting equally horrendous? Worst of all is this an active political choice on his part in order to convey a tough guy personae – cuz it ain’t working Steve. 

    • A buddy of mine went to school with Steve at Richview. Apparently he was kind of an outcast and disdainful of hippy types.

      • Hasn’t changed then.

      • “kind of an outcast and disdainful of hippy types.”

        Yet another Nixonian characteristic.

      • outcast you say,

        well then I guess it is safe to say ‘it does get better’, eh

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