Claude Carignan tries to be a friend -

Claude Carignan tries to be a friend

‘It’s like every motion, it could be amended’


Asked on Wednesday about the motions to suspend Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, the Prime Minister seemed fairly unequivocal.

Let me be unequivocal for the record. I fully support that motion. I do not believe that, under the circumstances, these individuals should be on the public payroll. I believe that in private life, had they undertaken such actions, they would not continue to be on the payroll. I believe Canadians feel strongly about this.

Today, Claude Carignan, the government leader in the Senate equivocated, at least in regards to Mr. Brazeau. Mr. Brazeau told the Senate that he had been offered a “backroom deal,” a description Claude Carignan quibbles with. Global has video of Mr. Carignan’s comments to reporters in the Senate foyer afterwards.

Yes, it’s ridiculous … I said to Senator Brazeau, look, Patrick, you could do amendments, you could propose some things and apologize. You listen to Senator Wallin, she apologized so you could do some things to try to help your case. It was only that … It was not a deal…

It’s like every motion, it could be amended. When we realize that if somebody apologized to Canadians … it’s something that we could take in account and perhaps change the motion. Or he could also move an amendment to say, look, I apologize and I want to reduce the sanction. He could do that. And it’s exactly what I said to him.

Mr. Carignan stressed though that there needed to be a sanction. He rejected, for instance, the suggestion of suspending any of the senators with pay.


Claude Carignan tries to be a friend

  1. The Senate scandal just seems to be unraveling everywhere for the Cons. 2013 is turning out to be a veritable annus horribilis for a certain anus horribilis.

    • Harper went on John Tory’s radio show to ‘splain stuff today. Nothing new — but the Power and Politics people compared it to Paul Martin’s death tour to ‘splain the sponsorship crap.

      • Saw it. I think KD O’Malley referenced Martin’s Mad As Hell Tour. I chuckled at that one, fer sher.

        • Yes, that was the term! I laughed too, but I don’t imagine the prime minister will appreciate the comparison.

          • But as long as you appreciated the comparison. That’s the important thing.

        • So they had a hell of a tea party again on P&P this Friday afternoon. As always. Keeping the fake scandals alive takes hard work and a lot of taxpayer’s money to do it with!

          Hey, how come Greg Weston isn’t talking about that secret fund any longer??? Did it not pan out as he had hoped?? :)))))

          • Yup…the “fake” scandal is now preoccupying the national media, the opposition, the Senate, the RCMP, senior-most echelons of the government, and apparently a significant segment of the Canadian populace, including much of the Cons’ devoted base.

            It’s a fascinating movie, Francien. Sad that you’re apparently watching a different one.

          • Even the New York Times is writing about it…

      • You people have no understanding of what the PM has been trying to explain for so long now.

        Here it is:

        The senate rules are as such that if a senator’s primary residence is not within the Ottawa area, the senator could then claim housing allowance for his or her primary residence. But only if the primary residence is in fact outside of the Ottawa area.

        The rules state that indeed Duffy could have claimed housing allowance if he would have used his PEI cottage as his primary residence.

        The media made clear to us, with proof in hand, that Duffy in fact did NOT use his PEI cottage as his primary residence and he should therefore not have claimed housing allowance for it.

        The media provided us with the proof that Duffy did NOT use his PEI residence as his primary residence, so claiming houseing allowance as IF Duffy in fact used his PEI cottage as primary residence amounts to false expense claims having been made.

        The media understood that and the senators both Liberals and Conservatives have understood that. Harper has understood that.

        Duffy COULD have lived in PEI as his primary residence, but he made the choice not to do that.

        Now, don’t go blaming the PM for not having understood the difference between being allowed to claim housing allowance and not using the house as primary residence to begin with.

        Blame yourself for not understanding the difference. Since when is it appropriate to blame someone else for you not understanding?

        • What the PM hasn’t been trying to explain to us:

          Why he appointed Duffy as a senator for PEI, knowing full well that he hadn’t lived on the island for decades (in fact, Duffy was a well-known Ottawa insider).

          Why his office and the Senate administration allegedly knew of his housing allowance claim and deemed it legitimate under Senate expensing rules until the media exposed it.

          Why, being such a staunch proponent of people paying for their transgressions, he waited so long to discipline Duffy (virtually months after the issue came under media scrutiny).

          Why he knew next to nothing (by his account) about the criminal attempt to reimburse Duffy $90,000, despite the fact it originated in the PMO and that a significant number of senior staff (between 4 and 13, by various accounts) seem to have been implicated.

          Why, as the number of known PMO staffers involved becomes greater, he hasn’t disciplined others besides Wright (although a number of them seem to have been “disappeared” to other careers in Harperland).

          Why he is endorsing a severe penalty (expulsion from the Senate) for Duffy and the other two Senators without presumption of innocence until due process.

          Why he has demonstrated such evidently poor judgement of character in Senate and PMO appointments for which he is solely responsible.

          Until he starts to provide answers to those questions, all his backing and filling won’t fill in the holes in his story, Francien, no matter how much whining you and other faithful Harper sycophants indulge in.

          That’s just the way it is.

          • There were no 13 people in the know, and you would know that if you had listened.

            There may have been a few people who Wright had talked to before the PM became aware of the Wright cheque. But one of those people was not Harper. Is that the scandal then, that Wright may have told a few people?

            Or is it the scandal that Harper appointed innocent senators? Duffy and Wallin and Brazeau are innocent senators, right?

            I don’t think you remember what the scandal really is about. You see, there never was a Harper scandal. There has always been a senate scandal.

            Wait until the Liberal senators have all been fully audited and then the fake scandal will immediately come to a full stop.

          • You’re starting to sound like Baghdad Bob

          • I didn’t say 13 people were involved. I said between 4 and 13 by various accounts, and you would know that if you’d read it. Harper hasn’t clarified the matter by belatedly admitting “a few” people were involved. That’s my point. Until he starts disclosing such details, the story is going to hang around.

            And it’s “just” a Senate scandal as long as alleged criminal activity and cover-up are OK in the PMO. Is that what you’re saying? If so, I’ll take the Grits’ style of malfeasance.

            At least they call inquiries into their own conduct.

          • You must understand that conservatives are PROUD of the fact they are uneducated.

          • Yes, I hear Conservative parents bragging all the time about how they removed their kids from school and they don’t allow their kids to read books, ever. I’m not making this up.

          • I hear Liberal parents bragging all the time about how they removed their kids from school and they don’t allow their kids to read books, ever. I’m not making this up either.

          • “However, CTV News has learned that at least 13 Conservative insiders were aware of the $90,000 payment.”

            But they don’t list them by name, which is poor reporting on CTVs part if you ask me. So let’s let that one pass. Now, Francien, will you admit that Mr. Harper appointed Duffy as the Senator from PEI? Will you admit that Mr. Harper appointed Wallin as the Senator from Saskatchewan?

            Read more:

          • The way you’re spinning, you’d think you were drilling for oil.

            You still haven’t answered my question from yesterday: What do you think of Harper getting caught in his lie in the HoC the other day? Suddenly, instead of “no one” he’s saying “a few” – kinda sliding it in & hoping no one would notice his amending his story.

      • patchouli is now without words? Can’t find a counter argument to what I have posted. Better keep watching that tea party on Friday afternoons. They keep you well informed! :))))

        • Mr. Harper appointed these people. Over 50 of them. Did he vet all the others as well as he has vetted these ones? Does he know something about more senators that they would not want the public to be aware of? Is this how the senate is controlled? He is using many tactics of the Tea Party..He also parachute candidates into areas for elections.

        • You apparently also have difficulty with counterarguments!

  2. So the Keystone Kons are a’rockin’ and a’rollin’. Yes.

    Now, I want Uncle Media to sit me on its’ knee and, in a
    warm Will Lyman voice, tell me stories of competence and
    prudence and, perhaps, some clever chess moves.

  3. Wherry is trying to blow some more air into a dying fake scandal! Blow, Wherry, blow!

    • Do you know what dying means?


    • Judging by the apparently widespread degree of engagement in this story, Francien, you may be the only person in the nation who thinks this fiasco is “fake”.

      You might want to be a little more discreet about exposing your fixed delusions so publicly.

    • No need for air when the Cons are wheeling around with open pails of gasoline. I wonder what short-panted genius thought today would be a good day to attempt a back room deal with Brazeau?

    • Unlike your job which is to Blow Harper.

  4. Well, it seems we need to read english medias to get the full story. Tired of Quebec’s misleading journalism!

  5. One can only imagine in what alternate universe Carignon might have thought that Brazeau would cave at this point and perform a mea culpa suicide for the Party. Some things should just not be discussed in the smoking area “out back”.

  6. Didn’t think Brazeau would walk out of this deal,all he had to do was walk around with his head hanging low and everything would be alright,say I’m sorry and that’s it. Wish the real world acted that way. Dreamland!!!

  7. I am tired of Canada’s media americanizing our own scandals as “……..gate”. Be original. As for the senate and hoc, what a bunch (a few exceptions) of shytes. Lord Stevie of Harperville, come clean. What a clown. Give this to you though; you’ve mastered the art of being untruthful with a straight face.

    • While we’re on the subject of severely-overused clichés, can we all just stop throwing everybody under buses?

      • yep

    • For a bunch of shytes you are being awful polite

  8. 90% of politicians are lawyers. Everyone – repeat – everyone who goes through the legal system because of some sort of wrongdoing – alleged or more – is offered a ‘deal’. It’s part of the process. I don’t see a problem with this. They want process – deal offering is part of the process.

  9. If the PM didn’t know he is incompetent and the fool on the hill