CNOOC and Petronas deals approved


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CNOOC and Petronas deals approved

  1. So much for human rights abuses about which Harper used to lecture the
    Chinese. The tar sands are now dirty in more ways than one.

    • Yes, we should only trade with countries that have 100% perfect Human Rights records. And doing so will make us much more prosperous.

      • Merely pointing out Harper’s hypocrisy on relations with China. He’s the one who used to hector them on human rights, was he not?.

        It’s also rather ironic that our national government has renounced state ownership in the oil business (PetroCan) while facilitating another state’s ownership in it.

        • Was thinking exactly that. Why is a foreign state-owned petro-co okay but it’s somehow anathema to ‘free-enterprise’ for our own nation to have one? Statoil’s part of what keeps Norway in a relatively good state, after all (Even if it is of the ‘Northern European Welfare’ sort).

          Which reminds that this is probably largely about the North Sea…that, and jacking into the North American pipeline datastream. The latter is actually more worrying.

  2. Good!

    Now get those trade deals signed PDQ and get this show on the road!

  3. Boy, it’s odd to see Harper taking questions in front of a gathering of Canadian media…more rare than a blue moon.

    • Yes, Stephen Harper has never ever talked to any member of the media, ever. Most Canadians don’t even know what he looks like. He’s like the Wizard of Oz that way.

      • Thank you! The comparison to the Wizard of Oz is perfect. In both cases, when you look behind the curtain there’s pretty much nothing.

  4. Awesome…now I can join Justin Trudeau in celebration……

    • It’s amazing that harper took JT’s advice, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time!

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