Cocktail Party Politics: What to know about climate -

Cocktail Party Politics: What to know about climate

It’s election time, and it’s going to come up over drinks. So watch our video series to understand the issues that will dominate the election


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The next federal vote is around the corner, and you’ll want to know what you’re talking about on the big issues. Our Cocktail Party Politics series is here to help. We’ll cover a dozen major issues that will come up on the campaign trail—and at a party near you. Here’s what you need to know about global warming and climate change, so you’re not just spouting hot air.

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Cocktail Party Politics: What to know about climate

  1. What a biased, leftist video!!!!!!! Oil sands emissions could go up 10 fold and the world wouldn’t notice.
    Another cocktail napkin fact for you-the globe has not warmed for the last 18 years-even the International Panel on Climate Change support this. Climate warming advocates say it’s too short of a period to understand-give me a break. As well, there have been several ice ages come and go before man lit the first fire-what caused those cooling and warming periods? The only CO2 contribution man made then was by breathing. All indications are we are heading into another ice age and that’s why there has been no recent warming.