Come one, come all -

Come one, come all


Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae offers a kind word for a move toward open primaries.

Mr. Rae kicked off the debate with a frank assessment of the party’s failings. But he also had some suggestions about how Liberals can pick themselves up off the mat and become contenders for power once again, including allowing the “broader electorate,” not just party members, to choose the next leader and candidates for the next election.

“A successful political party is not a debating society or a social club,” Mr. Rae told Liberals at a convention of the party’s British Columbia wing in Victoria.

Rob Silver, who has proposed open primaries for Liberal nominations in the past, notes a few other changes being considered, including the elimination of the Liberal leader’s power to appoint candidates and the elimination of the protection afforded to incumbent MPs.


Come one, come all

  1. I think Rae and Silver are wasting a great deal of time on trivia that doesn’t matter one way or the other.

    The public doesn’t care how the party is ‘organized’, and currently the Libs aren’t doing anything different than the Cons. These two are ‘solving’ non-problems.

    What the party actually needs is new faces, and some policies…plus a leader who can sell them because they make sense.

  2. What does The Liberal Party stand for? They can’t just be “anti-Harper” ’cause that didn’t work. Offer a true alternative, a vision for Canada.

    • Being ‘anti-Liberal’  worked very well for Stephen Harper.  And we’re still waiting for his vision. 

      • Yes, I agree, but the Liberals had baggage that Harper was able to capitalize upon. The anti-Harper meme hasn’t had much traction since Harper has become PM.

  3. I’m not sure what the difference between a “supporter” and a “member” is, but okay.  However, I’ll be damned if I vote for everyone getting to vote for a leader before every LIBERAL gets to vote for a party president.  I very much hope/expect to see that constitutional amendment in the National board’s discussion papers–to be implemented before we vote on anything. 

    “or a group who seek some psychological urge to be in charge of a tiny project”  Hah!  Nailed it!