Come to Jamaica


A dispatch from the Jamaica Observer.

Sandals Resorts International yesterday offered a one-week all expense paid vacation to the 159 passengers and eight crew members of the CanJet airline that was hijacked at the Sangster International Airport Sunday night…

Yesterday, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, as well as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who were present when the announcement was made, commended the hotel chain for the gesture.

Both leaders expressed the hope that the passengers and crew would take up the offer.


Come to Jamaica

  1. I went to a resolt near Montego Bay,Jamaica in January – the Riu Tropical Bay. I wouldn’t recommend resort vacationing in Jamaica. The drugs are rampant. The service is mediocre. And it costs a fortune. On a funny note, there was a group of patrons from a Quebec who looked like bikers smoking pot on the beach. I quipped that it was probably the hell’s angels. On closer inspection they turned out to have massive hell’s angel’s tattoos across their backs, and even hell’s angel’s t-shirts.

    Anyways, contrary to the title of your post, I would advise against going to Jamaica.

  2. I thought the newspaper in Jamaica was the Daily Gleaner. Like the one in Fredericton.

    • Perhaps Jamaica has more than one daily paper.

      • They have more than one city too. Gleaner’s in Kingston.

    • Still….you have to admit, it’s a cool name. Like the Post-Intelligencer.

      • Now that we’re in the post-Post-Intelligencer era, we will soon become nostalgic for all those cool newspaper names.

  3. I think the one in Jamaica is The Gleaner.

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