‘Completely ridiculous’


Ms. Guergis dismisses last night’s CTV report in an e-mail to the Canadian Press. In a longer statement, she laments that it is difficult to respond to innuendo.


‘Completely ridiculous’

  1. If Jaffer crashed in Guergis's office after he lost his election, where will she (and he) crash now that she will be losing her minister's digs?

  2. I wonder how much longer the Liberals are going to pile on this. While it's salacious stuff, innuendo or not, I wonder whether most think that PMSH has neutralized it by kicking her out of caucus and getting the RCMP to look into it. I'm not sure what more can really be expected of the government. Whether they should have acted quicker is another matter I suppose, but I just don't know if with Geurgis out of caucus, and likely politics by the next election, that there's another body blow to be won against the CPC here.

    • I'd like it much better if we let the journalists be journalists, and the politicians – of all stripes – stuck to the issues that actually resonate with Canadians.

      Right now, anyone who's been remotely (but not keenly) paying attention to this are still in discussions about how to pronounce Guergis' name. The rest are more concerned with things like a giant deficit that nobody seems to be providing feasible solutions to.

  3. Wherry has found a shiny new penny to distract him. What big story will be cover next? More Afghan detainee outrage?

  4. Long time no see, out on a day pass Dakota?

  5. It's all about her husband. I doubt she's done anything wrong, but her husband associating with known scumbags is not good optics, and the PM had to dump her because of it. When PI's start calling and dishing dirt, you know the gig's up.

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