Confirmation of Tony Clement’s status

by Aaron Wherry

Given the sort of company Tony Clement apparently keeps, he must now be counted among this country’s elite.


Confirmation of Tony Clement’s status

  1. I can't tell from this angle. Was he posing with Jason Kenney or Peter Van Loan?

  2. Guys, come on. If I saw the Michelin Man, I'd try to get my picture taken with him.

  3. I thought it was either Dean Del Mastro or Larry Miller.

    Some pasty white guy anyway.

  4. Where the Huntsville elite meet and greet….

  5. I feel bad for "The Michelin Man." He does have a name, you know. It's Bibendum! (Or "Bib," for short.)

    • Yes, and he celebrates his 116th birthday this year, the old fart.

    • Thanks for the link, CR! Great article. My father is a retired Michelin plant worker, and I can remember when I was a kid he would sometimes volunteer to wear the Bib costume for local parades and events. Definitely a lovable mascot.

  6. Clement meets his intellectual equal.

  7. I came to the comments to see who made the first reference to "two puffed-up characters", only to find that it was I.

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