Congratulations from the Conservatives -

Congratulations from the Conservatives


The Conservative party’s talking points on Mr. Mulcair’s victory.

Today in Toronto, the NDP have chosen Thomas Mulcair to push their agenda of high taxes, high spending and less economic growth. Thomas Mulcair is an opportunist whose high tax agenda, blind ambition, and divisive personality would put Canadian families and their jobs at risk. Mulcair has said he would bring back a risky, job-killing carbon tax which would raise the price of everything – even though Canadians overwhelmingly rejected carbon taxes. Canadians can’t afford Mulcair’s dangerous economic experiments.

Also, Thomas Mulcair has vowed to bring back the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry, and his soft on crime positions would take Canada back to policies that put the rights of criminals ahead of those of victims. 

Canadians gave our government a strong mandate to create jobs and economic growth. For hard-working Canadian families looking for a government that will put them first, it is clear that the only choice is Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.


Congratulations from the Conservatives

  1. 1/2 projection, 1/2 fear mongering electioneering. Why can’t they just revel in the success of yet another democratic decision?

    • Because to do so would be to go against the very core of their being. It’s like expecting a dog to choose a vegan diet.

      •  It is not just the “core of their being” — it is politics — get it?? They are rivals and this is a normal part of political to and fro. Your expectations are simple minded and we can watch for a return of this same kind of thing from Mulcair in upcoming weeks.

        • No, sir/madam, it is *not* a normal part of political to and fro. It is a recent development of venomous, hyper-partisan behaviour utterly lacking in class or dignity. We would never have seen such purile nonsense under more dignified leadership, such as Clark, Stanfield, or Borden.

          •  I agree with you ststatement, this is not the old Conservative party of Stanfield, Diefenbaker or Clark, this is an Reform party hiding behind a Conservative label,  that does nothing but attack.

            We never use to have attack ads, now we get them between elections. The bar has been lowered in Canadian Politics!

          • It’s normal only if your “normal” is the right- wing of the Republican Party–clearly Harper’s model.

          • Attack ads. With hurtful comments. In our cities. (We’re not making this up.)

            It was actually the Liberals, of course, who started the relentless attack ads in Canada. 

            There’s an old saying: Never argue with a guy who buys ink by the drum. Here’s an equally apt adaptation: Never get into an ad war with a party that can spend you into oblivion. 

          • Its a recent development because the left in this country believe that they alone should govern Canada. I don’t recall the opposition parties attacking the Liberals during their 13 years in govt the way Harper gets attacked about everything. It’s every single day non stop. It’s pathetic the way the Liberals and NDP act in the HOC.

          • So that whole press release about Paul Martin supporting child pornography in 2004 didn’t happen then?

            Perhaps it’s time to ditch the blue colored glasses.

          • Beats me how Adscam ever got off the ground, must’ve been those dam flying monkeys.

          • Mr. Harper was quite an attack artist while in opposition and continues to be that way. He made quite an issue over overspending by Liberals during the campaign against the sovereignity vote in Quebec. As for the left believes they alone should govern Canada, au contraire it is the Harper Reformists within the once progressive conservative party who believe they have almost a divine right to govern as they please while telling us that they were given a strong mandate to do so–that strong mandate fact called 39% of the popular vote is never quite revealed during the claim

        • Basic decency would have limited their comments yesterday to a gracious congratulations and left the partisan BS alone until at least the next day.

        • Rose Rose Rose… what happened to “I disagree — formal congratulations like this are still quite common. They will all be at each others’ throats next week.” In typical Con fashion you make it up as you go along. It won’t be long before the 60+% of Canadians who AREN’T conservative have proper representation in Ottawa… then we won’t have to listen to you.

    • Because they are hateful, disturbed and pathological people.  It’s truly appalling, leaves one quite speechless.

      • Really, Stesyd, you should be looking closer to home for evidence of “disturbed and pathological.”  Your comment is nothing but paranoia, and you seem unable to distinguish between political maneuvers (so typical of everything the Liberals were engaged in under Chretien) and seriously hateful behaviour.  I think all parties have the best interests of Canadians in mind and work towards that — they just have different views and different priorities.  Harper is attacked mercilessly and I think very unfairly by the left. 

        • In all honesty, I don’t think Mr. Harper has my best interest in mind. I also don’t think he ever did or ever will.

        • Rose215 come on now – If you think the Cons have the best interests of Canadians than you should open your eyes a little. So much about there politics is driven by the interests of corporations and rich powerful people that are just interesting in making money. 

        • Harper is a “agent” for the Republicans, George W Bush Republicans at that.
          Remember when GB said “my buddy Steve” as he wrapped his arms around him.  Harpers’ orders come from big oil and nothing more.   His belief in the death penalty, as stated last Christmas (what a time to float a trial balloon) told me a lot about his GB “clone” beliefs. Texas type mentality alive and well at 24 Sussex.

        • This what I love about the Cons, the ability to make a mistake worst, worser and worstest..If tonly here were only some good use for this tenacity. 

        • Rose. According to STATSCAN 93% of Canadians were happy with our declining crime rates yet Harper forced through his insane crime bill… I suppose he has th best interests of the 7%.

    • That would assume they like successful democratic decisions.  Their history within the party (See Rob Anders) as well as outside of it (see Cotler, In & Out, etc) suggests otherwise.

      •  hell, see “why shouldn’t we let the reform party take out pc memberships for the merger vote?”

  2. Cons….always a class act.

  3. What a bunch of jerks these neo-cons are. Awful, vindictive and Republicanized. Let’s hope we can stop the Conservatives before they destroy all that is good and respected about Canada and our democracy.

    • I miss the presence of Canadian conservatism on our political scene. 

      • I liked to have them to vote for when I was ticked at the Libs. 

  4. It’s clear that SH ought to rightfully be both the PM and the opposition leader. How else can we possibly ensure that god’s will for Canada be done. Amen.

    • Don’t worry, he’s got another three years to get it done.

  5. Be wery wery scared Canada! You thought Dion was bad. Look at this guy…he doesn’t even bother to shave…can you trust a man who can’t even keep his face in good order.

    Did we tell you he’s not from the west yet? It get’s worse…he’s another Quebecer trying to bring back the NEP…you remember that don’t you…just like yesterday, wasn’t it? 

    Honestly. Who reads this drivel – apart from us? Do they CC them all to Don’s place? 

    • LOL!! And what good did this disgraceful pile of Sh*t from the West who shaves that we have as our current PM do for this country Kcm2?? Harper sure proved that being clean shaven, well coiffed, and being from the west is not the makings of a great, liked, respected, competent PM! I will admit that I don’t agree with everything Mulclair talked about…but I will definitely say that his priorities for this country are the right ones! What he has on the top of his list is exactly what we need!!! His heart is in the right place: For the well-being of, not just canadian families..but every single canadian individual!

      • I think the above post was satirical

  6. They forgot the Amen…where’s the Amen?

  7. If you want to create job do something for the Aveos worker. 

    • What is that about – taking the maintenance offshore or what?  And do you think the government didn’t know the bankruptcy was about to be filed?  I’d like to see Ms. Raitt answer a few questions about this.

  8. The Cons are about to meet their match. Let’s rock. I will always bet on the side that stands up for me. If I wanted a Republican PM I’d move to the us…in 2016. 

  9. “Canadians gave our government a strong mandate to create jobs and economic growth. For hard-working Canadian families looking for a government that will put them first, it is clear that the only choice is Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.”

    As long as you don’t mind giving up billions of tax money to give big business (not small business) tax breaks, procure fighter jets, and secure our communities against unreported criminals. Not to mention give up our rights to privacy and force telecom to spy on us.

    Do Conservative supporters know how much of their taxes are being wasted to suppress democracy, freedom and small business?

    • judging by the way they donate to the party – yes!

    • No, they don’t.  

    • I think I’d rather support a government that does what it can to bring more employers into
      Canada than one that is determined to drive them out and still give our taxes, plus more taxes to those who are too damned lazy to work.

      • But you’re represented by an NDP MP – what has Harper done for Princeton, B.C.?

      • I might agree with this statement, but disagree that this defines one party.  Each party and their partisans believe they are bringing in more employers and stopping tax and other giveaways to those “too damned lazy to work”.  They just strongly disagree about which is which.

  10. They should have waited to finish the press release before hitting the booze…

  11. Fearless prediction:  Mulcair won’t be Leader of the Opposition at the end of 2015, nor will he be Prime Minister.    You heard it here first.

    •  I agree. I can imagine an epic flameout in 2015, but I most likely is a slight decline in seat count (a dozen or two, with a loss of 30 plus in Quebec and some gains in the ROC). All that is assuming the Conservatives don’t shoot themselves in the foot. By 2015, their government should be getting good and arrogant, self-satisfied and corrupt.

      • Wait a minute.  You mean THIS isn’t good and arrogant, self-satisfied and corrupt?  THERE’S MORE? ??!!!

        • We still have Elections Canada, an Auditor-General, a Supreme Court etc. – things could get a lot worse.

      • By 2015???!?!?!?!?

    • Oh God, you’ve got ‘Rose’ and ‘Rich Omen’ liking you.  Hard to be authentic when your followers are fake.

  12. They are very, very small.

    •  Oh really — I heard plenty of attacks on the Conservatives during the campaign — so I guess we are looking at very, very small and smaller.

      • How many Conservatives were running in the NDP leadership race?  Just curious.  But it does explain why you are so upset.  You didn’t win.

        • I am not upset.  I was cheering for Mulcair to win, though I did feel a bit sorry for Topp in the end.  

  13. You stay classy, Conservative Party of Canada.

  14. Socialism destroying economies and creating untold misery in the name of a misguided utopic vision of a greater social good, is not a “talking point”.  It is an historical fact.

    While the entire NDP platform is the stuff of unicorns and fairy dust (and other sources of good intentions that will be our road to hell) the carbon tax alone would create untold misery on the will of smug, ignorant self described do-gooders.

    The reality is (I know, how dare we speak in terms of reality as opposed to how we wish the world should be) our entire economy and western standard of living is based on affordable energy…that being oil.  Everything we eat, consume, use and live in, is based on cheap oil.  This is not a “talking point” this is stark reality.   Taxing carbon is simply a cost for existing in our modern society.  It is, literally, a tax on almost everything. 

    The NDP, unwittingly or otherwise, have as their platform, an objective to take us all down a peg. 

    • Subsidizing oil companies is directing tax money towards producing oil. In a sense, we are paying a tax to help keep the oil flowing. This is a strange form of equalization that puts an incredible amount of money into the hands of businesses already making an incredible amount of money.
      If the Northern Gateway pipeline goes through, and our oil starts selling at higher prices overseas, I hope that this would mean the end to subsidies for oil. But since the Conservative party is funded through oil, there is no chance this would happen. Let the rich get fatter!

      • in the event the pipeline goes ahead …. NO pipeline NO way.

    • I am certain that I would sooner come down a peg now if that is what really ends up happening.  Better that than leaving my kids with the horrid mess that you seem to prefer leaving when you die.  I know, Conservatives and all of their ilk are all about ME and forcing society to conform but that does not make you nor King Stephen right by any stretch.  He, you and the other 37% of voters who chose this destructive path will be to blame when the oil flows down previously unspoiled BC valleys, when the US style prisons are full of non-criminal-element individuals and there is yet a larger gap between the rich and poor in this country.  So, you be holier than the rest of us and feel smug about your beliefs but do recognize that you are definitely in the minority in this country.

      • What a ridiculous post.  Don’t you understand that Conservatives will all be dead when the oceans rise over the parts of Canada they live in (helps they have a mountain range in between).  Plus, didn’t you read the post?  That 39%–not 37% like you tried to convince us of–is a STRONG MANDATE!  I mean, heck, its almost 40% of the few Canadians that bothered to go to the polls!  How much stronger can it get than that?

        But you really get into fantasy land when you talk about blame.  If they’ve said it once they’ve said it a thousand times.  It’s the Liberal’s fault.  Doesn’t matter what.

        • I always get a laugh about the whining leftists crying that the Conservatives 37 or 39% of the vote gave them a majority government.  Wonder if they would be saying the same if it was a Liberal or NDP government.  Not likely.

          • You do not seem to understand that the Cons are in a minority – People who are not conservative, outnumber them.  People who are not conservative have a lot of shared values, despite any party affiliations – unlike Cons, we can vote for other parties without worrying about eternal damnation.

        • Imagine caring about the fate of your children and their children etc.  What kind of bizarre, twisted family values is that – it’s just not how Canada was founded. 

    • Sweden refutes you.

    • No, it’s a talking point. And not even an original one.

  15. I think it is rather unfair to label this a “congratulations” note — it is in fact “talking points” Talking points were given by both other parties.   It is journo’s creating a phoney context here.

    • So where is the traditional congratulatory note then? Face it, this is all there is. So stop blaming journalists for pointing it out. Man you cons are unreal! You can’t even take responsibility for your own puerile attacks.

  16. The tough-on-crime-unless-it’s-our-crimes Conservatites will save us!

  17. In contrast, here is what Bob Rae had to say  “I want to offer my warm congratulations to Thomas Mulcair on winning the leadership contest in the New Democratic Party,” Rae said in a press release emailed to reporters even as Mulcair’s victory was still being announced. “I know Mr. Mulcair well and look forward to working with him to ensure Parliament acts on behalf of all Canadians.”

    • Here is the full Liberal message

      • That is not the “Full Liberal mssg.”  That is Bob Rae’s personal congratulations.  I also heard a brief reference to Liberal “talking points” on the CBC and this also was in a critical vein, but it was glossed over very quickly. In any event, comparing party “talking points” with a “personal note of congratulations” is an intentional distortion.

        • Huge difference tween being critical and this scummy crap from the pmo. Your comparisans are ludicrous, really.

  18. CPC: The C doesn’t stand for Classy.

  19.  What are the “talking points”?  who wrote that?

  20. I don’t like Thomas Mulcair much but I like him better after hearing from the Con artists. 

  21. It’s the beard that gets them. Facial hair on a homeless denizen can be tolerated but on a fellow politician it mocks the sterile flacidity of both face and mind for it suggests an independence and an autonomy. Imagine, if you will, Harper with a beard. Does that not conjure images of Eighteen century thought but that is because we have seen his bare florid feature and see him as the plain egg when compared to Mulcair’s pysanka or Fabrege Easter egg demenour and like the mysterious Fabrege, we await its opening.

  22. The tactics of the Conservative government disturb me deeply, and what’s written between the lines is even more disturbing.  When I think of life imitating art in Canada, it’s reflex to think of Orwell now. The pride I used to have in my country is slowly being replaced by the fear of losing what makes, or made, Canada a great place to be a Canadian.

  23. god! the conservatives are such sleazebags

  24. delusionary!

  25. …and that’s the proper way to do it.

    • Disqus gremlins again. This was a reply to Stesyd’s posting of a link to Rae’s congratulatory message.

  26. Aaaand this is why I will never get a subscription to Macleans :P

  27. “Canadians gave our government a strong mandate to create jobs and economic growth ”
    …. and how has that been working out ?

  28. You mean I can choose *not* to have the Stephen Harper government? Tell me how and I will get right on it! The Conservatives have a majority. How is Thomas Mulcair in a position to do any of those things as opposition leader?

  29. Carob tax. I would like him to try.

  30. 39% is not a strong mandate in my books

  31. Just puked, that always happens when the Contrivatives speak.

  32. 24.32% of the registered votes.  A strong mandate?  LOL

    On crime: take us back?  The Contrivatives just took us back to the 1950s with their weirdo, ignore the facts, lets make a mess crime bill.

  33. @ Aaron Wherry

    Are you a joke dude?I’m not a fan of Mulcair but god, you must be kidding me. You write like a disciple, wihout any nuances, nor any writnig skills at all. Some WWII propagandists had more literacy and so much more creativity than you. Common; “he wants to destroy our economy, he wants to raise tax has high as my shitty ego, gna gna gna…” Didn’t you realise it’s always the conservatives or republicans who leave the country with disastrous financial situations, even if they pretend being pragmatic? You should never write publicly again, for your own dignity bro. If I was a conservative, I’d be ashamed to have you as a spokeperson. Damn…. 

    • Umm… That wasn’t Wherry’s writing — it came from the PMO.

    • ….It’s a quote from the Conservative Party. Aaron is just passing along what they said, if you’re to be angry at anyone it’s the Conservatives.

  34. The Liberals started the attack ads in 2000. The left in this country are just upset that the Conservatives are better than them at it.

  35. clownservative slime

  36. Is this like a George Kostanza statement, where everything is opposite? And since when is 60% of voters voting for a party OTHER than conservative considered “a strong mandate”? When will Harper stop ruining Canada, maybe in the Canadian spring.

  37. They are.  Mulclair is the Conservative dream come true.  After all, by his own volition has said, as mentioned in this article, that these are the things that we could look forward to under an NDP government.  It’s not a matter of rocket science or mud slinging, it’s the truth.  If you want to see habitual criminals living a life of luxery that our own pensioners can’t afford, and pay more taxes to make up for the shortfall created when business bails out of the country like birds from a forest fire, just wait until the day (God forbid it should happen while I’m still around) that the NDP forms the government.  For the first time in our history we have a government that is doing what it said it was going to do at the start of their mandate, making room to build a new track record to  fight the next election with. 

  38. o___O such immature people are at the head of our country? Seriously??

  39. an opportunist,  blind ambition,  divisive personality

    Man, I thought they were talking about Harper.

  40. Crud. Wrong story. DISQUUUUSSS!

    Man. You can’t even do a Kahn thing with it.

  41. Harper seems to be afraid… I like it ;)

  42. A great new script for one of their ROBO calls.

  43. The Conservatives and their supporters constantly reiterate that the Canadian populations gave them a strong mandate to take Canadian society to the right and they do so in an attempt to brainwash the passive majority into believing that indeed the people gave them a strong majority. The truth is the electoral system and the existence of a multiplicity of candidates in individual ridings gave them a majority of seats in the House of Commons with less than 40% of those who voted supporting them.
    Aaron Wherry might want to add Conservative Whip to his resumé since his article is nothing but a verbal whipping, biased and punitive, all directed at Mulcair. The article chooses snatches of Mulcairs’ positions on issues dear to Alberta in particular. If I took the same approach as he does I would say that Conservatives personified in Mr. Harper and his Alberta friends believe Oil Sands and Oil production is the sole thought of Conservatives and fears of environmental damage, a too strong dollar and its effects on manufacturing exports from anywhere in Canada are just shouts from cry baby easterners with no guts to find their own oil.

    Of coarse I do not take that approach and neither does Thomas Mulcair. We are confronted today with an expanding human population. a contracting population among other animal species, drastic fluctuations in predicable weather patterns causing havoc with food production and societies with the knowledge and organisational skills to investigate and adjust alll forms of environmental impacts caused by global developments must take action. This statement should not be offensive to anyone or political polemists and if they do then they are a throw back to the Capitalists of an earlier era who put wealth accumulations above all things and thus sanctioned child labor, slave labor and intolerable working conditions of 20 hour shifts in factories and coal mines.

  44. Wonder what kind of congratulations the CorporoCons will come out with when the NDP form the next federal government.

  45. Wow. This is prime material for analysis of logical fallacies.