Congratulations Justin, from the Conservatives -

Congratulations Justin, from the Conservatives

‘He doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be Prime Minister’


The statement released by the Conservative party in response to Justin Trudeau’s election as Liberal leader.

“We congratulate Justin Trudeau on becoming Liberal leader. 

Stephen Harper has an Economic Action Plan that has created 900,000 new jobs since the recession, the best job creation record in the G-7. He’s lowered taxes, such as the GST, and increased support for families with measures like the Universal Child Care Benefit. 

Justin Trudeau may have a famous last name, but in a time of global economic uncertainty, he doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be Prime Minister.”


Congratulations Justin, from the Conservatives

  1. The Conservatives are scared now. They’d better be, because come 2015, they’ll be like most of us – out of a job.

    • Why are you out of a job?

      • Most jobs would have existed regardless of the government in power. Don’t be disingenuous. Greetings from the post.

        • Why the need to twist my post? Robert Phillips says: …..”like most of us – out of a job”

          So I asked him why he is out of a job. Do you know why he is out of a job, along with so many others?

          • “Like most of us” does not mean that he is. It doesn’t even mean that he will be. He’s just saying that many people will be out of jobs by 2015. I think you need better reading comprehension skills.

            “Many of us have brown eyes” does not imply that I have brown eyes, but that many people in whatever group “us” consists of have brown eyes. I don’t understand how people can have such a terrible grasp of the English language, unless of course it is not their primary language.

  2. I hope they have better than that.

  3. What an interesting afternoon. Bob Rae telling the Liberals that debate within the party is allowed, but that in the end loyalty to the leader is number one! (But when the Conservatives do just that, they are considered wrong!)

    Then Justin goes on about being the leader who will remain positive by going on and on how bad the Conservatives are!

    Attack ads not for Justin? His speech was mostly about being negative about Harper!

    (Hey Justin, it was you who told all of Canada that Alberta values are not acceptable but that Quebec values are the best. You, sir Trudeau, are the divider supreme!)

    • Well if you think Harper did a good job, vote for him. I don’t agree and I have a right to say it. I won’t lie to please you Ma’am.

      • Lie about what? I don’t lie to anyone in order to please. Did Justin not say that the Conservatives are divisive? Did Justin not say that Alberta values are not good for Canada? Did Justin not say that Quebec values are best for Canada? And you find that not divisive or negative?

        Vote for the person you feel good about. But don’t try to fool us by saying that Justin is going positive when what he does is being negative!

        • Oh I get it. All truth that doesn’t agree with the CON mindset is negative. Got it.

          • Actually, all you did do was post another excuse for not having answered my question.

            Why is it that you feel the need to not answer my questions? Are my questions too difficult to answer?

    • What speech you been listening to?

      • The speech Mr.Rae delivered on Sunday April 14, 2013. Listened to the whole thing and what I have referred to in my post was said by Rae.

  4. Stephen Harper’s government has eviscerated federal funded science and completely obliterated any pretense of transparancy. His government came into power with a surplus and ran the largest deficit of any government in Canadian history. His hypocritical omnibus budget bills are barely hidden attacks on environmental oversight that a University of Toronto scientific analysis of the history of environmental assessments indicated was not even remotely necessary. The government was elected on 38% of a whopping 62% of eligible voters…. something like 20% of the actual population. Thank you conservatives for pointing out what a wonderful job you have all done so selflessly on behalf of regular Canadians. Thank you Stephen Harper and John Baird and Peter Kent and Joe Oliver and all the other megalomanical sociopaths who constantly spew a steady diatribe of ill thought rhetoric that is unrelated to any perception of reality.

    • Chretien was PM with only 38% of the vote, just so you won’t forget.

      • And Chretien kept us out of the Iraq war, paid off our debts and made Quebec separatism a non-issue.

        • Chretien made Quebec separatism a non-issue….!!! — after he nearly lost Quebec in 1995. You have a very selective memory!

      • Yes, and the Conervatives never shut up about it. Yet now it is democracy n action and a strong mandate. Funny how that works.

        • I’m not the one bringing it up. RiedaepsuRex did! But I guess the truth does not matter to you.

          • Truth? Do please elaborate.

      • Yeah but he was a good competent pm. harper is an illegitimate facist despot who upon his passing will see Canadians dancing in the streets singing “ding dong the witch is dead”.

        • Yes, Harper is a Nazi and a witch to boot.

          • One….

        • There’s certainly nothing more progressive than a good old fashioned witch burning!

          • I’m not going to call him a witch… unless he’s already gone through being weighed against a duck. Then it’s science.


      • :) and 31% in the 1993 election. The first past the post system used in our political system is unrepresentative no matter what government gets elected. Im not forgetting about the sponsorship scandal by said liberals and other corruptions inherent in any governing and authoritarian body. There has simply never been a government in memorable history that has taken such an overtly oppositional position to labour, the environment, immigration, free speech, democracy in general and the well being of the middle class. Just saying.

        • Then you haven’t been noticing Harper in the past several years. Harper’s been far more disastrous with environment, Labour, Free speech and the rest of those goodies you mentioned.

          • Harper is who he was referring to at the part beginning “There has simply…”. It becomes clearer when read in conjunction with his first post & FV’s reply.

      • Just further proof that the system stinks.

    • well said.

    • And on Friday, quietly closed the world-famous Fisheries libraries – thought to be the most thorough for aquatic studies in the world.

      This is not good governance – this is alien ignorance. If the little dictator calls this experience, then it’s the wrong kind. Lots of criminals are wildly successful in their fields with lots of experience too.

      Thanks just the same – I’ll take “promising, fresh, transparent and accountable” any day over the sleaze and insincerity and outright lies by the current boorish regime.

    • 1) Every government has gone down economically, i don’t know if you had read the news at all, but the world just went into a massive rescission.

      2) Harper invested 225 million into Conservation Projects (

      3) How is low voter turnout any one party’s problem.. and welcome to first past the post.

      My question to you is, what world do you live in?

  5. Real classy.

    Justin Trudeau may have a famous last name, but in a time of global
    economic uncertainty, he doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be
    Prime Minister.

    Nor does Stephen Harper.

  6. I suggest Harper get on a diet and exercise regime, STAT.

    • And do something with that hair piece.

      • It is his real hair.

    • Now now if you are going to go after Stephan Harper, you will have to go after Thomas Mulclair too.

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • That’s a very progressive post.

      • Now OrsonBean, you have to remember that those other guys are too classy for us. We can’t relate to them because we have no manners.

  8. Harper’s usual slander tactics won’t work on Justin Trudeau, just as they haven’t worked on Mulcair.

    Canadians are also fed up with Harper’s Economic Action Plan ads, viewing them as a complete waste of tax revenue and nothing but self-promotion.

    It’s all downhill from here for Harper and his desperation is showing.

    • Yes, everybody hates Harper. Except maybe for Nazis.

      • … five…

      • Drink!

  9. That is one lame “congratulation” message.

    Whatsa matter Stevie? Too lacking in confidence to actually congratulate someone with “less” experience than you have?

    Oh wait – Trudeau already lived at 24 Sussex – for THIRTEEN YEARS! He met all the heads of state, he knows the world three times as well as Harper does. I guess that would be threatening to a boring, controlling stodge like Harper.

    Not enough experience? Justin has plenty of experience – and it’s the right kind of experience. Like – he’s a Canadian, from all over Canada – not a “strictly Toronto” guy who grew up rich next to some posh golf course, and only left to go to Calgary.

    Justin fits, he has something Harper will never have – he is ALL Canadian. ALL the time. He has never, nor will he ever SELL OUT his country the way Harper has.

    • Hey, wait a minute: the message was from the CPC, not Harper. I thought you people would be pleased that others in the CPC have a say in this. So blame the party, not Harper for the message above. Why do you feel the need to distort and distort??

      • LMAO. Yes, the CPC would issue a statement independently of dear leader’s approval. The CPC IS Harper and everybody knows it. Especially his backbenchers.

        • See, you people should learn to get your act together. You always complain that Harper speaks for the party as one voice, and now here is a message put out by the party and you, of all people, say that it must be Harper’s message!

          You people don’t realize how silly your comments are. As if EmilyOne could pretend to hide behind names such as Elizabeth or MYPetGloat! Soooo predictable Darlene!

          • So Francien, who is leader of the CPC? Did they have a leadership vote recently that Harper lost?

          • “you people” – yes we people. the 60% who never voted for the scum you voted for.

          • Ah, yes, like 62% never voted for the ‘little man from shawinigan’. Why would they have???..Lol

          • I gather you weren’t born in Canada, Ms Verhoeven. If you find freedom of speech so despicable, why not shuffle on back to the place you came from…

          • play nice

          • Why is it so difficult for you to deal with reality? What is it about reality that bothers you so?

          • Yes, but Chretien is good. Conservatives are bad.

          • … three…

          • “You people” need to follow both the golden and the silver rule. “You people” need to learn good manners, ethics, the ability to listen without shouting down people, and the ability to open your mouths without lies slipping out.

          • Good manners? Excuse me but weren’t you the one that just told Francien to “shuffle on back to the place” she came from? I am not sure how you can be so rude and yet so positive that it is the “other guys” whose manners are lacking.

          • I’ve been wondering where Emily went…

          • Perhaps she is on vacation. Can’t you just enjoy the break. I am certain it will not last long.

      • Too funny. harper is a despot. Look it up.

        • Yes, Harper is a Nazi. I read it all the time on these comment boards, so of course it must be true.

          • Most of the time I read ‘Harper is a Nazi’, it seems to be coming from you…..

          • I believe he is being sarcastic in response to the claims on these blogs that Harper is everything from Hitler to Satan. You must admit that people sound almost histrionic when they get going on about him.

          • … four…

    • If anybody was born with a silver spoon in their mouth it was Trudeau.

      • But you conservatives support rich people and tell the middle class and poors they’re “just jealous” of the rich.

        • Yes, Conservatives are evil. Conservatives are bad people. Liberals and New Democrats are good people.

          • Drink!

          • … two…

        • When did I say that? Oh I didn’t…. perhaps your projecting?

  10. Says the Party that pinned the future of Canada on attack ads, a sweater-vest and unfinished book on Hockey.

    • and don’t forget playing the piano and butchering Beatles’ tunes.

  11. The fact that a lot of Canadians missed – Harper is a rich kid who grew up in a rich neighbourhood.
    He moved to a job with an oil company, to one of the richest cities in Canada. He was handed a riding that is probably the wealthiest, if not one of the wealthiest in Calgary. A little less upscale than Mount Royal, but extremely wealthy nonetheless.
    Harper has always played it safe. And Rich. His friends are all Rich, just like him. He belongs to the Rich Club of Canada.

    • Junior’s the one who has the multi-million dollar trust fund. Trudeau comes from one of the most elite, well connected families in the country. Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth!

      • Yes, we’re lucky, as he’s well-bred. well-mannered and well-taught. The absolute opposite of the boorish trash you apparently support.

        • Yes, Harper is a boor. And a Nazi too.

          • … seven…

        • “Well-bred” – meaning he’s the trust fund baby of a former PM? Not exactly a quality I’d be looking for in a leader.

          “Well-mannered” – He called a minister of the crown a POS on the floor of the HoC, did he just forget his manners that day?

          “Well-Taught” – Well I should hope so, considering he spent his entire adult life bouncing from one University to another. But that should be expected when somebody doesn’t need to work for a living, I suppose.

        • Good gawd. You people have absolutely no manners and no class. You have no idea who these people are when they aren’t at work.

          • Nonsense. All progressive people know, with absolute metaphysical certainty, what Harper does when he’s not at work: he tortures cute little puppies.
            I’m not making this up.

          • Attack ad!

            “What Harper does when he’s not at work: he tortures cute little puppies.”

      • This makes him incapable of good leadership? Incapable of supporting the middle class? Just what is your point?

        • My point is, if you’re going to slag Harper as being a “rich kid”, you might not want to be throwing your support behind the kid who was born with a million dollar trust fund and never had to work a day in his life.

          And no, I don’t think Trudeau has the first idea of what being middle class is like. And considering his leadership experience so far has been dealing with a class of high school students, I see nothing that indicates he’s capable of good leadership.

          • I don’t slag Harper for being a “rich kid”, I just don’t like his style of governing.

      • Only 1.2 million, NOT multi-million

        • Sorry, my mistake. Still, doesn’t exactly make him Mr. Middle Class, does it?

    • Bullshit! Harper lives in a neighborhood in Calgary called Tuscony. It is in no way upscale! It is not even close to Mount Royal. Lady you are either severely misinformed or you are delusional. I have seen his house. It is a regular two story house. It might be work $400K max. Where do you get your information????
      Yes, he represents the southwest riding in Calgary but he doesn’t reside there. He is not rich. You and all the people who believe this tripe are ridiculous.

      • Gee, a self-styled progressive poster on these boards told a whopping outright lie. What else is new?

        • All progressives lie because they are evil. Surprised you didn’t know that, Bean.

          • Well whatever this Elizabeth is peddling is BS. Harper’s parents were never rich and he isn’t rich.

  12. Stephen Harper – aka “Richie Rich” of Toronto.

    • Richie Rich actually had a conscience. Harper doesn’t and he’s more one dimensional than a cartoon character.

      • Yes, Harper has no conscience. He is Evil. Be very afraid.

        • … nine….. (!!)

    • Elizabeth, why don’t you show ONE source that indicates Stephen Harper grew up with money. You are so far off the mark it isn’t funny.

  13. Why do the conservatives forget Harper had less experience when he started out. he was molded by his mentors pre & after Flannagan,Manning,

    • Not like our esteemed crime minister who’s experience was mail boy for Imperial Oil and he appeared on Reach for the Top. Very important experience, something Justin cannot match

  14. Time for them conservatives to start worrying about their own EI legislation.
    harper the facist pig is finished.

    • Yes, Harper is a fascist. I read that all the time on these comment boards, so it must be true.

      • … TEN!

        • To call Harper a fascist pig is the epitome of progressivism.

          • You so don’t get why I’m doing this. It’s not the sarcasm. It’s the friggin’ repetition.


          • This comment was deleted.

          • And…. I believe you’ve officially joined the EmilyOne club.

            Shame. She’s been missing from this board about a week now. I was quite enjoying it.

          • And I’m the one with the personality disorder? Right.

          • You can be mean but a personality disorder….nah!

  15. As expected, it sounds low and unintellectual … well so long, life would continue, see ya in 2015

  16. $100 a month to cover $1200 in child care, 350,000 new jobs to temporary foreign workers, just announced that gun owners will have to pay fees, Senators Wallin, Duffy, endorsing criminal Penashue, has a safety minister who screws 17 yr old baby sitters.. you be the judge!

    • That’s keeping things positive! Justin will be proud of your style!! Lol

      • Actually nothing I have posted is a lie,slander or fabrication. Just the truth. So if it appears to be negative, then blame Harper!

        • You are such a good follower!

          Follow your Leader Justin, altogether now: Harper bad, Harper evil, Harper ba,ba,ba,ba,baaaad!

          Good boy, Fmp Sportsguy, good boy!

          • Baaaaaa, baaaaaa, sweetie. Go on back to your flock and await your sheep herder. The problem with the Neo-Cons is they all lack EQ and mirror neurons.
            The personalities of cement.

          • Like Herr Harper you are more comfortable with people being ignorant and hidden from the truth. And that is what truly scares a conservative, the truth and facts.

          • Yes, all Conservatives are liars and Nazis.

          • … six…

          • To be fair, the Herr Harper reference somewhat justified that last one…

          • Wait until they start with the “Dear Leader” routine. Can you be a fascist and a communist at the same time?

          • When you’re Harper, yes, because you’re evil in EVERY way.

    • No gun registry AND you gotta pay now? Man, that’s the worst of both worlds.

      • Why, you don’t own a gun, and gun owners like me could care less.

        • Untrue. Gun owners threw hissy fits about the fees. And then whined about the costs when fees were eliminated. (Actually, the whining about fees was more that they didn’t understand set up costs vs. running costs, which didn’t make them look very bright).

      • Actually, I think this guy is one of YOUR friends. He is a Harper Hater just like you only he likes guns.

  17. “Justin Trudeau may have a famous last name, but in a time of global
    economic uncertainty, he doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be
    Prime Minister.”

    Uh, neither Did Stephen Harper when he first started.

    • Harper actually had a vocation, what’s Pierre light have?

      • I guess if you call lobbying a vocation…

        Wasn’t Trudeau a teacher?

      • You need to look up the word “vocation.” You aren’t using it properly.

        • Career, job, work that pays for your lifestyle…

  18. 2015 – In with a Canadian Prime Minister and out with the alien Slime Sinister.

    • Yes, Harper is far too Albertan. And Albertans aren’t real Canadians. They’re icky.

      • See, these are the posts where you quite simply suck, Orson.
        He never mentioned a damn thing about Albertans. That’s all you and *your* prejudices.

        I mean,Christ, given what he did write, that you couldn’t come up with something similarly dismissive that’s remotely on topic is just absolutely pathetic. It’s doubly annoying because there’s been an occasion or two where I’ve defended you, suggesting that you have the intelligence to make decent rebuttals, and then you come up with this lame-ass crap.

        Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

        • News flash: I don’t make posts in order to please you.

          • So you’re into self-pleasuring?

          • Apparently you’re into projection.

          • AWESOME!

          • Really Jan, do tell us more…

      • … eight…

  19. Stephen Harper’s fiscal accomplishments:

    Harper inherits a $13 billion surplus created by the Liberals. (Ok, that’s not an accomplishment but the beginning of his government)

    By April/May of 2008, Harper government has the country in $517 million deficit position, months before the recession hit Canada

    In September 2008, months after he began running a deficit, Harper denied any
    recession was taking place or would take place.

    Canada’s fiscal year 2008 deficit – the first in 12 years – reached $2.25 billion triggered by lower corporate income and sales tax revenue, and higher spending. The Tories blew through a $13 billion surplus the Liberals handed them in less than two years and during the boom years.

    Massive decline in corporate tax revenue put Canada in a deficit for first time
    in 12 yrs

    • The Liberal Party of Canada thanks you for your post.

    • Well after fighting a fn war in Afghanistan that the Liberals happily signed us up for, what do you expect? With the economies of nearly every western economy in the toilet, I think our government has performed quite admirable in comparison to your Liberal lackeys who saw fit to rob Canadians blind, while duping them and robbing them with excessive taxes. Seems in the Liberal book a surplus wasn’t enough, but then is there a limit to Liberal greed and criminality?

      If I had to choose between honest brokers and the past criminal behaviour of the Liberal Party of Canada, I’d choose honesty.

      • So are you voting Green or NDP? Because the CPC has been convicted of breaking the law, and their lies are beyond counting…

  20. Not like our esteemed crime minister who’s experience was mail boy for Imperial Oil and he appeared on Reach for the Top. Very important experience, something Justin cannot match.

  21. CPC – The party of absolutely no class!

    • Right. Because when Junior was calling a Minister of the Crown a POS on the floor of the HoC, that was an example of real class! Slagging all of Alberta as being out of touch with “real” Canadian Quebec values, was totally a class act.

      • I think Justin’s assessment of Kent is pretty accurate, even if it was inappropriate to say either in or outside of the HoC. More importantly, he apologised – something CPC members seem to be incapable of doing. I can’t remember when I’ve heard so many non-apologetic “apologies” from a gov’t.

    • Oh my…You have read the comments on here and have decided that the people who vote conservative are lacking class. Pot meet kettle.

      • I didn’t refer to CPC voters – the voters weren’t the ones who put out a negative congratulatory statement!

  22. I can smell the Harpercon fear from here!

    • All you can smell is what is left of your face, but fear not, it can be fixed.

  23. Harper should have stuck to his ideology and got some PPP deals going which would not have blown up the deficit. Instead we got huge deficits, a half-baked “Economic Action Plan”, and still crappy roads to drive on, congested cities, and huge increase in the debt.

    Because of Harper’s failure to deliver on privately-financed infrastructure, he has to pass the dice to someone who will. Flaherty and Harper must be punished for these deficits.

    • Everyone on every side’s got their own pet theory, I guess.

    • Any research I’ve seen suggests that PPPs actually ends up costing the taxpayer more in the long run.

  24. Oh good grief.

    They can’t even write a press releases without sticking an EAP ad in it???


    • I find it funny, actually, that the only thing positive they have to show Canadians is a plan forced on them by the threat of a coalition government taking over.

      • The GST cut and child credit, the Tory version of a daycare program, being chopped liver and salad dressing. And provincial transfers. I have found it funny that the plan forced on them became such a hilarious bete noir to the opposition. After all, part of the value supposedly was holding up confidence by making it appear the gov’t was in action. It does get a little old though.

        • Hey, they’re the ones who choose to highlight the EAP.. obviously they feel it’s of more value.

          And given what the GST credit and child credit have given to this country, specifically, a structural deficit and no new child-care spaces.. I tend to think they’re probably right.

      • Thwim, are you suggesting that the Conservatives made the financial choices they did because the plan was forced on them by the threat of a coalition government? If you are, I say you are absolutely right and all these a-holes who keep denouncing their economic performance should recognize like you do, that they really had no choice but to make the decisions that they did. They had to appease the socialists on the other side of the aisle or they would never have retained their status as a minority government. It is so obvious to me and apparently to you. I don’t know why the rest of these bloggers, many of whom are your friends apparently don’t see it.

        • 2008.
          There’s a difference. Guess what it is.

  25. I’m sure Mr. Trudeau will not have to stand outside the washroom to speak to the premier of china like S. H. had to!!!

  26. Some of us thought they’d stop being an opposition party with a majority. Meh nope!

    *cue comment about how only a minority of Canadians voted for them – Chretien’s highest was 41.3%, Mulroney and Diefenbaker made 50%, and St. Laurent twice.*

    Still, it is lame.

  27. The 900000 jobs that were created half of them for temporary foreign workers at reduced wages ! Lowered taxes has created a 150 billion debt for the next generation to pay. Has traveled lots trying to sign trade deals with no or little success.

  28. Pure political hypocrisy at play. Shamefully costing all Canadians millions and millions on Action Ads and now a political smearing campaign. Your hard-earned taxes are being wasted again and again… When will we stand up to say No More wasting our money? where is the Justice World? Who is protecting this money because this money is our hard-earned dollars?

    • Cheer up. Maybe the Liberals will get back in and steal and few hundred million more of your tax dollars in another ad scam. At least then you know exactly into whose pocket the money is going.

  29. Is that what the Cons deem to be a congratulations to Justin Trudeau? Good Lord, they must really learn to master the English language.

  30. In typical fashion, Stephen Harper wastes no time striking at those he fears. A clear trademark! Unfortunately, comments about good judgement never fit well in any declaration from the Conservative party or its leader. That is instead incongruence defined. Time indeed to start fearing the newcomer…

  31. I’d like to say that under Harper the laws were changed so that I can only get a 25 year mortgage (unless I get 20% down). Now, I don’t entirely disagree with the law, but I don’t think it should apply in every situation. I’m 22 and don’t want to rent any more. I want to buy a nice condo, nothing crazy expensive, but something nice enough that I’ll be happy to stay there. I also bought a new car recently, following the same logic. Buy a nice car so that I’ll want to keep it after I’m done paying it off.

    I want a longer mortgage so I can minimize my debt payments while still paying my car off. I don’t see why I need my mortgage paid off by the time I’m 47 (and of course, I won’t even take that long, once my car is paid off I’ll increase my payments considerably, not to mention I’m very early in my career salary wise).

    In my opinion, Harper is the worst Prime Minister ever, since his actions have harmed me more than any PM’s actions before him. I’m smart, I can decide for myself what I can afford, and what is best for me. I’m aware that many people might make mistakes when deciding what is best for them, but that shouldn’t stop me from being able to make my own decisions.

    I’ve decided to still buy the condo I want, and just spend less money going out. I only thought of myself so far, and how this will affect my life, but I guess this will also be worse for the economy, as local businesses will see less of me as I will be putting more towards my mortgage payments than I otherwise would be.


    • lol, your comment made me smile
      I don’t know how accurate your comment is, I don’t know much about the man, but I enjoyed reading your comment

      • why thank you…I have watched Justin thru the media grow into a young man who has compassion, a kind heart and a grace seldom found in someone who has big shoes to fill. Anyone who has even a hint of good judgement can see that there is no pretense in his face and I don’t believe he will sink to the low levels the Government campaigns have already started against him. IT IS THEIR FEAR SHOWING IN THEIR SMEARS AGAINST JUSTIN AND I PRAY GOD WILL KEEP HIM STRONG AND NOT STOOP TO THEIR PATHETIC LEVELS.