Congratulations to the shadow cabinet -

Congratulations to the shadow cabinet


The Conservative press office sends its regards in a note entitled “Mr. Mulcair’s NDP Team.”

Late yesterday, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair announced his new shadow cabinet. This was Mr. Mulcair’s chance to demonstrate to Canadians that the NDP is a serious party representing moderate, responsible policies. Yet Mr. Mulcair chose a team that threatens dangerous economic experiments and believes Canada needs higher taxes, bigger deficits and less jobs and prosperity.

The shadow of Mr. Mulcair’s team is long indeed. With 55 critics, the NDP now have significantly more critics than the actual Cabinet charged with running the government – and nearly half are former union bosses or employees.
Mr. Mulcair chose to promote activists who have lobbied against Canada’s ability to develop and sell its own resources. It is a team of those who have consistently put the rights of criminals ahead of victims, repeatedly blocking Conservative efforts to crack down on crime.

It is also a team that cannot be trusted, comprised of many NDP MPs who promised their constituents that they would vote to end the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry only to break their word when the time came to vote.

And, perhaps most demonstrative of all, Mr. Mulcair chose Libby Davies as one of his three deputy leaders. Ms. Davies’s radical record reveals the stark contrast between her priorities and the issues that matter to ordinary Canadians. Her record includes support for legalizing drugs (Vancouver Province, March 26, 2010); legalized prostitution (Postmedia News, July 8, 2011); and being one of the few MPs who voted against raising the age of consent (Hansard, May 3, 2007).

In the coming days, we will continue to help Canadians get to know Mr. Mulcair’s team and highlight those he has chosen and ways in which they do not stand for the interests of everyday hard-working Canadian families.

That first paragraph is great fun. Do the Conservatives mean to imply that Mr. Mulcair could have chosen a shadow cabinet that they would have praised and welcomed?


Congratulations to the shadow cabinet

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  2. I’m not a fan of Libby Davies, but those shots were ridiculous.

    Something like 70% of the country supports legalization of drugs, prostitution is already legal, and the age of consent is a non-starter.

    • I was thinking much the same thing.  I’ll look on Ms. Davies more positively in future.

      • Me too.  I finally found common ground with Libby!  Guess there’s a first time for everything. :)

  3. Notice the CPC trying to spin a nasty connotation of a good word. Examples, uses of “activist”, and “higher taxes.”Firstly, being an activist is a human right. There aren’t enough of them in Canada, so to basically state that one’s political opinion is bad is simply outrageous. Also, several hundred studies have shown that Canadians are perfectly fine paying higher taxes if it benefits society properly, such as eradicating poverty or tackling climate change. Some of the happiest people on earth live in some of the highest taxed populations, such as Sweden. 
    Add these “dirty words” to the list with things such as “unions” “environmentalists” and “coalition”.
    Also hilarious is the fact that they criticize Mulcair’s amount of critics, yet somehow forgot that Harper’s PMO is the largest…EVER! 
    The Conservatives have shown time and time again their immaturities. A whole bunch of lies, and a whole bunch of uneducated remarks. 

    • They also seem to have added “bosses” and “employees” to the list.

  4. Classy

  5. Pretty typical Conservative fodder. Far more concerning would have been if they took a nuanced and balanced approach, maybe even congratulations, which is the usual fare in most other democracies. But then we’d be wondering what they were up to and Mulcair would be worried he made a serious mistake.

  6. How dare he not appoint a team of Conservatives to his shadow cabinet!