Connecting you with your MP


The NDP admits it’s behind a survey in Saint-Maurice-Champlain that directs those unhappy with Lise St-Denis’ switch to the Liberals to Ms. St-Denis’ riding office.

“We have no intention of abandoning the people in the riding who voted for the NDP and we plan to keep them informed and not abandon them even though Ms St-Denis and the Liberal Party really have no respect for their democratic rights.”

Housser said thousands of people in the riding are upset with St-Denis’ actions and the NDP was simply giving them the opportunity to express their feelings directly to their member of parliament. “When MPs take unpopular positions and actions they should deal appropriately with reaction from their voters.”

Sound familiar? Recall what I reported two weeks ago.

The permanent campaign is unfolding in quieter ways too. In addition to those billboards, the NDP has been making automated calls into Conservative-held ridings in the Greater Toronto Area. Listeners—presumably suburban and urban dwellers who are more likely to support the long-gun registry—are told their MP has voted to abolish the registry. They are then invited to press a button if they wish to express their opinion to that MP, at which point they are patched through to the constituency office. The NDP is then able to track how many people were engaged enough by the message to want to speak to the MP.


Connecting you with your MP

  1. What number do you press if you want to ask how many days NDP leadership candidates have missed attending the House of Commons?

  2. Srsly?  It is amazing what Libs get their knickers in a twist about. 

    What exactly is problem with electorate expressing displeasure with their turncoat MP? Was Ms Denis serenity interrupted by other people’s displeasure at her vacuousness? 

    Ms Denis is entitled buffoon – police to investigate whether it’s crime to phone your MP?!?! – she will fit in perfectly with Libs.

    • Did you read the article? There’s no mention of “… what Libs get their knickers in a twist about….”

  3. It would be reasonable for the NDP to identify themselves when making these kinds of calls, and for the CPC to stop sponsoring polls designed to spread baseless fabrications. 

  4. St. Jack would (hopefully) never have approved of these sleazy robo-calls.  

    Shame on the NDP for making hundreds of thousands of automated calls, without even identifying who they are, and using this telephonic spam to deluge the constituency offices of rival MPs.

    • I dunno. St. Jack’s candidate ran a somewhat sleazy campaign in my riding.  St. Jack enabled Harper to become PM. 

      • How exactly did St. Jack “enable Harper to be PM”?

    • The only  problem here is not identifying themselves. 

      But you knew that. 

      • The whole thing stinks to high heaven.  But you knew that.

  5. I admit I cannot read the linked article.  Aside from not identifying themselves as the NDP when conducting the survey, is there any problem beyond that? It seems reasonable, and in the case of the long gun registry worthwhile and clever. 

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