Conservatives in support of C-461

‘I wish Brent well in continuing to represent the interests of his constituents in Parliament’


Two Conservative MPs tell Global they would’ve supported Brent Rathgeber’s bill in its original form. And here are comments sent to me by James Rajotte in response to my request for reaction.

“I have enjoyed working with Brent as a colleague and fellow member of the Conservative Caucus from the Edmonton region for the past five years, and I am disappointed that Brent has left our caucus.

I supported his legislation, Bill C-461, the CBC and Public Service Disclosure and Transparency Act, at Second Reading, and would have been pleased to continue supporting the Bill in its previous form prior to it being amended at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics.  I will continue to support his legislation as amended.

I wish Brent well in continuing to represent the interests of his constituents in Parliament.” 


Conservatives in support of C-461

  1. Maybe they should grow a pair like rathgeber and follow him out the door. As it stands, their talk is pretty cheap, without action.

    • You might see it as a warning to the PMO.
      But are they listening?

  2. Harper reminds me of Saddam Hussein the way he rules over Conservative MPs with an iron fist. Almost all of them cower in fear doing whatever he tells them and reading whatever script he puts before them. Nary a spine to be found among this bunch of trained seals. Except for Mr. Rathgeber, of course. But it will take more than him to pull the statue down…

    • Well, Rathgeber found his spine but it took quite awhile; actually I would see Rajotte as a good candidate to scurry off too. I want to point out that Rathgeber’s remarks this afternoon said he doesn’t think the PM knows the stuff that goes on in PMO. So the iron-fisted rule is a bit in question: Rathgeber specifically spoke about the youngsters in PMO telling them how to vote, and that as an MP and a lawyer, he could no longer accept that. He said the compliant ones (hello, Rempel, Adams, Polievre, Dykstra etc etc etc) are willing to take orders.

      • I don’t think the Sgt Schultz defence is going to work for Harper after all these years of visible micromanaging.

        • Yeah, it’s wearing thin, but I am fascinated at how his MPs, even the departing ones, believe what he says and defend him.

          • Brainwashing 101. It’s why he does the constant repetition in that monotone.

      • Back during the great purges in the Soviet Union, many of the old Bolsheviks lamented before they were shot: “If only Comrade Stalin knew what was happening….”

  3. If Rajotte starts to waver as he appeared to do above, Harper is in deep trouble. That guy is a big TV talk show face for the Cons, and respected by all.

  4. Er,… if everybody”s so slap-happy about the warm glow of
    “sunshine” then I suggest that everybody be urged to unionize
    so that we could have an accounting for every inconsequential
    penny … oh, sorry, Pat Martin … make that nickel.

    Then we could put all this behind us and pay attention to what
    this gummint is actually doing to the country. Sure we could.

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