Conservatives push through controversial Fair Elections Act

Bill to overhaul election rules passed in Parliament


OTTAWA – The Conservatives have used their majority muscle in the House of Commons to pass a controversial bill that makes sweeping changes to election laws.

Bill C-23, dubbed the Fair Elections Act, passed by a vote of 146 to 123.

The bill was virtually universally panned by electoral experts when it was first introduced.

The Harper government modified or removed some of the most contentious provisions _ including backing down on plans to eliminate vouching, muzzle the chief electoral officer and create a loophole that would allow rich, established parties to spend untold millions more during election campaigns.

But the changes weren’t enough mollify opposition parties.

The bill now moves to the Conservative-dominated Senate for approval.

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Conservatives push through controversial Fair Elections Act

  1. I think you mean the unelected unaccountable conservative dominated senate.

    • Remind us all which parties railed against an elected Senate?

      • The ones who were foolish enough to think that Harper would actually follow the law. It is kind of like believing conservatives are actually accountable.

        I know, it was naive to believe either statement to be true…

        • Gayle,

          You cannot change a law…..by sticking to it. That’s the point you don’t get. That is what is meant by CHANGE. Get it?

          The Supreme court basically went against the will of the majority of people. Apparently, the Constitution is sacrosanct…..unless of course, and unelected lawyer in a robe disagrees with it.

          • Aww James. I’m guessing you gave the CPC money to fight this loser cause and now it hurts you to face the fact they took money from you by lying to you.

            Let me help. The Constitution IS the law. In fact, it is the supreme law of the land. The government, and the SCC are bound to follow it. So when Harper told you he needed your money so he could reform the senate, well, he was not being truthful with you.

            And no, even if the majority of Canadians do want the court to change the law, they can’t. Only the government can do that. Harper could try real senate reform, but he will have to do it the lawful way, and amend,the constitution.

            Hope that helps.

  2. The only thing that makes the bill “Controversial” is the fact that the opposition didn’t like it. If anyone actually bothered to read it……it’s just a common sense approach to prevent fraud.
    You know…like the fraud that routinely occurs on Indian reserves where you are told how to vote, and promised a chance to win a TV. That’s how a reserve of 1000 people, can see a turn out of 1400 voters.

    It will also stop the occurences where Liberals bussed in scads of folks with no ID, not voter cards, and had them all vouched for by one Liberal worker.

    No wonder the Opposition is opposed to it. They don’t want to lose their dishonest edge.

    • Prove it. There is no evidence this has ever occurred. What fraud? Maybe they should have given the chief electoral officer power to compel. But I guess the conservatives have already been convicted of fraud before.

    • Yes. Mayrand did nit read the bill. Neither did any of the other experts who criticized it. But you did so we should take your word on it?

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