Consolation prize

Not quite as prestigious as leading NATO, but Peter MacKay is once again ‘Parliament’s Sexiest Male MP’


Perhaps not quite as prestigious as leading NATO, but Peter MacKay can now, once again, consider himself Parliament’s Sexiest Male MP.

Some of the other results of the Hill Times survey after the jump.

Worst dressed: Irwin Cotler and Libby Davies
Best sense of humour: Peter Stoffer
Worst sense of humour: Stephen Harper
Best public speaker: Michael Ignatieff
Best minister in QP: John Baird
Best MP in QP: Michael Ignatieff
Best scrums: Bob Rae
Best parties: Peter Stoffer
Best fundraiser: Stephen Harper
Biggest gossip: Pierre Poilievre
Hardest-working: Pierre Poilievre
Biggest self-promoter: Jack Layton
Most influential minister: Jim Prentice


Consolation prize

  1. Peter Mackay… not surprised, I really.
    Stephen Harper… worst sense of humor…hahahahaha. of course.
    John Baird in QP?? Most of the time unless he’s laughing away and heckling.
    And Jack Layton and self-promotion go hand in hand.
    Go Bob Rae!!

  2. Isn’t MacKay single? Maybe they keep having this silly contest as an attempt to help MacKay mate.

    • He’s waiting for a suitable match – a woman with fortune or fame (preferably both).

  3. And here I bet heavily on a stunning “sexiest male” upset win for Lawrence MacAuley.

  4. I don’t like him as Prime Minister, but still, I always thought Harper had a good sense of humour. He’s witty, no?

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