Consolation prizes


Stephen Harper, a champion of an elected senate, has quietly appointed three Conservatives—Josee Verner, Larry Smith and Fabian Manning—who were just rejected by voters

“Our Government’s top priority remains the economy. As Canada emerges from the global economic recession, we will continue to help create jobs and growth,” said the Prime Minister. “We will continue focusing our efforts on getting tough on crime, in order to make our streets and communities safer.”

“I look forward to working with each towards a strong economic recovery and safer communities across the country … Our Government will continue to push for a more democratic, accountable and effective Senate,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Josee Verner, the former minister of intergovernmental affairs, was defeated in Louis-Saint-Laurent. Mr. Manning, a former Conservative MP, was defeated in 2008, appointed to the Senate in 2009, resigned to run in this year’s election and then defeated again in Avalon. Mr. Smith was appointed to the Senate in 2010, resigned to run in this year’s election and finished third in Lac-Saint-Louis.


Consolation prizes

  1. Conservative corruption. How repellant Harper is 

    • Corrupt? I don’t see how you can call this corrupt.

      Yes, there may indeed be legitimate political objections to the PM appointing defeated candidates, but he has the right to do so under our system of government. Those who don’t like it can vote against him and if there are enough voters who vote for other candidates in the next election, he will be replaced as PM.

      •  …and if Chretien or Martin had done this with defeated candidates, you’d have posted the same type of indifference, right?

        • Actually, yes.  

  2. “Our Government will continue to push for a more democratic, accountable and effective Senate …. ”

    By appointing failed candidates who were recently rejected by their constituents, Cons are going to push for a more democratic, accountable and effective Senate? Did any journos manage to ask PM Harper if he is appointing rejected candidates, how can they be democratic or accountable? Harper is running roughshod over democracy and accountability with his actions, not enhancing them.

    Harper should be embarrassed but I am guessing he isn’t. Liberal Party members, dont’t worry about your party, if there are any problems, you will find a comfortable home in Con Party because they don’t have an ideology and implement random policies that don’t really make sense just like Liberal Party used to. Libs and Cons should be quite comfortable together once they work out past differences because they operate and behave in similar fashion. 

    And people will abandon Con Party soon enough, just like they did with Libs, and Harper will have wasted his time trying to attract new base because he has done nothing to promote conservatism. Right when people are searching for authenticity, Harper decided to turn Cons into Libs-Lite. We will see in future if this was clever choice or not.

    • Are you suggesting a new, genuinely conservative political party needs to be formed with the goal of reforming the federal government?  Perhaps it could be called the “Reform Party”.

      • Need new people, not new party. Harper is as Statist and reactionary as anyone on the left, as far as I can tell.  Mensheviks/Bolsheviks = Cons/Libs/NDP

        • Sorry, you’ve run out of SoCons. 

        • Sorry, you’ve run out of SoCons. 

        • How do you propose to replace the people without a new party?  Wholesale personality transplants?  Joining the CPC and overthrowing the current leader?  Wishing and hoping? 

          • I’d go with the personality transplants.

            Third time’s the charm right? LOL 

          • I don’t know what to do but Cons are taking the piss and Con base, for one, seems to be enjoying it and asking for more.

            Why are Reform types going for this kind of nonsense? Where did Reform members go and why are they not speaking out against this?

          • Why? Because a Liberal or NDP government would do the same thing, and not even throw them a bone from time to time.

          •  Is that what you have been aspiring to all these years, to hope that one day, in the maybe not too distant future, your dream PM would finally throw you a bone?

          • About 25% of Martin’s senate appointments were non-Liberals, including arch and loyal Conservative Hugh Segal. 

          • The NDP has proposed abolishing the senate.

          • Yes, the NDP has proposed abolishing the Senate, but if the NDP were to form government, it would be obliged to operate under our constitution. Please tell me how the NDP proposes to amend our constitution overnight? They are not that all-powerful yet, even with the support of all those Quebec MPs. 

  3. In further news, the next rewrite of the national anthem will be delegated to Garfunkel and Oates.

    • LOVE Garfunkel and Oates. Good choice. 

      • They don’t hold a candle to Simon and Hall. 

  4. Well what do we expect? We just rewarded the guy for years of anti-democratic behaviour and profligate spending. Do you think he’s suddenly going to change after that?

    The ends clearly justify the means from his perspective. A classic “destroy the village to save it” ideology, which isn’t hard to accept if you think the village is a “European welfare state in the worst sense of the term” in the first place eh?

    Then again, how is Layton any different really? Rather than pass legislation his party has touted for decades, such as national daycare, he decided to give up his swing vote with Martin for a few extra seats. Since then he’s done nothing but undercut his ideological allies. Layton seems to have no problem leaving people under Harper’s rule for decades, as long as his party gets to play second fiddle.

    This why I don’t understand the resistance to alternative voting. Keeping politicians fettered to some degree surely has to be better than electing an unaccountable emperor every few years.

  5. Awful. Is Harper’s strategy to disgust people enough with horrible Senate appointments to create demand for Senate reform?

  6. .  
    Good plan. Reuse, recycle. Why waste a perfectly functioning party hack? 
    The Government of Harper’s bean-counters are really using their CPU’s.  .

  7. Yeah, that’s pretty indefensible in terms of reform, etc., but I’ll admit the giant-middle-finger-to-the-commentariat angle is fun. It’s not about the patronage; it’s about grinding it in the media’s faces, every moment of every day, that he won and they lost. I can always get behind smacking down journalistic hubris.

    • Wow, cirque du soleil has nothing on that display of contortionism.

      I will however give you marks for creative thinking.

      “Mr. Harper, why have you so obviously and publically abandoned this longheld core principle?”

      “For a smack down on journalistic hubris of course!”


    •  So you’re happy with this then?

      Democracy, good governance, all that be damned if it can make your opponents slightly unhappy.

      And you wonder why people seem to hate CPC supporters?

  8. Sigh…with Ford, Harper and Hudak, it’s gonna be a looong 4 years of complete and utter bullsh*t.


  9.  “…we will continue to help create jobs and growth…”

    Get it? He appointed those three because he’s worried about unemployment!

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