Continuing to proceed, eventually


Though the Conservatives have touted the cost of crime to explain its justice legislation, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews declined yesterday to say how much would thus be saved as a result of the government’s new measures. Instead, of the legislation’s effects, he offered the following.

We believe that eventually the crime rate will continue to proceed in the right direction.


Continuing to proceed, eventually

  1. So in the mean time you’re going to stop it from doing that and send it in the wrong direction?

    Perhaps he’s counting political corruption.

  2. This government’s communications read more like an Orwell novel every day.

  3. We obviously need more room in the jails for all Harper’s political opponents.  Stay tuned for even more head-scratching legislation from the Stephen Harper Government (TM).

  4. by right direction he means “up”… so that they can get more people into jails, to get hiv and hep c… so they can give their big pharma buddies a huge increase in customers…

  5. We have always been at war with Oceania, and will eventually continue to be so.

  6. Vic Toews has made a career out of announcing meaningless phrases with great emphasis. It’s his only real skill.

  7. I believe the best way to understand Mr. Toews is to assume that he means what he says. That is to say, once he and his compatriots can get the crime rate to reverse itself and begin rising, all of the resources they directed toward doing so will justify themselves. 

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