Convention speeches: Trudeau vs. Harper vs. Mulcair

Three leaders, three speeches


For the sake of comparison, here is the Liberal leader’s keynote address to the Liberal convention yesterday afternoon.

Here is the Prime Minister speaking to the Conservative convention last November.

And here is Thomas Mulcair addressing his party’s convention last April.


Convention speeches: Trudeau vs. Harper vs. Mulcair

  1. The latter two look like serious politicians. The first looks like someone playing the role of “serious politician” at the local community club acting class.

    • You may convince people who do not watch the videos for themselves.

  2. Harper really does operate on the politics of fear, doesn’t he? Not likeable.
    Trudeau is vague, but likeable.
    Mulcair? Smart. But likeable?

    I am not a fan of any of them.

  3. You can tell Trudeau isn’t like old gaurd spouting the usual rhetoric. His Pot plans and Assisted Sucide are going to get him alot of attention from voters not belonging to a grassroots party
    Harper is obviouosly affiliated with the Republicans with his fear mongering. Canada hs survuved many crisis without the Conservatives at the helm and came up a better country from the effort. He’d do better telling what he is going to do for us instead of what the others are not.
    Mulclair is smart and well spoken, but doesn’t have what I would lke to call Leadership Skills. Too bad he doesn’t associate with the Liberals. They would decimate the PC’s if he did.

    • Please don’t refer to them as PC. The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada ceased to exist when Joe Clark resigned. To call this the current abomination PC is even disrespectful of Brian Mulroney, and that’s really saying something.

      • I wish more members of the dear departed PCP realized this and stopped voting for them because of the “conservative” in their new name.

    • Ha! You’re going to accuse Harper of being affiliated with the Republicans when it’s Justin Trudeau who’s personally hired American marketing pro’s to run his campaign? That. Is. Hilarious.

      Why is Justin Trudeau importing failed American politics into Canada?

      • He shares the same ideology as the republicans from gun conrtrol to abortions to welfare.

        • Don’t forget oil exploration, pipelines and the environment.

  4. These videos just convince me to never go to a political convention. After a while the insistence on people to applaud at every pause gets annoying.

  5. This makes for an interesting comparison. I thought Trudeau and Mulcair had particularly solid content; Harper, not so much.

    In my opinion, Mulcair had the best delivery of the three, with Harper in second place. While Trudeau’s content was pretty good, I found the delivery to be somewhat lacking, but not as bad as Harper’s early speeches. He needs more practise, and to put a little more passion into it, as Mulcair, Lucien Bouchard or even Hitler were known to do.

    Again, Mulcair’s delivery in French, both content and accent seemed best to me, and he was the only one confident enough to have video without a translator. As one would expect, Trudeau also did well here. Harper, on the other hand, should strongly consider some French lessons, if he really intends to run again. His pronunciation in some places was barely comprehensible. Furthermore, his need for control was showing, by making the typical mistake of having the translator say exactly what he planned to say in English, in place of the English translation of what he said in French. Rarely do things have a precise one-to-one translation, and usually one doesn’t repeat the exact same things in each language, but apparently, he couldn’t even let the translator do his job. Really, if he mostly intended to say the same thing twice when he did his short bits in French, there was little need for a translator. Lastly, if he ever intends to make inroads in Quebec, he would do well to include some lengthier, French-only content. If a party leader hardly spends any time talking to Quebecers, he can’t reasonably expect them to feel compelled to vote for him in any significant numbers.