UPDATED AGAIN: CPC ConventionWatch 2008: Let the policy wonking begin!


UPDATE: Due to a spate of ephemeral weirdness here at macleans.ca, I just thought I’d throw out a link to my most recent post, which doesn’t seem to have made it to the ITQorner for some reason.

CPC ConventionWatch 2008: Now this is more like it! Warning: Contains links to the very latest news on the now not-remotely-secret policy resolutions that will be debated on the floor at next week’s policy convention.


Courtesy of National NewsWatch, we can finally get a peek at the policy resolutions that may be up for debate at the Conservative convention next week. Dated June 2008, the ninety page document includes proposals sent in by local riding associations, as well as those submitted by the caucus. I’ll post highlights, lowlights and things that make me go “huh” once I’ve had a chance to go through the whole thing, but in the meantime, feel free to chat about it in the comments.

Oh, and just in case anyone missed these the first time around:

CPC ConventionWatch 2008: We read 19 pages of proposed constitutional amendments so you don’t have to!

CPC ConventionWatch 2008: Amending the constitutional fine print

UPDATE: According to Anonymous, these are “minor resolutions” that won’t be debated on the floor – boo! and really? some seem fairly substantial to ITQ’s admittedly untrained eye. As I noted in the comments, it would really be a lot easier to keep track of what is and isn’t on the agenda if the party would put this stuff on its website – not only for annoying journalists, but for party members as well. A commenter on the original ResolutionWatch thread got in touch with the convention office, and was told that the final package will be handed out to delegates upon registration in Winnipeg next week.


UPDATED AGAIN: CPC ConventionWatch 2008: Let the policy wonking begin!

  1. I was really hoping to see some of those “Oh my goodness, why did they think submitting that was a good idea” resolutions, but sadly I couldn’t find any glaring ones.

    The one thing that really stuck out for me was the omnibus section at the end, starting around p.84. Basically, it changes all statements like “A Conservative Government would…” to “The Conservative Party supports…”. Seems like with those changes, they’re trying to make it so that they are less accountable to their own policy. When you read those statements, it seems like the current version is a directive to the PM and Caucus to take action, whereas the new version is more like a vision statement.

  2. I would just point out that these are the minor resolutions that won’t be subject to debate on the floor of the Convention; each riding will submit a ballot indicating their preferences. This really is old news – these were distributed months ago…

  3. So there is still some suspense as to what will be on the convention floor? It would be a lot easier to follow if the party would post this stuff on the website.

  4. Anonymous: So if the majority of ballots are in favour of the resolution, then it becomes party policy? Yes?

  5. Kady :

    Thanks for posting this on your blog. I was pleased to let you in on the scoop from NWW.

    And the commenter who called the convention office was me.

    I was also told by another source that the resolutions leaked are not even the current ones. More recent ones were sent to local ridings prior to the elections.

    To be continued …

  6. Federal accountability may be revisited. Tories are feeling embarassed with the fiasco over Kevin Page, Parliament’s Budget Officer being fired by the Speaker over too much transparency and truthiness in budgeting. Given CPC has eroded a their credibility as champions of accountability, I hope they do revisit and strengthen the tools that promote accountability as the PBO. I think Harper means well, and I hope he would follow through on his promise of accountability.

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  11. I am going to eat fun-sized Hallowe’en candy, watch Bones and read Conservative Party policy resolutions – the complete set is now available! Get the link somewhere on our site, or just head to NNW and cast your eyes towards the top left quadrant. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

    (I promise, MYL, it’ll be better than ever sooner than you can imagine.)

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  14. There are some real gems in the proposed resolutions on the economy. Some are good and contrary to CPC modus operandi, others are crazy.

    I like this one, from resolution P-306:

    “The Conservative Party favours a simplification of the federal tax code, to reduce the complexity of tax calculations for ordinary Canadians”

    The CPC is the party of microtargeted, boutique tax cuts.

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  17. from the pdf file..
    “Proposed by: Cambridge

    2: Ministerial Accountability and Responsibility
    A fundamental component of Parliamentary government is Ministerial accountability to
    Parliament. The Conservative Party is determined to enforce parliamentary principles of
    government accountability. Ministers in a Conservative Government will have authority, and be
    accountable for the policies they implement and the administrative actions of their departments,
    and will resign if a serious policy or administrative lapse occurs in their department which
    is primarily their fault.

    Maxime Bernier, anyone?

  18. Nice find! I wonder who put that genuinely worthy resolution in there? Can’t be the PM!

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  20. Some amendments remind me of Animal Farm

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  23. Are they going to talk about Accountability or economy? Both are being analysed by Page

  24. Heh, actually the Mac model always strikes me as about the sole example of successful communism. Single, proprietary OS (though Linux-based), everything slightly overpriced vis-à-vis PC’s, but everything fundamentally works; and if it doesn’t there are many online forums full of absolutely zealous Party members dying to give a comrade a leg up. Embrace Mac and taste what collectivisation might have been, in Gene Roddenberry’s if not Lenin’s world.

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