Crack-smoking Toronto mayor tells radio show he’s ‘not a criminal’

Rob Ford defends his record on CBC morning show


TORONTO – The scandal-plagued mayor of Toronto says he’s not a criminal and wants people to judge him on his record as he seeks re-election.

Rob Ford — who has admitted smoking crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor” while in office among other controversies — made the comments to CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

Ford says he’s saved the city “a billion dollars” and wants to continue to turn Toronto around.

When asked if his personal issues should be considered alongside his work at city hall, Ford says his troubles are “part of it” but “people are starting to become numb.”

The mayor, who is also under investigation by police, repeated his now well-worn declaration of not being perfect and noted that he hasn’t been charged with anything.

Ford says the city’s residents trust him with their “hard-earned tax dollars,” which he says he would never squander.

“If people want to judge me on my personal life, go right ahead. People are judging me on my record,” Ford said. “Why are we rehashing this again.”

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Crack-smoking Toronto mayor tells radio show he’s ‘not a criminal’

  1. Corection: Not a CONVICTED criminal. He has admitted to breaking the law, so by definition, he IS a criminal.

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