Cram session


The opposition parties are unimpressed with how little time is being allowed for the study of C-45.

But NDP MP David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre, Ont.), chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, countered that the government knew the timing meant the committee reviews would be limited. “I think our House leader nailed it right when he said it’s a charade,” Mr. Christopherson said. “The government is trying to give the impression they are acquiescing to the opposition’s request for a more detailed scrutiny of the budget implementation bill, but they are doing it in such a way that, in reality, it’s not going to happen in a way that can have any kind of impact,” he said. “It’s all a charade, it’s all a game. It’s unfortunate because it leaves Canadians with the impression that this government is being transparent and accountable, but the reality is they are not. By having control of all the committees, through their majority vote, they are able to manipulate this process in such a way that it looks like something good is being done, but in reality it’s not really happening, which is sort of the trademark of this government, isn’t it,” Mr. Christopherson said.

The NDP questioned the government side about this yesterday and is promising town hall meetings in ridings next week.


Cram session

  1. “Mr. Brison pressed the government during the Oct. 31 meeting to allow
    each of the 10 committees to vote on their proposed amendments, rather
    than the House Finance Committee.

    “It’s window-dressing, with not any real democratic engagement,” Mr. Brison told The Hill Times.

    “Giving committees the opportunity to merely study the bill without
    actually being able to vote on the individual parts of the bill is
    pretty meaningless,” Mr. Brison said. “Dividing the bill for study, but
    not for voting is almost meaningless. The Conservative members of these
    committees are doing everything they can to minimize the time and effort
    to be dedicated to this study. It’s making a meaningless gesture even
    less meaningful.”

    Brison’s remarks are also interesting for those [like me] who haven’t followed this train wreck of an omnibus bill as closely as the last time they bulldozed Parliamentary democracy aside in this country.
    Studying the bill w/o voting on it…isn’t that a bit Bolshie? Sorta like ok, if you insist we will let you see the new car but there’s no damn way you’re getting to touch it leave alone ride in it? You’ll have to trust us. It’ll run fine. No need to see if there’s gas, oil in the thing or air in the tires…that’s all covered in the lease, just get the f’king thing out on the road and let’s go some where. Where? Can’t tell you that either! Save it’s t prosperity land. Trust us! Have we ever let you down!

    • Personally I think it has become a thoroughly enjoyable exercise watching the leftists get their knickers in such a knot over the omnibus. It was much like the leftist outrage over the so called “contempt of parliament” tempest in a teapot. Once again the leftist went ballistic with aggressive candy coated language and Canadians still happily gave Harper a majority.
      I submit the average Canadian could care less about Parliament these days largely because virtually every media article they read is always something negative suggesting Parliament is never working. Eventually everyday people tune out and the politicians simply point fingers of blame at each other. Partisans of course always blame the other party and on the musical circus we go…..

      • Saying leftist over and over again and clicking your little heels together wont get you back to Kansas you know!

        Will you enjoy quite so much if say an NDP majority govt has the same contempt for process and Parliament?

        And you might want to remember in this case, even after allowing opposition members to vote the govt still has the numbers to pass it anyway.. I do believe it’s called having a majority in the house. Your cynicism suits you entirely.

        • That is basically my point…if an NDP Government had a majority they would do whatever they hell they wanted to do, no different then what the Liberals did when they were in power. Where was the debate in the House before the Liberals signed Kyoto ? When did the Liberal ever say no to a foreign takeover? And yes, the Liberals also prorogued the House of Commons as well. That is the reality of a majority government. What is more funny is now that the Conservatives are having a turn all of the feigned outrage from the same Liberals. And no, I am not trying to get back to Kansas I am mostly pointing out that the average Canadian no longer cares about the games that go on in the House of Commons because it is basically a merry go round of constantly pointing the finger at the other politician/party/pundit. I merely point out that most average Canadians could care less and they are tired off. The Ottawa bubble can only cry wolf so many times. Besides we are still waiting for all of those soldiers to show up on street corners…..

          • False equivalency Bill, that and your facts.
            The libs did try to get kyoto through [as part of an omnibus i do believe] and backed off.
            As you pont out Harper is in fact the only guy to actually stop a takeover for political considerations. And the libs [back when they were libs] had stringent canadian ownership requirements. Remind me who’s the pro business party?
            And yes the libs started the bad prorogues routine; has Harper made it better or worse? The libs also had dozens of normal routine shutdowns too.
            False equivalency because it is worse by almost any metric. Something you are in clearly in denial about.
            And do try to remember who cried wolf loudest and most frequently of all back in the day. But when SH was doing it and promising not to repeat the same mess in 06 you were likely cheering.
            If the public is cynical you guys are as much to blame as anyone. Anyone would think you weren’t the majority govt now and able to change things if you cared to. “You had a choice sir!”You still do!

          • Your post indicates a major part of the problem. You try and justify the BS when the Liberals did it and then turn around and say it is wrong when Harper does it. My point it is that to everyday Canadians it is all one and the same because they all do it. That is why nobody really cares about Parliamentary process anymore and that only get’s worse when people like you try and defend it when the Liberals did it and now say somehow it is wrong only when Harper does it. BS is BS in my books and they all do it.

          • No my friend the problem [at least partly] is partisan like you who wont demand better from their govt.
            Sorry, but what part of it has gotten worse don’t you understand? I know the libs started this crap but you can’t seem to grasp that it has become much worse under SH, a man who ran specifically on a promise to be better – well, he hasn’t. So, i ask you what do we do now? Just say a pox on all their houses [ your choice] or demand better from all parties?

          • The difference is that these particular asses brayed that they were coming to Ottawa fix the democratic deficit. You know, all their claptrap about transparency and accountability. So, they are not only craven liars, they’re hypocrites.

          • Yes, much like the Liberals once came to power and promised to get rid of the GST…..they lied. That’s my point….it is a revolving door and they all do the same thing and regular people are tired of it. That is why when the usual suspects whine that “parliament s broken” and “democracy is under assault un Harper” normal people just roll their eyes as they could care less. To them it has been broken for a long time. They don’t really care about the process anymore they care what does and does not get done. Some of you forget that Harper has also made promises that he delivered one such as elimination of the long gun registry and the wheat board. Funny how in both cases the usually suspects whined about the process. Newsflash, everyday Canadians don’t care about Parliament BS anymore. The usually suspects have cried wolf far to many times

          • Newsflash, everyday Canadians don’t care about Parliament BS anymore.

            Wrong. I’m an “everyday Canadian”. I care.

          • Hey look! It’s time for another round of the baseless assertion game, folks!

            Let me try: If an NDP Government had a majority, they’d pass legislation requiring a 2/3rds majority vote to prorogue, and that no bill can adjust more than 4 current pieces of legislation at a time.

      • party over country for ever and always, CPC supporters!

      • Are you saying omnibus bills are ok?

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