Crawford on Ignatieff -

Crawford on Ignatieff


To his credit, Gavin Crawford’s Ignatiff is wildly better than Fred Armisen’s Obama

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Crawford on Ignatieff

  1. Winston Churchill: The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

    I’d kill for a politician to be that candid.

    • In vino veritas.

  2. This could get to be very good.

  3. Agreed, this is genius! My favourite line: “Point taken”; or maybe “Put a sweater on, for God’s sake.”

  4. completely disagree. Armisen is a comedic genius.

    • Armisen is brilliant, but his Obama is average, at best.

      • And even calling it “average” is being overly kind.

  5. That was awesome: “an yes, all of your problems, are the fault of some other province… that’s not yours”
    tee hee.

  6. That was great. What’s the betting that some conbot will suggest this video be immediately adopted as their new attack add? It’s after all a true characture of Ignatieff ; not at all of Canadians, right?
    That’s the genius of this satire. It doesn’t tell us anything about Iggy we didn’t already know or suspect. But It does shine a light on us. That’s funny!