Ask us anything: Debrief Canada's 2017 budget -

Ask us anything: Debrief Canada’s 2017 budget

Join political insiders Evan Solomon and John Geddes as they demystify Canada’s new budget, live on Thursday, at 10 AM ET



It’s budget week for the federal government—a big annual moment for watchers of Canada’s politics and economics—and that means a special two-part edition of Crosstalk, Maclean’s weekly Facebook Live interactive show, beaming our deep-dive discussions of politics, policy and current affairs to your device, no matter where you are. On Tuesday, March 21, political insiders Evan Solomon and John Geddes took your questions about what to expect (watch it here), and how it’ll affect you. Next, on Thursday, March 23—the morning after the budget is released—they’ll be back to debrief you on what the budget means and closer looks at the impact of specific policies. (Read our reporting and analysis on our Budget 2017 hub page here.)

To get notified when Crosstalk goes live, or watch it when we do go live, head over to our Facebook page and tune in on March 23 at 10 AM ET for our debrief episode. You can watch Tuesday’s pre-budget episode here:

Make sure to ask your questions on the Facebook Live video itself during the show to join in the conversation, and remember to subscribe to our Facebook page and tune in every Wednesday at our usual time of 10:00 AM ET for more weekly doses of politics and policy, explained by experts, just for you.


Ask us anything: Debrief Canada’s 2017 budget

  1. Okay….why are you covering it before it’s been presented?

  2. You know what i really like about this budget, no leaks, it been a mugs game for the MSM and the oppositions parties just throwing darts at a target they can’t find. Good on the Grits for keeping leaks from getting out, not very often voters get to see this kind Hush Hush around a budget.

    • For the next week ‘Political Torque Radio Shows’ and ‘Political Torque Television Shows’ will be having a political feeding frenzy on the Grits trying to poke squares in round holes of the budget.

    • I think maybe they are hiding it and in the budget will miraculously have found it, you know, the Liberal’s infamous ability to over-project deficits only to “find” missing money right around next budget release so that taxpayer thinks there’s “good news” to take away from bad budgets.

  3. Yes… could someone summarize the highlights of the report. Like historic graphics of annual revenues/spendings, current and forecasted debt level, percentage of revenues payable annually on debt, etc..