Cruise the majestic Saguenay fjord! Quickly….


The natural beauty of emerald waters that cut through winnable ridings awaits! Unless they’re not winnable: you’ll want to book your summer cruise without delay, before shifting currents turn some of Canada’s other great rivers — I’m betting on the Bow — into your federal government’s strategically-chosen darlings!


Cruise the majestic Saguenay fjord! Quickly….

  1. Quebec seems to be in flux. I’m not convinced that this support is all that firm. It may be continued bruised feeling from Angry Harper in December. That may fade.

    • True. Quebec seems perpetually in flux, these days. CROP attributes most of the Liberal’s Quebec boost to Dion’s departure. What Quebecers will think of Iggy in six months is anyone’s guess.

  2. Oh, undoubtedly. That’s why so much budget money is going into winning them back. I can’t wait for the day that federal politicians realize Quebec will take your money, but it doesn’t buy anything. I kinda like that about them.

  3. You might want to see if your IT crew can change things so the tags aren’t sorted alphabetically.

  4. “$30 million over the next two years to support continued access to Canadian magazines and community newspapers.”

    Happy now?

  5. Would these be those publicly spent dollars that return as much or so much more wealth creation than do privately spent dollars? I’ll have to take my right-wing blinders off to see how that might be, I guess.

    • I think it depends on what the dollar is spent on and not who spends it. As a private individual I could buy some imported crack with my private dollars, but I don’t think that automatically makes them productive.