Crushworthy: The case for Brian Topp


From my interviews for this week’s piece about the Topp campaign, here is an online exclusive assessment of Brian Topp’s cuteness, offered happily by Libby Davies.

“There’s almost like a cuteness about him, you know? He kind of tilts his head on one side and kind of listens to people. And he’s got very nice brown eyes … and dimples. Don’t usually talk about men like this, do we? But there is. There’s something warm and nice about him.”

And that is the closest I will likely ever come to realizing my dream of writing for Tiger Beat.

A few other raves from Ms. Davies (some of which appear in slightly abridged form in this week’s magazine).

“I’ve watched him very carefully and I really thought about this leadership question a lot, about what it is that we need … and I really feel like he’s got excellent leadership qualities and capabilities. We’re a big caucus now, there’s the whole Quebec wing, which is new, for us, and I feel like he’s really ground, he’s very thoughtful, he’s super smart … the guy is quite brilliant. But I feel like he’s got the right characteristics to not only hold the caucus together, but to move it forward in a very unified and dynamic way. And that really drew me to him.” 

“I know he’s not been elected before, but in my mind’s eye, I can really see him going up against Harper. I think he’ll outsmart Harper. Brian’s not a rah-rah-rah rhetorical person. He’s thoughtful, but he has a great sense of humour. He has a quiet way about him that grows on you. I just have this image of him going up against Harper and Harper really meeting his match that way. I think he’ll outsmart the guy.”

“So one was the leadership qualities, the other was just his incredible depth of experience. With policy, with campaigns, with the political scene, with being in government. And I feel like if we’re serious about potentially being a government, we have to show we can do the job. And I feel like he’s the person to bring us forward on that.”

“I really feel he’s got guts. When he’s ready to do something, he’ll do it. He’ll go for it. Like his policies that he’s been announcing on economic inequality. He’s not afraid to take something on. I don’t want someone who’s going to kind of move us more to the middle and I don’t want someone who’s going to go for the lowest common denominator, if I can put it that way. I want someone who’s got guts, to know who we are as New Democrats and move us forward with a new kind of politics.”


Crushworthy: The case for Brian Topp

  1. “Tiger Beat”    Good one Aaron, lol

  2. Plato ~ And at the touch of him every one becomes a poet, even though he had no music in him before

  3. That’s just creepy.

  4. I don’t see many of these points in Mr. Topp.  When I think of the most thoughtful candidate, and the most humorous, Nathan Cullen comes to mind first.  

    • It is humorous that one of our candidates suggests we should hold joint nominations with the Liberals and join with the Liberals to defeat Steven Harper, even though that would only move the NDP towards the mushy middle. Nathan is a great MP, but his ideas are getting a little desperate.

      • I don’t see how that would move the party toward the middle.  The NDP could stay true to their core values, without moving to the middle OR allowing Harper to win another majority.  I think that’s best for Canada. 
        I’m not sure what you mean by desperate.  He’s been advocating this since shortly after entering the race in September.  It’s obviously something he believes strongly in.  
        It’s humorous that so many people within the party preach about building bridges, bringing people together, and making Canada a better place, but they are unwilling to compromise in order to stop another Conservative majority in 2015

  5. please explain economic equality, does that mean that anyone that has no dental or drgs plan that have no ambulamce servcie they can afford will have the same benifit as natives, and others that have these benifits, that are thouand of working people that have no drug no dental no ambulance coverage evern tho they are hard working Canadians or hardworking senior citizens

  6. But is Mr. Topp engaging the public? I think Nathan Cullen is in the lead there. He has such a great communication style.

  7. But is Mr. Topp engaging the public? I think Nathan Cullen is in the lead there, with his direct, honest, communication style.

    • As Jeffery Simpson said, all of the NDP candidates are better than what Harper’s cabinet has to offer. As for engaging the public, have you ever read Brian Topp’s columns in the Globe & Mail, I am sure Cullen would agree with their tenure.

  8. I think Libby probably has the best sense of this caucus and where it needs to go and what kind of leader can get them there. I saw Brian during his latest swing through BC (in Victoria) and the man is a powerhouse in terms of policy. He was funny, and engaging, but more importantly for every single question he had an incredibly detailed response drawing upon years and years of experience all over Canada. I agree with Libby, Brian is the guy. And Nathan Cullen? Please! He’s all sizzle and no steak. If we had his appeasement policy with the Libs in place before the last election, we would have written off most of those quebec seats we won. Things change during elections, and to try and predict what’s going to happen and then gamble with the Libs on that guess is just plain foolish. Anyone who advocates that position is in my mind naive at best and plain stupid at worst.

  9. I really respect Libby. She’s been a strong New Democrat as well. Glad she is supporting Brian. That’s who I’ll be voting for.

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