CSIS and the NDS


The Security Intelligence Review Committee has released its review of how CSIS handled Afghan detainees and its relationship with Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security.

The Service’s relationship with the NDS consisted of [REDCATED] exchanges of information, [REDACTED].

Notwithstanding this productive working relationship, CSIS’s assessment of the NDS was both cautious and measured. [REDACTED] CSIS continued to stress that most allegations of human rights abuses were unconfirmed, [REDACTED].

In the course of this review, SIRC found no indication that in the period during which they conducted detainee interviews, CSIS officers posted to Afghanistan ever had firsthand knowledge of abuse, mistreatment or torture of detainees by Afghan authorities.


CSIS and the NDS

  1. Goodness, that’s really useful.

    Now we know that they [REDACTED] and then they [REDACTED], and consequently we now have [REDACTED].

    ‘Just trust us’ said [REDACTED]

  2. Why won’t our evil government allow any wing nut access to their sensitive files?


    • The Canadian people who pay their salaries aren’t wingnuts

      And this govt regards their golf scores as ‘sensitive files’

  3. ‘Most’  allegations were unconfirmed.  The rest they’re not going to tell us about.  SOP on this file.

  4. The operative words in this piece of bafflegab are…unconfirmed, first hand and of course redacted. No mention of whether any real attempts were made to confirm or acquire first hand knowledge of abuse or torture. Even from this arful bit of bureaucatese one can easily infer that they had a pretty strong suspicion bad stuff was happening but had no mandate to try and stop it. A fish always rots from the head down, so they say.
    Once this is over i wonder how many tearful whistle blowers will eventually turn up on the fith estate or some other body that specializes in publically washing your soul once the deed has been done and little or nothing can be done about except argue over whether we need a public inquiry?   

  5. Policies and Procedures for Interrogation, Afghan subunit (codename SeeNoEvil):

    1)  Ask arrested farmer if they know anyone/anything important about the Taliban.

    2)  Ask again, more forcefully.  Maybe offer a drink of water and a smoke.

    3)  Shrug shoulders, tell CSIS overseer that this farmer knows nothing.

    4)  Close door to interrogation room, wink and nod as CSIS overseer moves on to the next prisoner.

    5)  Bring out the pincers and electrodes.

    6)  Tell the farmer what you want to hear, and listen to him repeat it.

    Yay!  Actionable intelligence obtained!

  6. Key word for me is ‘firsthand’.

    CSIS is an intelligence agency, but this isn’t a James Bond movie – how often is ANY information obtained by a CSIS intelligence officer ‘firsthand’?

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