“CTV would like to clarify …”


.. but not what you might expect:

Attention Political/Entertainment Editors:
Statement from Robert Hurst, President of CTV News and Current Affairs, CTV Inc.
TORONTO, Oct. 12 /CNW/ – Peter Kent, Conservative Candidate for the
Thornhill, Ontario riding and former journalist has produced a video which
includes appearances by notable Canadian journalists including Pamela Wallin and CTV News’ Lloyd Robertson. These taped appearances by Ms. Wallin and Mr. Robertson were made over two years ago for a broadcast industry event.
CTV would like to clarify that neither Ms. Wallin, Mr. Robertson nor CTV
News have in any way publicly endorsed Mr. Kent, the Conservative Party of
Canada or any other political party or candidate.

Robert Hurst
President of CTV News and Current Affairs, CTV Inc.

UPDATE: Note to Peter Kent: This is also probably not terribly helpful to your party’s campaign, although on the plus side, at least you waited until the long weekend before the election to air your musings on public health care. On the plus side – from your perspective, at least – your leader has begun the BunkerHunker phase of the campaign, so he won’t have to answer annoying questions about whether he shares your views, and if so, why he went after Jack Layton for using the very same private clinic.


“CTV would like to clarify …”

  1. Nope; but we fully expect a tax receipt for the hollus-bollus job that Mike Duffy did on behalf of Steven Harper and the CONservative Party of Canada.
    Deregulation rules!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! Oh…wait…they aren’t joking are they….

  3. Robert Hurst – President of CPC War Room auxiliary efforts!

  4. I feel sorry for CTV/CanWest employees. When I was a member of a union, I was incensed that a portion of my union fees were sent in support of the NDP. It didn’t matter whether I, personally, supported that party of not. It was that no union member, unless registered as belonging to the Quakers or other religious sect, could opt out.

  5. Oh, c’mon. Peter Kent wouldn’t do that.

    The Scud Stud would not be proud of him.

    Or maybe he would.

  6. But, Chrystal, you had the option of attending meetings and going through union channels to argue against that practice. You probably would have had a lot of support from the membership as a group.
    The union I belonged to had a clear policy of not supporting any political party. That did not come out of thin air. The union still had a “political action” committee supported by dues but it was essentially a single issue lobbying effort.

  7. Another Conservative causes further problems at CTV. Is there no end to the litany of embarassments that this organization commits?

  8. ABC – Anybody But CTV for election coverage.

    ABC – Anybody But Conservatives

    ABCD – Anybody But Conservatives, preferably Dion.

  9. CTV a.k.a Conservative Television

  10. Re: “CTV would like to clarify that neither Ms. Wallin, Mr. Robertson nor CTV News have in any way publicly endorsed Mr. Kent, the Conservative Party of Canada or any other political party or candidate.”

    No, they just act like they endorse the Conservatives.

  11. I don’t get what the big hubbub’s about.

    A CTV reporter asks an important and interesting question of Dion. Dion mishandles the question badly, not just once, but repeatedly. CTV seems to go out or their way to give Dion a chance to get it right, but he can’t.

    So CTV broadcasts it. They show what happened, which is their job.

    It’s up to Canadians to judge whether this performance cast doubt on Dion’s competency. If they do, well that’s their decision, not CTV’s. Don’t blame the messenger.

    • the majority of the voting public are idiots, i bet you believe everything you see on tv

  12. Rabbit, did you even read Kady’s post?

  13. Jenn:

    Yeah, I did. It was an attempt to show that there is a pattern of behaviour at CTV of supporting the Conservatives (for instance, showing the Dion gaff).


  14. Uh, no. It was an attempt by CTV to show that, even though Pamela Wallin and Lloyd Robertson are featured on some kind of footage Peter Kent is using as part of his campaign, CTV, Pamela and Lloyd do not necessarily endorse him.

    If CTV wanted to support the Conservative candidate, I guess they’d leave Pamela and Lloyd to issue their own press release.

    Unless, of course, you expect me to believe it is all a vast conspiracy, whereby they issue this statement so we’ll all harken back to the Dion gaffe–you know, to keep it uppermost in our minds. I guess anything’s possible, but that seems a stretch to me.

  15. Actually, it was a statement from the head of CTV, which I posted almost entirely without comment. (I admit when I saw the headline on my CNW feed, I figured it would have something to do with the Murphy incident, so I was surprised, at least.)

  16. To be fair, both M. Dion and the reporter mishandled the question. When a reporter is asked for clarification, repeating the exact same question does not qualify. Unfortunately, it seems M. Dion has this strange opinion that people might actually want the questions they asked answer rather than just a repeat of focus tested talking points, so instead of just spewing out the pap, he tried to get the real question first. (Admittedly, once he had what he thought it was, it was the same-old answer he’d been saying for days anyway)

    The possible breach of journalistic ethics occurred when CTV aired the segments, cut specifically for partisan appearances by ending it before Dion actually gives his answer, after having told his staff that the retakes would not be used.

    Now, CTV, finds a couple of its prominent hosts in a conservative advert. With talk of a boycott of the channel starting to spring up, you can bet they’ll try to deny they have any partisan leanings.. it remains to be seen if it leads to any action. Personally, I think a boycott is useless. I prefer to write to the advertisers.

  17. I’m not a Conservative Party supporter, I just play one on TV!

  18. Jenn, is there any doubt that if Stepen Harper had botched the interview instead of Stephane Dion, that it would still be discussed around here, and with orgiastic glee? And is there any doubt that Andrew Potter and Kady O’Malley wouldn’t have flown off the handle with their over-the-top reaction to Mike Duffy’s re-airing of the interview?

    The story might have gone away after a day but the Liberals actually kept it going a day longer by betting that the Liberal-friendly media would come to Stephane’s rescue and try to turn the tables by saying that Mr. Harper was a big meany for pointing out – in one sentence – that the interview showed that Dion didn’t have a clue what to do about the market crisis. Fair comment if there ever was one.

    The Liberals and their media friends gambled and lost badly when it became apparent that the more the story got coverage, the more politically damaging it was becoming for the Libs.

    When the post-mortem of this election is finally held, this story will be held to have been one of the key turning points.

    The story broke a cardinal rule of Canadian media political reporting: only Conservative gaffes and gotcha stories should be covered. Liberal ones are to be buried and never to see the light of day. Any breach of the rule makes you a despicable human being.

  19. Jarrid, there’s a difference between gaffes that were intended for publication, such as when would-be politicians blog to the public, between whistleblowing from staffers about the attitude of a minister to a problem he caused which lead to 20 odd deaths, and reporting where the press themselves have to go back on their word to a party as well as cut footage in the most unfavorable light in order to bring the “gaffe” out.

  20. Election day is on February 14th and Harper has saved Canadians $300,000 in taxes.

    Where’s Duffy now?

  21. Coming from Kady, someone who tried to spin a comment from Harper that he would resign if he lost, into a fear of facing a formidable Dion.
    Well, whatever. Kady, get a job.

  22. Oh, and you are indeed welcome to all the liberals who would like to thank me for not pointing out the hypocrisy in their pathetic and stupid attempt to imply that the liberal CTV is in the tank for anyone but Dion

  23. Oh please, members of CTV’s news team are literally in bed with the Con’s. It shows.

  24. Greg, I think you misunderstood me. My fault, probably. I don’t think Harper would want to face *anyone* from that seat, because he wasn’t really all that keen on being in opposition the first time around, and it would be downright humiliating to have to go back there, from his perspective. I didn’t mean to suggest that he was particularly terrified of Dion.

  25. I call it the Paul Martin effect, CTV and the Globe et al are willing to provide temporary support to aliens (conservatives) because they see a particular liberal leader as a detriment to their long term interests. Paul Martin, because he was honest enough to expose deep corruption and money laudering activities in the party. Stephane Dion because he is a pathetic, useless nothing.

  26. The globe has endorsed conservatives in virtually every election in it’s history. It was only when the Liberals started acting like Conservatives that they switched.

  27. The Globe and Mail is a Liberal newspaper that directly competes with the more conservative leaning National Post.

  28. CTV is an independent media chain which is the best source of TV news in the country.

    If you want bias go take a look at the CBC. That organization skews stories and reporting to fit with their narrow left-lib world view. There is a pack mentality there and no independent thought. It is political correctness run amok. I can basically predict with ease how they will cover a given story. Their talking points haven’t changed since the 1960’s. It’s the last place you’d go to for cutting edge independent thinking.

  29. This has nothing to do with whether there is bias or not at CTV. Peter Kent used some footage for partisan purposes. He shouldn’t have done it. That’s all.

    Every partisan sees bias in media outlets. That’s part of teh game. For me, I get all excited about the apparent Liberal bias in Jane Taber and Rober Fife at CTV. Even Craig Oliver gets my back up with pro-Liberal commentary. Then, the following night, he makes up for it by going after the Liberals. In other words, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    As for Macleans, I’m usually very impressed with the lack of partisanship by Wells, O’Malley and Coyne. All three seem to be ready to be equally mean to all parties.

  30. is there any doubt that if Stephen Harper had botched an interview with CBC (which incidently we all pay for!), that they’d be running it on a continuous loop?

  31. comment by Jason Cherniak on Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 8:52 pm:

    I just saw this! I can’t believe you beat me to it.

    Awww…you’re Liblogging buddies now.

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