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Dalton McGuinty resigns, his critics swirl

Tease the day: The former Ontario premier won’t have a smooth exit from his Queen’s Park life


'I’m proud to say the future is in good hands,' McGuinty said. 'Our party has never been stronger.' (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

Dalton McGuinty, the former premier of Ontario, will resign his seat in the legislature. McGuinty has been Ottawa South’s man at Queen’s Park since 1990, when he was elected as then-NDP premier Bob Rae swept into power. He lasted through the Mike Harris years marked by the so-called Common Sense Revolution. He was elected Liberal leader in 1996. He won his first of three elections in 2003. Last October, he announced he’d step down as premier.

And now, as McGuinty prepares to leave elected office, the vultures swirl. We’ll just look, briefly, at two of the countless political obituaries certain to be written. The Globe and Mail‘s Adam Radwanski says the former premier “has made one of the ugliest political exits his province has seen.” With respect to the province’s contentious cancellation of a pair of gas-fired power plants in Oakville and Mississauga, the National Post‘s Scott Stinson calls McGuinty’s resignation “a move that threatens to make permanent the cone of silence that has descended upon the principal people involved in the efforts to wipe clean the electronic trail of their communication” related to those cancelled plants.

How the former premier is remembered will morph and evolve over time. As McGuinty quits office, the first reviews are in, and they’re not the kinds of things you dream of reading at the end of a 23-year political career.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s orders to riot police to clear Taksim Square of protesters. The National Post fronts Istanbul’s defiant protesters. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with Istanbul’s scattered protesters. The Ottawa Citizen leads with the Ontario ombudsman’s investigation of an Ottawa jail guard who abused a brain-damaged inmate. iPolitics fronts the federal government’s hypocrisy on forcing changes on public servants’ sick leave. CBC.ca leads with questions about the federal government’s offshore tax evasion conviction rate. CTV News leads with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement of new disclosure rules for Canadian extractive companies that make payments to governments. National Newswatch showcases a Canada.com story about a video featuring Harper doing impressions of former prime ministers.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Rail safety. Canada’s rail companies should install fail-safe systems that take corrective action if train crews misread signals, says a report from the Transportation Safety Board. 2. Labour unrest. Ongoing strike action by Canada’s foreign services officers—which number about 1,350—means visa processing times at several missions around the world have increased.
3. Arrests. Hundreds of Quebec police in the Montreal area raided homes and arrested 42 suspects and confiscated 600,000 synthetic pills, cocaine, weapons, and $300,000 in cash. 4. Birth control. Health Canada records show that 23 women died while taking birth control pills, including YAZ and Yasmin, which are produced by Bayer and subject to class-action lawsuits.
5. Austerity. In the midst of aggressive budget tightening, Greece decided to cut its public broadcaster and about 2,600 jobs. The country plans to introduce a smaller broadcaster. 6. Anti-gay law. The Russian legislature passed a series of anti-gay measures by a vote of 436-0, with one abstention. The bill bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”


Dalton McGuinty resigns, his critics swirl

  1. A decent man and a good premier…..thank you Dalton!

    • Can a liar and a fraud be a “decent man”?

      • Enough with the tribal warfare guys….this isn’t ‘pistols at dawn’ or Superman vs Lex Luthor or good vs evil.

        It’s just politics.

        The parties take turns being in office. They all do things people love, and they all do things that get reversed by the next govt

        Perhaps you could think of the good of the province rather than your drum-beating and war paint

        Because if you think you’re going to change the culture in this country, you’re sadly mistaken….and it certainly won’t be done with posts like that.

  2. # of City Hall reporters staking out Rob Ford’s office & complaining that he isn’t answering questions about an alleged video? Dozens.

    # of Queen’s Park reporters staking out Mcguinty or Wynne’s offices months after this scandal broke, including McGuinty (gasp!) proroguing the legislature to avoid questions about the confirmed misuse of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, and the illegal coverup associated with it? None.

    Yep. Can’t wait to get a Liberal government back in power federally. All those scandals? Gone. Like magic. It’ll be like a vacation for all of you.

    • Awww you poor baby.

      Cuz no one’s ever shut down a project before

      • More people smoke crack than misspend hundred of millions of $$$.

        • Not people in office

    • Canada’s msm is already on vacation, our journos are lethargic, that’s why they go into journalism in first place.

      I agree with your opinion that msm is not remotely balanced in political views but even when our liberal msm attacks Cons, they are mostly powderpuff questions. Canada’s msm is docile and uninformative when compared to other countries.

      I like Toronto Star as newspaper, just wish it had a different political slant. TorStar behaves in a way that I think papers should behave, activist, fighting for what they think is right.

      • Political Journalism has become so corrupt and politicized itself that I’m almost at the point where I’m ready to have it explicitly under opposition control. Let the opposition parties name the members of the press that get to cover the government of the day. It can’t be worse than what we have now, with journalists pretending to be objective while giving obvious mismatches in coverage. Every day we get closer and closer to the US model, where everyone but Fox is essentially the media wing of the Democrats.

        But I guess somebody has to cover the opposition parties too, don’t they…

        • It is the media’s job to criticize the govt, to investigate what they are doing , and to hold their feet to the fire. They aren’t there to cheerlead!

          Our media actually supports the govt more often than not….so you can say yes….our media isn’t doing it’s job.

          • No, the media’s job these days appears to be support the Liberals by not reporting on anything they do. Dalton’s escapades got maybe two days’ press before the scrum cheerfully jumped back on Ford/Harper/Harper/Ford/Ford/Harper/Harper/Ford.

          • No, that’s your bumpersticker philosophy from the US

          • Look at what they do with Trust Fund Trudeau. He says something about how much he disrespects the West, the media barely mentions it. He issues a statement spinning his comments, it’s front page news. It’s so blatant that most media have lost all credibility with normal Canadians.

    • Odd comments from a supporter of our scandal-plagued Conservative government.

      • i expect he votes for them and he is a right wing sort but it’s the norm for him to hold the CPC to account on many issues and will express his displeasure with them.

    • Agreed. McGuinty is getting off scot free. He should resign, and the whole thing should be investigated by the OPP.

      Oh, wait.

      • He should have resigned months ago. And not prorogued. I guess you forgot already. I don’t blame you. He got off pretty scot free for doing that too. Apparently, according to the Globe and Mail, he leaves with “his idealism intact“.

        What do you think GBS? If Harper resigned tomorrow, would anyone write such a headline about him?

        I’m not sure why the OPP is investigating. “Yes, you’re guilty of deleting emails. A crime that has no penalty…hey! That was pretty smart of you to introduce a law like that just before you deleted some emails!”

        Idealism intact indeed.

        • Did he kill people with their drinking water?

          • Sorry…..you’ve got the wrong person.

            Now stop whining. All the parties get to take a turn eventually.

          • # of deaths at Walkerton: 7
            # of deaths because of ORNGE since 2007: 26.

            Who’s been premier since 2007 Emily?

            Still want to stick to that strawman, you miserable troll?

          • Except he didn’t have anything to do with it…..Cons were heavily invested in it.


            Oh, and as to Walkerton 7 people died directly, 2500 became ill.

            And stop calling people names, particularly inaccurate ones

          • Mike Harris didn’t have anything to do with the Koebel brothers in Walkerton but that doesn’t stop you from blaming him for it. I’d say the name fits just fine.

          • Yes, actually he did. He was supposed to be looking after standards in the province, not allowing ‘good ole’ boys’ to run things.

            You have no idea what the word ‘troll’ even mean. Like all Cons you misuse the language


          • Meanwhile back at the ranch, Smitherman was responsible for over 200 deaths from C-Difficile while MInister of Health. At the end, he declined to call an investigation and the media conveniently didn’t report it much. Any criticism of Smitherman in the local media was quickly quashed.

          • LOL nice try but no cigar

          • Not only was Smitherman covering up C-Difficile, he was also the agent behind eHealth, Stewardship Ontario, Ontario’s Energy Plan and ORNGE. And not a peep was heard.

          • Noop…..you don’t even know what C-difficile is

          • And neither do you.

          • I will as soon as you stop accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about. I know what C-difficile is. I also know that Smitherman refused to hold an inquiry into why it was infected our hospitals. Do you know why? Because it would expose the fact our hospitals are no longer using strong enough disinfectants because they aren’t “green”.

          • You don’t.

            End of story.

          • I don’t argue with idi*ts.

          • That assures me your bathroom mirror is safe.

          • Thanks, I’d forgotten that. It was 260 deaths according to the Star. So, as a running tally:

            # of deaths on McGuinty’s hands: 286, and now counting for Wynne. Maybe the most recent helicopter crash should be chalked up to her. What do you think Emily?

            # of deaths on Harris’s hands: 7

            Aren’t strawmen wonderful?

          • Find out what it is first…..happens every year, and to thousands in the US

            It would help if you knew what a ‘strawman’ was as well.

            Are all Cons this badly educated?

          • Let’s not forget that George Smitherman also admits to being a drug addict while in cabinet. Not rumored to be, he admits it. Hundreds of deaths, hundreds of millions wasted while being a drug addict, yet he was the left-wing’s favorite to be Mayor of Toronto. Sort of makes you wonder if they’re just projecting with the whole Rob Ford crack faux-scandal.

          • “Mike Harris didn’t have anything to do with the Koebel brothers in Walkerton but that doesn’t stop you from blaming him for it.”

            I love how Walkerton was the fault of two drunken wankers, but a helicopter crash was Dalton McGuinty’s fault.

            Keep dragging those goalposts Animal, it’s an excellent illustration of who we’re dealing with here.

        • ‘What do you think GBS? If Harper resigned tomorrow, would anyone write such a headline about him?’

          I’m sure they would… and I’m sure there would be people who would disagree.

          I haven’t forgotten the prorogation, and (at least from my modest little comment bubble) I called him out on it. I thought it was atrocious. So did a lot of people (most) in the media. Did he get ‘the business’ like Harper? Maybe not. Harper’s also the prime minister of the country, not just the premier of a province.

          But let’s review. He’s out of office, and his legacy is tarnished. His party is more than likely irreparably damaged. In terms of ‘real results’ from a scandal, that’s pretty good.

          Edit – when I say ‘irreparably damaged’, I mean they’ll lose the next election. They’ll bounce back eventually.

          • LOL none of that is true, sorry.

          • The part where I call him out for proroguing is. You can disagree with the rest of it, tho.

          • Unlikely, with Hudak in charge.

          • “Dalton McGuinty leaves politics amid Wynne praise

            ‘I leave politics with my idealism intact,’ ex-premier says in resigning as Ottawa-South MPP”

            That’s the CBC. What do you think GBS? Is that a “tarnished” legacy? Or the beginnings of repairs?

          • So Wynne didn’t praise McGuinty? McGuinty didn’t say that? Those are quotes.

            Meanwhile, above, there’s this headline: “Dalton McGuinty resigns, his critics swirl’. Nobody’s heaping praise on this guy except him and his own teammates in the Liberal party.

            You’re complaining like a sports fan whose favourite team won by four touchdowns, but it should have been five.

          • Yes, they are quotes. That doesn’t mean they need to be the headline.

            Tell you what. When the various Queen’s Park bureaus start stalking Kathleen Wynne, reporting what time she leaves her house for work, what time she arrives at her office…when they start staking out Queen’s Park and peppering her with questions about what did she know, when did she know it, and is she going to resign…in short, everything they do to Rob Ford…then I’ll drop it.

          • If she ever does what Ford has, then she’ll get the same treatment

          • I’m sure they would if she was accused of smoking crack and refused to talk about it.

          • Actually, the Star called for Ford’s resignation over the coverup.

            Well, we have a confirmed coverup here, and no call from the Star for anyone to resign. No questions for Wynne. No questions for Energy Minister Chiarelli. Just “intact idealism”.

            You’ll forgive me if I don’t share your optimism.

          • Well, first, the principal actors HAVE resigned. The next logical step, to deal with those not directly involved but associated, is to have an election. The Sun and other media outlets HAVE asked for that to happen. FURTHER, the Star and Sun and everybody else ARE continuing to ask questions about the affair.

          • When? Where?

            Wynne was at a public event with reporters today. Did she face a question about this? Or will we get another story about her office dress code?

          • I dunno, did she? Were you there? I wasn’t. We’ll have to see. If the reporters didn’t ask her any questions about this issue, then I’ll eat my hat.

          • When you say this kind of thing it makes your larger media bias! media bias! line look even less realistic.

          • Perhaps they could stake out Wynne chowing down on some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Or perhaps they could stake out her backyard.

            Ford solicited 2000 for charity. Mcguinty and Wynne threw away 600 million to buy an election. But Ford is the bad guy.

            They even ran a story about Ford and a crack pipe, and to this day not a shred of evidence has ever appeared (as I predicted from the beginning). But everyone’s rather certain about the cancelled power plants and the deleted emails.

  3. While liberalism tries to deal with reality, and yes make mistakes, conservatism makes no such cognitive effort, conservatives just bash and bash some more. Liberalism comes from the reasoning part of the brain. Martin Luther railed against reason what has reason ever done for God believe. He would have had every one only using our reactive thinking. The thinking that makes us common with all animals. Think of a cornered rat and John Baird confounded my reason. Reason is a progression along the evolutionary path. Reason allows us to confront the tiger, not as a self reliant individual but an inter-reliant unit of have a dozen individuals. Using reason is a good habit. Defaulting to reactive thinking is a bad habit.

    • What you fail to understand is that the Conservative Party of Canada really is a very liberal government. The NDP are socialists, and the Liberals stand for whatever is fashionable in downtown Toronto or Montreal at any given moment. Which is why the CPC is winning elections.

      • The CPC win elections because rural voters are rural voters. It is the same in the US and Australia. The CPC is supported by older white guys with guns. Guys who want the right to threaten to shoot their women to keep them at home. Just kidding.

        • Agreed……and nobody is switching to a ‘cranky ole while guy’ culture

          • That should be “cranky old white guy with guns”. I’m sixty-one and white. I am having too much fun ponding on Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” to be cranky.

          • Heh….well there are lots of ‘cranky old white guys with guns’ on here who turn out to be 19. Young fogeys I guess.

            Sounds interesting though….thanx for the tip!


  4. “The vultures swirl”?!?!?!? “The vultures swirl”?!?!?

    Did you REALLY intend to characterize fellow journalists who are validly trying to get out the real story here about gross corruption and incompetence – so that the rest of us who have been victimized can get even a small measure of actual JUSTICE – did you REALLY intend to describe them as “vultures”?

    If that was a Freudian slip, we know whose side you’re on.

  5. ’m proud to say the future is in good hands,’ McGuinty said. ‘Our party has never been stronger.’ He must be kidding with this comment. He left a state of shambles behind him!