Dan Gardner is unimpressed


Dan surveys the land and is disheartened.

Let it be recorded in the annals of history that even as climate changed, terrorists plotted, soldiers fought, resources dwindled, and a grave economic crisis engulfed the world, the political class of Canada passionately debate this crap.

He will no doubt he happy to learn that CBC hasn’t spent a moment discussing Mr. Mulroney today. Granted, there hasn’t been much spare airtime what with the continuing coverage of Billy Bob Thornton’s not getting along with Jian Ghomeshi.


Dan Gardner is unimpressed

  1. I half agree with Gardner. Agreed that all this attention on Cons/Mulroney is spectacularly lame and entirely inside baseball stuff that few outside Ottawa/Quebec are interested in.

    However, I disagree with Gardner on what our pols/msm should be discussing instead because other than economy, the issues he lists have been talked to death and there are no real solutions. Personally, I have a bee in my bonnet about Feds saying they would be responsible for oil changes/tire rotations and the like if GM or Chrysler go bankrupt. Surely that merits some msm discussion.

  2. I like the line about Billy Bob … well done and timely – this is what I like!

  3. I don’t want our pols talking about the economy, because if they do, they might be tempted to do something about it. Let them debate crap, I say, and we’ll all be better off.

  4. Which resources are dwindling? I’m not sure why Gardner included that in his list of cliches.

    • Intellectual?

      • meh, I was just being silly

        • Oil.

          Yes, I know…. Exploration, technological advancement, development, etc. I’m not one of the crazies who thinks we’re about to run dry next Sunday. But it is getting harder to find easily extractable oil, and that means expending more resources to extract it, which means…. It’s serious. And developing alternatives is a good idea for a very long list of reasons.

          But hey, why talk about that when we can yammer on about some political crap that will be forgotten shortly after next Sunday?

          • Why not do a story on how militant atheist public service union goons and illiberal liberal Liberal policies lead to the recent NRC layoffs? You’ve said lotsa nasty stuff about Christians and science, now howsabout connecting it with reality?

            Can you kindly direct me to the bible passage where it says we should hire scientists based on race, gender, and bilingualism quotas, and allow them to form militant public service unions? Because I can direct you to various passages of the atheist Trotsky’s oeuvre which form the basis of the GoC’s inefficient and inequitable “equity” policies which pretty much kill any chance of innovation and excellence. These policies have spilled over to the private sector too, Nortel’s autopsy should list “Trotskyist inspired race and gender quotas” as the cause of death.

            Looks to me like it’s a slam dunk atheist dogma is killing our nation’s ability to do science, so why so nasty towards Christians?

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