Dance like somebody’s watching

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter has advice for Jack Layton


Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter counsels Jack Layton.

“When we were the third party with three seats, we had to yell and scream and kick to get a single line in the newspaper,” Mr. Dexter said in an interview. “When that world changed in 1998, when we became the Official Opposition, we didn’t immediately recognize that. We thought we still had to talk with that loud voice in order to be heard,” he said.

“All of the sudden you had to realize that you had to be able to reel it back in; you were now being listened to, so you didn’t have to yell. You were being listened to; they were examining, measuring, weighing everything you said.”


Dance like somebody’s watching

  1. Well that’s understandable. Harper has spent 5 years acting like the leader of the Opposition fighting a Lib govt….instead of governing himself. He never made the mental switchover. It remains to be seen if he ever will.

    So the NDP will likely continue acting as the third party practically out in the hallway, for the forseeable future

  2. I can’t imagine all of those rookie NDP MP’s being too vocal, at least at the start.

  3. I wonder if we can have an amendment to Wells’ rules – the leader that auditions for the role of third party leader will get the job.

  4. So far the dippers are behaving like brats, lol!!  I’m looking forward to the layers of Layton’s BS getting exposed.

    “So much for doing politics differently. The new, muscular NDP is throwing its weight around at the expense of the Liberals.

    The Liberals, who are down to a lowly 34 seats and as a result have only third dibs on offices, can do little but roll their eyes. One Grit said the New Democrats are certainly not playing nice. Even the Tories, who won 166 seats and had first call on the offices, let the Liberals be and didn’t ask them to give up any office space.”


  5. Sensible advice. We’ll know soon enough if it was listened to.

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