Dated reference of the day


Conservative Chris Warkentin, also during members’ statements.

“Mr. Speaker, the Liberal opposition benches remind me of that Alicia Silverstone movie Clueless.”

Clueless appeared in theatres in 1995. When Mr. Warkentin was 17.


Dated reference of the day

  1. It’s almost as if Warkentin didn’t care when the movie aired, and was more interested in the fact that the movie’s title was identical to the adjective he wanted to use.

    • Ormaybeit’soneOfWarkentin’sFavor_iteflicks. TheadultsAreinCharge_itappears . Where’sMyshovel?!MySleevesAreRolledUP.

      • Did you post this using your cell phone?

    • Why go to the trouble of referencing his fairly innocuous remark to Silverstone’s movie, was he afraid it wouldn’t get understood? Am i missing something, was there something in the movie that particularly illustrated his pt? A little lame all around.

  2. It’s only because he still has his Alicia Siverstone posters up in his bedroom …

  3. Hey Alicia rules! Good movie too … When you get right down to it an appropriate description of the opposition.

    • given the opposition Libs are propping up your tories, what does it say about you Wayne?

      • hmmmm let me see if I get the gist of your question. The LPC are propping up my party of choice and I think the LPC are clueless .. okay .. so where is the issue? both are accurate statements and there is no contradiction .. sorry sea you lost me. I mean after all even a clueless political party can by mere accident made a right decision which they have in this case.

        • Look deeper, deeper i say. See your own reflection yet? :)

  4. Have I managed to miss a defining pop-culture movie?
    What is Clueless?

    *To end any jokes racing through your mind: besides me, of course.

    • Hey Sophie missing the occasional pop reference can itself be an indicator of sophistication.
      (I hope you’re not just pretending to be clueless about Clueless)

      • I was 5 when it came out, so I seem to have missed it.
        I may have to rent it now.

        • Lying about your age now too?

          • I wish.

    • Clueless was the first in a number of “modern update” movies based on previous “Classic” works. In this case it was “Emma” by Jane Austen (who also had a spate of movies on her works in the 90s).

      This movie with Alicia Silverstone was actually not bad and garnered decent reviews, mostly of the type, “This was much better than I was expecting …”

      • Ah. Thank you. :-)

  5. I’m amazed that an alumnus of the Peace River Bible Institute is aware of Clueless, though my guess is that he never actually *saw* it.

  6. So he was actually in the teen demographic the movie was aimed at — making his remark unexpectedly relevant.

    • I doff my cap to your clever name.

  7. Warekentin may have been more apt than he thought. Clueless is actually quite a good movie (a modern day adaptation of the Jane Austen novel). Clever, engaging, and with a heart of gold…kinda fitting, actually.

  8. Never mind the fact that the movie is brilliant and accurately represents the idiocy found in many of yesterday’s and today’s teenagers, I can’t believe he said that in the House. What’s he trying to do, look even younger than he already does?

  9. … better Clueless methinks than if he had chosen (for you NdPers in the crowd) ‘Silence of the Lambs’ -badum-bump!

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