Dave MacKenzie, party pooper


The Conservative MP extends his empathies to President Obama.

Oxford MP Dave MacKenzie worries there is too much “hope and expectations” for the new president, whom he describes as “bright, intelligent and personable.”

“I’m not sure the man can fulfill the expectations,” he said. “I’m not sure any man could. He is human and hampered by the times he is in.”

MacKenzie warned that while the economic downturn was triggered by the subprime crisis in the United States, it is now global. “The U.S. alone won’t be able to fix it,” he said.


Dave MacKenzie, party pooper

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    Some media outlets quickly reported that both Kennedy and Byrd required medical attention, but that is false, Jacobs said. “Sen. Byrd is fine and sitting in his office right now,” Jacobs said Tuesday afternoon. “He was sitting next to Sen. Kennedy and his wife when he had a seizure. That brought out the security detail and medial personnel and they decided to take Byrd out of the room so they could get to Sen. Kennedy.”

    –AP, January 20, 2009

  2. Leave it up to the CONs to try and dampen ‘hope and expectations’. After they plague us with a few more slatherings of negativity, maybe we’d be able to conjure up our own Obama-like ‘high expectations’ and enthusiasm for ‘hope.’

  3. “…whom he describes as “bright, intelligent and personable.”

    I guess we should be relieved he didn’t describe Obama as ‘well-dressed, polite and articulate.’

  4. This comment by one of Harper’s upper chamber members is typical of the confidence they have in their own abilities to correct the damage that they themselves have caused.
    You may say , oh but it is a global economic problem… not when we live in Canada, it becomes a global problem when an irresponsible government wants to shift the blame for the shape Canada is now in. If Harper hadn’t pulled his little prank in parliament then he would not have found it necessary to prorogue parliament and delay with the stimulus package required, and if he had some real economic stimulants for the people of Canada… we would be in much better economic shape than we now are! The majority of what Harper’s government has offered will only help the rich, the very rich and the richest of Canadians to survive in comfort. Thanks again for helping the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer.