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David Wilks Maverick Watch


The Conservative backbencher is sort of maybe willing to vote against the budget bill.

Kootenay-Columbia MP David Wilks said he will vote against the Conservative government’s omnibus budget bill, but only if 12 other government MPs vote with him. “I will stand up and say the Harper government should get rid of Bill C-38,” he told a gathering of about 30 constituents at the Best Western Hotel in Revelstoke Tuesday morning.

However, he added that he alone couldn’t stop the bill and 12 other Conservative MPs would have to vote against the government bill with him for him to do so. And that, has zero chance of happening, he said after the meeting.

Mr. Wilks spoke in support of the budget two weeks ago.


David Wilks Maverick Watch

  1. And I’ll donate a million dollars to the United Way if 12 people give me a million dollars each with no strings attached.
    After all, supporting the United Way is the right thing to do.

  2. Smart enough to know it’s wrong, too cowardly to do anything about it. The people of Revelstoke must be so half-proud of their MP.

    • And not smart enough to keep his mouth shut, bide his time, and eventually get himself into a position where he might be able to do anything to make things better. As it is, he accomplished nothing with his musings except making sure his riding will have a new Conservative candidate next time out.

  3. So what was the point of saying anything at all?

    • Let alone videotaping the meeting and giving permission to put it on the net.