Davos or bust: Economy follows Trudeau to Switzerland

Prime Minister will deliver keynote address at financial forum on Wednesday in Davos

Davos (World Economic Forum)

Davos (World Economic Forum)

SAINT ANDREWS, N.B. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will trade the snowy hillsides of a seaside New Brunswick town this morning for the snowcapped Alps of Switzerland, with the national and global economy following him across the Atlantic Ocean.

Trudeau will fly Tuesday to Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum that brings together the world’s most powerful and influential political and business leaders, celebrities and activists.

Trudeau will have a chance to give a keynote address on Wednesday, talk about gender parity in his cabinet alongside Melinda Gates and sell his plans for growing the Canadian economy.

The economic and financial realities of everyday Canadians will still hit him: the parliamentary budget watchdog will deliver a report Tuesday morning about the level of household debt in the country, and then the Bank of Canada will deliver a much-anticipated interest rate announcement Wednesday before markets open and likely minutes before Trudeau is to give his first speech in Davos.

Trudeau and his cabinet ministers were dogged by questions and pressure from the opposition parties during a three-day retreat in New Brunswick to respond to falling commodity prices and a declining loonie.

Trudeau would only say Monday that his government would put forward a budget that is “the right one for Canadians.”

At a community dinner Monday night where 300-plus people crammed into a rec centre to have some spaghetti and hear Trudeau speak, the prime minister touched on why cabinet was meeting outside Ottawa —“to talk about the challenges that we have before us,” he said — before trying to give it a positive spin by talking about “tremendous opportunities.”

“Canada is an incredible country whose greatest strength we all know are its people,” he said.

“We are hopeful, optimistic, resilient, forward-looking, hard-working, and nowhere is that clearer than right here in New Brunswick and it’s such a pleasure to be working with you and to be surrounded by all of you as we map out a plan to create growth for the middle class, to offer a brighter future to Canadians, and to build, once again, an extraordinary country that we can all be proud of as we celebrate into the coming years.”

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Davos or bust: Economy follows Trudeau to Switzerland

  1. Unfortunately for Trudeau, economics in the real world isn’t impressed by nice hair and perfect teeth. It doesn’t matter how nice your suit is, how pretty your wife is, or how famous your dad was. Selfies won’t save him.

    When the rubber hits the road, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    Let’s just hope that whomever writes his speech knows what they are talking about.

    If trudeau gets up on the international stage and starts talking about diversity is Canada’s strength, Sunny ways, etc..etc…and doesn’t actually discuss economics, he will embarass us again. He is already failing miserably on the international stage when it comes to fighting terrorism.

    • I guess it’s just not in your DNA to cut him a little slack in the early going.
      But all of your posts seem so full of anger even hate.
      By the way, the consensus seemed to be that he did quite well in that impossibly early swing through international conferences and world capitals. Just relax. It’s going nag to be a long four years.

      • J.W.

        I don’t cut anyone slack. If they aren’t up to the job, they never should have submitted the resume. Simply seeking the same job your dad had because you feel entitled to it, isn’t good enough.

        If Trudeau ever gets serious about what he is doing, then I will cut him some slack. But for now, as long as he more interested in platitudes, soundbites, and selfies with women in hijabs….no slack will be given.

      • by the way J. W.

        Did you ever notice anyone cutting slack when it came to Harper?

        wonder why?

    • yes…because everyone wants to hear the opion of Leonardo Dicaprio. This great intellect, is the same guy who was filing “The Revenent” in Alberta, and reported that he was a 1st hand witness to climate change. Apparently, the weather changed so fast due to climate change that the wind got warm and melted a lot of snow in just one day.

      Then someone had to explain to him what a Chinook wind was. He is too stupid, to even feel stupid. He’s like a lot of other climate alarmists.

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