Day 6 of 14 -

Day 6 of 14


Joe Comartin and Jack Harris have just now briefed reporters on this morning’s negotiations. Progress is apparently being made, specifics are being dealt with, no roadblocks as yet. Mr. Harris observes “good faith from all sides” and he repeats that the solution has to be “parliamentary.” Some suggestion the government would like a resolution by Friday.

Liberals Ralph Goodale and Dominic LeBlanc are similarly positive. Both stress compliance with the Speaker’s ruling. One idea that has apparently been floated is that the committee be made up of one member from each party—but that seems to be just one of many options under discussion.

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Day 6 of 14

  1. It truly is something what can be accomplished when you don't send Pierre Poilievre and Marlene Jennings into the meeting.

  2. Yeah well I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Everybody's posturing.

  4. What would you guys be more happy with; an agreement and progress on to more important things? Or a blow-up and a Seinfeld election.