Dean Del Mastro charged and out of the Conservative caucus -

Dean Del Mastro charged and out of the Conservative caucus

Conservative MP accused of violating Elections Act


In the matter of the $21,000 cheque, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is now facing four charges of violating the Canada Elections Act. Here is the official release from the commissioner of elections and here are the details of the charges.

There is no official word yet from Mr. Del Mastro’s office, but the NDP’s Charlie Angus has released a statement suggesting that Mr. Del Mastro be stripped of his parliamentary secretary duties and expelled from Conservative caucus until his case is resolved.

Conservative MP Wajid Khan withdrew from the Conservative caucus in 2007 when he was charged under the Elections Act. He returned to the Conservative caucus a few months later after the matter was resolved.

Update 5:12pm. Global reports that Mr. Del Mastro has been booted from the Conservative caucus.

Update 5:19pm.I can confirm that Mr. Del Mastro is no longer a member of the Conservative caucus. A government source says Mr. Del Mastro has resigned, but that “ultimately Mr. Del Mastro did not have a choice.” In addition to Mr. Khan, the other precedent here is Peter Goldring, who withdrew from the Conservative caucus in 2011 after being charged with refusing to take a breathalyzer test. He rejoined the caucus in June.

Update 5:30pm. An official statement from Mr. Del Mastro.

Today I learned that Elections Canada laid charges against me pertaining to the 2008 General Election. As I have consistently stated in the past, I entirely reject these allegations and look forward to the opportunity to defend myself in court.

Since my election in 2006, I have been dedicated to first and foremost, the people of the Peterborough Riding, and that will not change moving forward, and secondly to the Conservative Party. While it is my full intention to continue to support the Government’s economic agenda and the principals for which it stands, I have advised caucus leadership that it is my intention to step out of caucus until this matter is resolved.


Dean Del Mastro charged and out of the Conservative caucus

  1. It’s about frigging time. How on earth does an investigation like this stretch out for 2 years???

    • Five years. It’s in reference to the 2008 election.

      • “The charges come nearly two years after Elections Canada opened its investigation.”

        Del Mastro’s a jackass but he has a point. 2 years to investigate this is ridiculous.


    • I’ll have to go look up the details again, but my fuzzy memory makes me think that there was something of a “man who’s not cooperating with the investigation complains that the investigation is taking too long” vibe to Del Mastro’s complaints. Am I completely misremembering?

  2. What of the scam with reimbursing campaign contributions through his brothers electrical business in Toronto?

    • That was in the last election, right? Maybe in another 3 years?

    • Different investigation. One thing at a time, eh?

  3. I feel like Sylvester Jr…..”Oh father, the shame of it”.

    • Where’s the “paper bag over your head” avatar?

      • Nice one boy, I say nice one indeed (that boy’s about as sharp as a sack of wet mice)

        Sorry, wrong Looney Tunes character.

        Then again…..

    • “2453 km AND A SET OF IRON BARS away from Dean Del Mastro.”

  4. So is he the used car salesman who’s lower in the public’s esteem than politicians…or the politician who’s lower than used car salesmen?

    He’s made it so confusing.

    • He’s an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. A big crying loose-limbed corrupt lying now-independent conundrum.

  5. Does it really say “principals?” Sheesh.

    • Well… if one were a jokester, one could point out that the principal for which it stands occupies 24 Sussex Drive. :p

      But that (lame) joke aside, it’s annoying that people can’t get principal/principle right…

  6. A sad, narrow, mean spirited, nasty, pointless, little man. Big shot in Harper’s Canada however.

    • his ethics attack dog as a matter of fact

    • That’s what I found so offensive about Del Mastro. He was so nasty in the House of Commons and tried to smear other people in the other parties. If he hadn’t behaved like that, maybe I would feel a little sorry for him over the mess he has gotten into.

      • Why would someone from Los Angeles be offended over Dean Del Mastro, Rosanna Lopez?

        (Peterborough/San Diego Dave, excepted)

        • Maybe she’s just visiting. Not here for you, ya know ..

          • It’s good the phrase “he”s only in it for himself” can not be used in reference to any Conservatives.

  7. Sitting as an “independent”. Poor Lizzie May. The burdens
    she bears …

  8. Where is the outrage from the Used Car Dealers Association of Canada over Mr. Del Mastro? No wonder car salespeople are distrusted!

  9. Well, I look forward to the day del Mastro pleads guilty, agrees to pay a fine and is thus exonerated.

  10. HEAVE STEVE 2015

  11. i bet Stevie wished he didn’t say this.

    “How can we continue to prop up a government that is under criminal investigation?”

    -Stephen Harper

  12. This isn’t even about the $1050 cheques to Dean’s brother’s employees, is it? That’ll take another 3 years, I guess.

  13. I wonder if this is the true reason Harper wanted to prorogue? Was the timing of this EC decision known about a month ago? IMO, it would have been more embarrassing had del Mastro been sitting in the house, a scant few seats over from the PM, when this dropped than now, when Parliament is on an extended fall break.

    • That crossed my mind too. But Harper let him continue to serve as a PS throughout the investigation, and also reappointed him to even more responsible portfolios just a couple of weeks ago. You know: in that big earth-moving shuffle that saw McKay and Nicholson switch jobs?

  14. My fellow Canadians.

    We have all just witnessed a sad spectacle — a prime
    minister so burdened with corruption in his own party that he is unable to do
    his job and lead the country, a party leader playing for time, begging for
    another chance.

    This is not how a prime minister should act.

    -Stephen Harper April 21, 2005