Dean Del Mastro has an elevator to catch -

Dean Del Mastro has an elevator to catch


A report from The National last night.


Dean Del Mastro has an elevator to catch

  1. Why does the staffer even have to appear before the ethics committee.  Vikileaks was muckracking but wasn’t illegal – the guy did some personal work on a work computer. If they hauled up everyone who has ever done that they’d never do a lick of work. 

  2. Is that standard of cbc news now – 2 minute features on political party having double standards? 

    Who knew people are hypocrites, I thought everyone was perfectly consistent all the time. Will Ms Graham be reporting on tonight’s broadcast that sun rises in East or maybe she will let us know that water is wet. I better tune in to find out, I guess.  

    Much of Canada’s msm is Liberal or left wing and all they do is try to psycho-analyze Cons. I am jealous of citizens of other countries who have regular press and their journos aren’t stuck on stupid like ours.

    • “other countries who have regular press”

      Name one.

      • Google is hard?

        For a start, I would gladly exchange Canada’s msm for US, UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea. 

        • “Google is hard?”

          You made the claim. Beliefs require evidence.

        • So would I.  Can you imagine what the UK or US press would have to say of a majority of MPs who use their weight to hold regular committee meetings in camera – and in the middle of an investigation deliberations and votes on Elections Canada?

        • I’ll grant you Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The US and UK media are full-bore stupid in their own unique and special ways.

          • I doubt anyone who has ever read Japanese newspapers would advance the case of Japanese journalism being superior to Canada’s. 

        • In my personal, unscientific observation, Australia has the best media to cover news. We have a budget coming – check out what kind of coverage the budget gets in, say The Australian.

    • No. Much of Canada’s msm is Conservative or right-wing and all they do is try to down-play Cons behavior. 

      And I say this with as much proof as you present.

      Hell, at this point I’d be willing to argue that not even CBC is left-wing any more, with accusations of bias to their ombudsman and the CRTC on them, not to mention the CPC government and their competition hounding them with FOIPP requests, I think they don’t dare swing left on most things.

      And to suggest places like CTV or Roger’s Media are left wing is to have a definition of right-wing that approaches fascism.

      • O’Leary, Coyne, Murphy, Anderson, Bliss, Cherry….

        • Sun News – Sun TV, all the Peladeau outlets

          • Postmedia, Globe & Shill.

      • Do you not see that when you make a statement like ” Much of Canada`s msm is Conservative ”  then everything you say in the future will labelled as the rambling of a foolish person?

        • Deeply ironic.

        • Somewhat like publicly declaring yourself to be “non-partisan” Ellen? How’s that working out? 

        • Heh. You know, I bet if you thought really hard you might just be able to glimpse the irony in your statement.

          Of course, what makes it funny is that you don’t.

          • You are the one who made the foolish statement that ” Much of Canada`s msm is Conservative “. 

            Anything you say now will be judged on that statement.

            You`re on your own. Deal with it.

          • Lawd’o’mercy.. Ellen’s gonna be’a’judgin’ me!

            LOL.. oh my god, I dunno what’s funnier.. that you think it matters, or that you have no clue how little it does.

        • I see you’ve switched to comedy.  Wise choice.

  3. Like the majority of Canadians, I forget what phony forget-worthy scandal the opposition were hysterical about last year when the Conservatives refused to allow them to disrupt the workday of individual government staffers.

    But I am certain that none of these staffers were involved in a slander process against the personal life of an elected MP.

    •  I don’t think “majority of Canadians” means what you think it means, Ellen.

    • I thought all the information was on the public record and available to anybody.

      • The majority of Canadians in the real world have no interest in looking up the details of just another phony Liberal-NDP scandal.

        • Wow.. going back to the coalition argument today? Does this thing about how more people believe the CPC will do crooked things than believe the Liberals will have you on edge or something?

        • I guess that’s a convenient excuse for mischief!  Let’s do it, nobody cares. That’s what Mulroney used to think, him and Les Amis de Brian. We all know where that got him.

        • By the same standard, most Canadians don’t care about anything, and no issue should be discussed in committee. I have a hard time believing that the majority of Canadians (who didn’t care about staffers last year) are suddenly very concerned with subpoenaing the liberal staffer who posted not nice things about Vic Toews on twitter.

    • Good try Ellen. I see your pace of posting has slowed down as this scandal gathers steam. There’s a correlation there my friend. 

      • I hadn`t noticed.
        But, history has shown us that these phony scandals have a limited lifetime.
        it`s becoming monotonous.

        •  Well, something is.