Dean Del Mastro vs. The Internet


The Conservative MP suggests Parliament should think about dealing with anonymous Internet commenters.

One of the best ways to end on-line and electronic bullying, libel and slander would be to force people posting hurtful comments to properly identify themselves. This morning I read comments on a news story posted on an electronic news publication, many of them could only be described as hateful rants. The common denominator is that none of them identified the person that wrote them; this strikes me as something that parliament should address.


Dean Del Mastro vs. The Internet

  1. I myself would be happy to identify myself if I could be certain that each of the political parties wouldn’t then mine that data to be added to their respective databases (e.g. CIMS) for later manipulation.
    It’s for that very reason I refuse to write/email my MP even though I’d like to – I do not want to become a datapoint in CIMS for future advertising/mail/… misleading robocalls.
    If political parties stop exempting themselves from PIPEDA laws, I’d gladly get behind this.

    • That’s a concern but also the least of my worries. I wouldn’t feel conmfortable with some of the crazies here being able to identify me. And that’s jsut the ones who I know about, let alone lurkers who watch but never post.

      • Yes, it’s simply not safe to let people online know who you are. There are a lot of crazies out there, and many of them are keen on being armed.

        • Being armed should be the least of your worries. There is so much more a determined internet troll can do to FYU. I have a small problem with a virus right now that on my worst days leads me to worry that i post too much; am too outspoken. On my better days i know it could have come from any number of different sources.

          • Still beats being dead.

          • Y’all need to quit living in fear. I’ve been posting to the internet for 19 years under my own name with zero real world repercussions. And I’m not exactly a shrinking violet as some of you may have noticed. The world is not nearly as scary as folks make it out to be, and that goes for the internet too.

            Don’t get my wrong, I understand why some folks choose differently, but I think the fear of the “crazies” is about the least reasonable fear there is.

            Post under your own name, don’t let the fearmongers win.

          • You’re also not female. LOL

          • If you find being female a handicap then why not use a male psuedonym? It’s not like anyone is going to check.

          • Well then it’s an even bigger pseudonym

          • What difference? If you’re not using your real name you could call yourself Beetlejuice Prime for all the difference it makes. Some folks use a pseudonym that’s intended to look real – our own Rick Oman being an extreme case – but if you’re going anonymous, why not go all the way?

          • Matters in the answers I give. =)

          • I am female. I comment on newspaper forums everyday. Many, many of my views are controversial and disagreed with. I ramble on and on. I have yet to have an issue using my name or my face, but I do get into lots of hot topics on public transit now.

          • Well you have a female name. Beyond that you’re unknown.

            Keep it that way.

          • On this site. Not on many others. And it is most definitely me. My name. My face. My one and only email.

          • Your choice

  2. This guy is a complete moron. It is not possible to enforce this at all. The only people that would be affected would be the computer illiterate.

  3. All Dean Del Mastro spews in the HoC half the time are hateful rants about things and people he doesn’t understand.

    Pretty rich coming from him…

    • Dean the attack dog bully is suddenly concerned about bullying. Rich indeed.

  4. Hateful ranters are a key Conservative constituency. Way to stand up for your voters, Dean!

  5. But registering your long gun is an affront to civil liberties?

  6. What’s the matter Dean? Is Paris burning?

  7. Only cowards post anonymously. That said, if these cpc-supporting feces-eating hillbillies had to actually use their real names, the tone might actually become a lot more cordial. I, for one, rarely comment on Sun News forums because my attempts to engage in civil discussion and disseminate facts has been met with (sometimes actionable) insults.

    • cpc-supporting feces-eating hillbillies

      civil discussion indeed

      • But it wasn’t anonymous, so it’s OK. Seriously.

        • demonstrates the point, see? I have been called much worse by anonymous pigs, complained to the webmaster who deleted MY comments but left the insults against me. there are no more rules.
          cowards wear masks. like cops

          • That was an ironic, not a cowardly post on my behalf. I also couldn’t be bothered swiping through mobile apps to recall and paste a complicated password for an account I couldn’t remember. Russell all your points a taken.

            I love that Holimn, Tony and others haven’t jumped in to defend themselves.

    • The term “coprophage” is more socially acceptable cuz it
      looks and sounds kinda scientificy ..

    • I’m sorry, but this coward must thumb your comment down. There is a difference between completely anonymous trolling (which should simply be ignored, but rarely is) and employing a pseudonym to discuss issues/thoughts seriously.

    • I think maybe you don’t like anonymity because it hinders your ability to run crying to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which you do when you feel insulted. You seek $10,000,000 from Ontario taxpayers because a bus driver gave you his opinions regarding your marijuana use and you didn’t like it? And you call others cowards?

      • I think maybe you shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night. You’re so grouchy today!

      • well, that is a complicated issue, you nameless faceless troll. that bus driver a) was on duty b) wasn’t actually being professional about my medical use, but being a douchey bully about it, which is different than professional security instructing me about the actual issue.

        And I have had the wherewithal to put up with ten years of this crap from like the likes of nameless faceless trolls like you…… so go F#$%K your dad

        • Oh, what a classy and civil response. You seem to me a pathetic, bitter, selfish, narcissistic, and thin skinned hypocrite, blaming the rest of the world for your troubles. Lose that California redwood of a chip on your shoulder and grow a pair already.

    • Oh piss off.

      Posting anonymously may have nothing to do with cowardice. It may simply be separating your personal opinion from your professional life.

      If you’re known in a field, then that can affect the weight people give your arguments. I don’t want people giving more (or less) weight to my arguments based on who I am or am not. Nor do I want people associating my sometimes rather extreme personal positions with the organizations whose boards I’ve worked for or served on, because I can assure you, they do not hold the same positions, and those positions were not a factor in any decisions they made.

      As to tone, I’ll freely admit I’m often abusive, especially to people who are being idiots or hypocrites. In real life, those type of people quickly realize when they’re being assholes because people simply walk away and refuse to talk to them. Online forums, however, do not provide these cues very successfully, so I express my dislike for them in a way that is unmistakable.

      That all said, I’ll also point out there is a difference between posting anonymously, and posting under a regular pseudonym. After all, an identity is not a name. It’s a persistence of a person. Here I’m Thwim. Ask most of the regulars about here and they will have some idea of my politics and be able to tell you I’m anything but a cpc supporter. They may also be able to recognize my style of posts, even some very few facts about me personally. Am I anonymous? I tend to think not.. I’m just using an unusual moniker. I could have chosen something like Bill Williams, or Emma Smith, or maybe Russel Barth if that one hadn’t been taken already. Does that suddenly give my posts more weight?

      If you think it does, then prepare to be abused yet again.

      • if your online handle is easy to suss out so people know who you actually are, then that is one thing. too many people just gmail it and post scathing fecal smears…… worse yet, the webmasters (who one can only assume are obese drunken virgins) will just leave the most ugly comments, yet they yank the most innocuous comebacks. it is a joke.

  8. I stand firm in my conviction that Dean del Maestro is a shit-head and has somehow managed to make me think even less of the professions of car salesman and politician.

  9. He really should stay off the Toronto Sun message boards…..

    • I regret that I have but one thumb to vote with (on the internet, of course…in real life, both of my thumbs are workable).

      • Remember when they were actually little images of thumbs (thumbprint images?) and you could thumbs-down comments too? I really miss that thumbs-down option. Ah for the good old days!

  10. Del Asstro only gets what he dishes out himself. This is irony at it’s best.

  11. I get first dibs on “John Smith”!

    • Darn…i bags John Q Smith then.

      • That sounds so more sophisticated, Q. I’ll take that into consideration when you insult Dean online.

        • I might just go with Q now you mention it, it has a certain ring to it.

          • 007 would be confused.

          • Oh…that’s why it has a certain…

          • “Q” is also name from the Star Trek world. Similarly super-powered, though.

  12. This man needs a fainting couch.

    Better make it a sturdy one.

  13. This would shoot the Cons in the foot. How could the PMO keep it’s internet trolls under retainer if we could google their real names.*

    *Of course, I’m assuming that del Mastro would want this rule applied to commenters across all political spectrums. Given the typical Conservative view that they are above the law, this is probably not a safe assumption.

  14. Isn’t this sorta like a lady of the night complaining about the competition walking around with bags over their heads?

  15. Not the last terrible idea we’ll hear in response to “cyber bullying”.

  16. Maybe Dean should get his cousin to screen his reading materials for him. I understand his cousin is a very accommodating fellow.

  17. Most reputable sites already have terms and conditions guarding against profane language and egregiously offensive statements.

    All others are individuals’ constitutionally protected opinions. The authors are irrelevant.

    To those of us who are centre-right libertarians, it is this minister’s comment that is offensive.

    Del Mastro’s totalitarian-flavoured comment sounds less like a party policy position, and more like a hungry cry for attention…

    • “All”… “others?”

      oh, please, do tell.