Dean Del Mastro wants to talk


Two days after Dean Del Mastro told the Peterborough Examiner that he would not meet with Elections Canada to provide a cautioned statement, Dean Del Mastro’s lawyer tells the Globe and Mail that Mr. Del Mastro is willing to provide Elections Canada with a cautioned statement.

Mr. Del Mastro has been trying to arrange a meeting with Elections Canada since mid-June, his lawyer said. He’ll be giving what’s called a “cautioned statement” to the watchdog – one where anything the subject says can be used as evidence in an investigation.

His lawyer told The Globe and Mail it was only Thursday that Elections Canada finally called and said it wants to speak to Mr. Del Mastro. “I received a telephone call [Thursday] from Elections Canada investigator Thomas Ritchie indicating that he is now prepared to meet with Mr. Del Mastro for the purpose of taking a cautioned audio recorded statement,” Mr. Ayotte said. “Mr. Del Mastro has accepted the invitation … and we are in the process of scheduling a date and time for this meeting,” he said.

According to the Citizen, Mr. Del Mastro “rejected an invitation to respond to overspending allegations on a ‘cautioned’ basis.”


Dean Del Mastro wants to talk

  1. Del Asstro’s story doesn’t exactly line up with his lawyer’s. That can’t be a good thing. I think somebody is out of the loop and I don’t think it’s the lawyer.

  2. Cliches are so great. Like “Live by the sword; die by the sword.” And so entertaining.

  3. I find it odd that someone claiming innocence would have a problem making a cautioned statement. I certainly wouldn’t have an issue with cautioned statements if I was falsely accused of misdeeds. I would also willingly provide evidence of my innocence without the need of court orders, etc.

    Dear Dean, and the Conservative Party in general;

    “Thou dost protest too much methinks” Shakespeare (paraphrase)

  4. Del Mastro has no problem talking to EC now that Harper has stacked EC with his hand puppets let the whitewashing begin. EC is not non partisan, they even managed to produce 11th hour evidence exonerating Opitz, eat shjt Canadians.

  5. Wow so Del Mastro finds his tongue, after Harper replaces the prosecutor at Elections Canada.

  6. Dean Del Mastro wants to talk …about selling you a used car… once a used car salesman always a used car salesman


  7. Del Maestro very unpopular here in the Kawarthas since Park Canada started a long slow series of lay-offs virtually hog-tying our greatest tourist attraction, the Trent Severn Waterways. he also had a plan to “privatize” (read giveaway to uber-rich conservatives) much public waterfront and park areas. NDP will most certainly win big here come next election – all they have to do is be open and honest, and for the peons that actually vote.

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