Debate night in Toronto


The eight candidates for NDP leader are in Toronto this evening for a debate.

The proceedings begin at 7:30pm and will be streamed online here.


Debate night in Toronto

  1. Oh joy!

    • You don’t want to know, first hand,  what your enemy is all about?

      • Good point, even if they do happen to be ineffably boring, all of them. 

  2. What exactly is the NDP policy on the pipelines/oilsands….  3 different NDP MPs said this today on Solomon’s
    -Against pipelines, want to see ‘tarsands’ refinery (jobs) rather than ship raw bitumen.
    ( huh? a refinery would boost Canada’s ghg’s big time, and who pays the 10’s of Billions to build a refinery?)
    -Against expansion of ‘tarsands’ development
    (oh, so then why would we need a refinery if there isn’t enough bitumen extracted to keep it running?)

    all 3 did not answer Solomon’s question if they would support the pipelines if it transported  ‘refined bitumen’ ……..

    Dippers have one MP in Alberta (a University riding),  and this is why, Albertans are not stupid. 
    We know Dippers would try to shut down the oilsands (likely thru taxes, penalty and regulation) if they ever became govt or part of a coalition govt.

    Ignatieff was attempting to go that route through enviro committee, next….

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